ApocZ is an open world sandbox First Person and Third Person view shooter, centered around the zombie apocalypse and survival. Set in 4 square miles of land in the Ukraine on the Black Sea, and bordered by deadly radiation zones. As a survivor you awaken shortly after the apocalyptic event surrounded by zombie infested towns and villages. Your first goal, find food and water to stay alive!

This area also has military facilities where a survivor can find high grade rifles and ammunition. These weapons will aid in eliminating the zombie infestation and confrontations with other survivors. The always online state of this world makes for intense and desperate game play in up to 16 player PvP and PvE.

You’ll find many things to help in your survival, from backpacks to carry supplies, to tents that can be used to mass and save loot from one excursion into this world to the next. There are also vehicles that can be repaired and fueled to aid in scavenging. The 2000 zombies only spawn once when a server is created, making it possible to clear areas and scavenge free of their threat.

Development for the game is ongoing and updates continue to be released for the next 6 months.

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      • Hey I wanna know if your gonna add the ability to add two people in the car? ans P.s this game is fantastic

        • Yes, the update for more than one player per vehicle is a ways out from here, but that is a milestone goal.

          • Hello there i was wondering what build is the world playing right now please tell us oh and can you update the game so when i talk it’s not to the full lobby jest the people around where i am but at the mo your doing a really good job on the bug fixs THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.

          • can you add more weapons and items also if possible could you add somthing like day z standalone when you get like pockets with trouses and clothing thing that could allow you to take more damage but I love this game and it has really high potential

          • I just wanted to ask how long till future updates?
            Ive also recommended this to my friends we love it but there are some down sides to it
            But apart from them brilliant game guys keep it up

          • It would be neat if it were like DayZ, where we would have the ability to perform different actions… You could make it somethimg like Battlefield 4 where you hold in LB or RB and u use the analog stick to chose an action to perform. Like put your hand up, sitting down, or idk if its appropriate, but flipping people off

          • Admin have encountered a problem in apocz on a server i killed someone and my blood decreased very fast and it happened to me again can you see if its a bug or if I have encountered a hacker

          • Hey cool game but can you add base building in the update 1.2 because itsa highlight that could make the game better

          • Before you want to make base building and by this i mean a home you can enter bored up the windows doors and place tents or containers.by the way this game has some great potential keep trying you’re hardest ::)

        • Hey creator I know this is a lot to ask but don’t you think we should be able to go int biuldings

        • This game is terrible im sorry to say this and i have more than just me that can say this game is not worth even 1 dollar, animations are worser than 7 days to die and graphics is something i cannot explain without hurting the devs. All in all this game has failed to meet its criteria to meet Dayz for the Xbox. P.s add the game for ps3 too.

          • And I’m sorry to say that you don’t know english. Worser, the graphics is. And if you hate it, them why do you want it realeased to ps3? In my opinions, and just about everyone else’s, this indie game is one of the best I’ve ever played and would well worth be at the least $5.

          • You can’t make a game top of the line strait off the line it is amazing for console in the state it’s in right now and from what I’ve heard it’s going to be awesome.

          • 1) At least the game is not “worser” than your grammar.
            2)how tf are you going to insult the game then ask for it to be added to ps3??
            3) Let me see you make a video game, it’s clearly a video game in the making and OBVIOUSLY it’s going to be buggy. He is being proactive and asking for opinions and suggestions, chill.

            It’s not like he halfassed it and left it… it is going to get better.

            I think it’s great.

          • I am going to do all I can to make it better, there will be ups and downs, good patches, bad patches, everybody loving me for a week patches, lol. But you trust and support is not miss placed, I will remain, “What say you!”

          • It is Zombie survival, you cant walk into a town infested by hordes and expect to live, you have to get away from the coast and build up your survival skills before attempting to enter a large city or town that has been over run by walkers.

          • its brand new and its graphics don’t matter at least he has actually made a fun game to play with your friends and its an indie game

      • Hey I just perchest this awesome game. And I was wondering if me and my freind could do some youtube videos onit and maybe a review. As we love it and find it fun. Thank you for taking your time to read this 
        GT= SuperAssasin xE

      • I have loved the game whean I first saw it but jus a question will their be a way to go in the radeoactve zones without dieing

        • The radiation zones are the border to the map, I would like to add radiation zones to the interior of the map but that’s tricky to explain why those areas would be enterable but the border cause death.

        • The genre is Zombie Apocalypse Survival like DayZ, and DayZ broke this genre into the main stream for all of us, Thank you Dean Hall! But I have some very big dreams about were I would like this game to end up that is unique. Its not Nether, Rust, 7 Days To Die or Survival Stories. Its some where else. With all the support this community is giving it just may be possible for me and the other 2 people who contributed to this game to expand and do it, so thanks!

      • Hey! Great game I absolutely love it! I’ve been reading comments and its great you’re adding enterable buildings! I’ve noticed the spawn of things to though. I’ve waited in the spawn compound base where weapons spawn and they don spawn back. Would I have toleave the area for this to work? 2.) If this game did get upgraded to a 150 meg would i
        have to buy the game again.. surely not right? 3.) Maybe you could make the bleedout time faster and dehydration faster and food faster! 4.) I would definatley like the idea of finding armour or clothes on the field like helmets or leggings heck even gloves! All in all its a great game and maybe we can be bandits if you have time to play your own game! – LGN Voodoo

        • Finding different loot in different places like guns in cities and houses (with openable doors) and body armor would be helpful and possibly an addition of grenades rocket launchers and other explosives would be nice.

      • Hey in the next update can u make it were 2 people can get in the jeep and two in the truck

        • I plan to work on zombies in the future, after glitchs and exploits, look for zombie AI and physics to start to change as enterable buildins come in

          • Here are the list of regions that Indie Games are currently allowed to be downloaded & played in:

            United States
            United Kingdom

            You can try a VPN if you have string internet, search the forums for helps, some other players have gotten the game in regions MS has not made available

      • Can out fix the car bug glitch where a player joins and an tire disappear
        And add car storage and military cars with weapons on top. I know its a lot, and thanks for taking the time to read this :-)

        • Ur right my car broke down in the middle of nowere and when I got another tire it disserapered too :(

      • hey i know this post is late but im asking if there will be armor for like protection you can see peoples backpacks you can enter buildings thats all i wanna know btw i love apocz i got my friends addicted

      • Hey
        There be some thing like a camp fire or something to do at night time becauase there isnt much to do at night Thanks :D

      • Hey i think if you guys add more character creation option and clothing like ghilles,Camo,etc also could you kinda have a save world thing because me and my friend where doing really good then we restarted the world then a zombie horde killed me and we had to restart! It was.annoying btw keep up the good work

      • I think it would be cool with clothes like jackets,shoes,gillie suits etc. And expand the map it is so tiny! I think it would be awesome with building own camps

      • Can you guys please add split screen, make buildings accessible (not all of them if that’s too hard) and take away some zombies?

      • Sorry I’m commenting, don’t know how to write in the wall. I got your game today (after seeing a friend play it) and I really enjoy it. I know you’ve probably heard this a million times by know, but in my opinion the first thing you should work on is de-sync. I’m assuming you know what this is, but just incase I’ll give you an example: Im playing with my friend and I see someone at the plane. Since I’m mean I take out my sniper and try to shoot him thinking it shouldn’t be too hard. I shoot him once and he starts running, but I can’t hit him again because he’s teleporting from one spot to another. (I also went invisible at one point and no one in the lobby could see me and zombies didnt attack me but I could still kill people) Thanks for making suck a great game, and I’m looking forward to the updates to come in the future!

      • Hey admin! I just have 1 question can u add barricades or beartraps or planks or mines so we can make our own base where to hide?

      • Is this a bug at night everything is grey and black till you shine your tac light on it and there needs to be more character customizing like bdu’s but by the way this it the best indie game I’ve ever played

      • Any thoughts on having more than one person in a veichle?
        Also, daylight doesn’t seem to last long just wondering if that’s a bug or is it supposed to be that way?(x if its not supposed to be that way can you look into fixing it asap please.

      • Hey me and my friends love the game but a bunch of players keep joing the game and we dont want them to so if you can will you try and put a option if you can make the lobby privite or an invite only? If so thank you

      • Im so done with this game right now. I just spent another 6 hours loading the — out of my tent and it all gets deleted please work to fix that —.

      • Would just like say this game is a really good game. Little bit addictive lol… Would also like to reassure you that there are more positive responses then negative. Also would like to say compared to dayz, Apocz is brilliant considering you had very little help.. Sorry to all the other readers for rambling on bit I think I speak for everyone when saying it’s such a good game and look forward to seeing it develop

      • In the new update i lost all the stuff in my inventory could you please tell me how this happened, by the way amazing game.

      • Hey love the game so far I would like to ask for a thew small things: car save, more guns, to be able to enter and border the windows. Also I wanted to know what date and time will 1.2 be coming out my friend already has the update and I’m a bit upset about that also my gamertag is: MAD MAN CHICHEN. Please reply through to my messages on Xbox

    • Hey I just perchest this awesome game. And I was wondering if me and my freind could do some youtube videos onit and maybe a review. As we love it and find it fun. Thank you for taking your time to read this :)
      GT= SuperAssasin xE

    • you should be able to go into any building craft mine and build sorry if that sounds exactly like 7 days to die+ more supplies such as explosives more guns more supplies spawned pain pills actually being of use such as restoring health and or hunger and hydration peace out

    • I was suggesting that maybe you should change the type of game to an arcade game to xbox so you have more space to add changes

    • I hope there is a update were you can get heli’s boats and maybe if the game gets so cool add like different islands and to get to them you drive a boat and you should upgrade the fuel in trucks it runs out and upgrade the graphics a little you should add like safe havens for people who have a lot of money to buy stuff but have money on the ground and have more weapons thanks-DDFL Goon is my gamer tag

        • You should show back packs and be able to do hand gestures such as hands up and getting handcuffed when hands up or cuffed you can get looted it would make players more interactive and add more character customization like more stuff sorry if it’s too much but plz ps love your game so much :)

      • its a possibility, I did skins and attachments for weapons in End of Days and it worked pretty good. This game has a lot more going on and many features will take time to bring on line if possible.

    • I love this game. who ever developed this, thank you very much. I have a great time I’ve always wanted a day z for Xbox and this tops everything off. the only issue is the inventory and tents despawning after you leave a game and join back. Keep up the good work, and update the page when ever there is more word on a new update. I hear big talk about enterable buildings and baracading them. That would be fantastic!

  1. Its in playtest right now. I plan to keep it in for about 5 more days, if there are no issues found then I will submit it to Peer-Review, that process get s it released and takes about a week.

    • We are sorry this bug got through on us. We were never able to expose it with the number of testers we had. Thankfully it was easy to find and fix, but we can not submit the update for release until 3-31-2014, pre Microsoft rules. We will continue to test this fix in every way possible until then. I appreciate your patience, Kevin Kelley.

        • No split screen right now, just online co-op. This is something we can look at in the future but it may require a lot of work.

          • Please add splitscreen me and my brother want to play together but we can’t. There are also pictures of four player splitscreen and this is kind of false advertising

          • Hey, sorry about the screen shots if you felt that was a feature. I can only upload 4 screen shots, so I put as much as I could into them. But its definitely not an attempt to be misleading, the game info clearly states that its online 1-16 players and split screen is not checked as a feature.

  2. do you recon i could have a code for the game becuse i want to play it so bad and im a big fan keep up the good work

  3. What is code 4?
    Is it something do with error when connecting to a server or something.

    • Its a bit of code that only got run in the full release version with so many servers online, it had a bug in it. Thankfully it was easy to find, the patch to fix it will get submitted on Monday 3-31.

  4. For some reason I saw some zombies running at me from inside a building but the couldn’t attack me because of the walls in the building.All I could see were their heads or other body parts

  5. I have also experienced a glitch where there is a grey square in my inventory named empty which actually takes up a inventory space.I cannot drop it or use it.No idea why it happened

  6. Hey admin two things you might wanna consider. First you need to fix the multiplayer. I know you are already working on that but right now it is saying no servers. Also just as a idea you could give this game out for free as this would bring more gamers into getting this amazing game. Then you would have alot of people enjoying this. Just saying. C.T . Keep going with the great work.

      • This is true. Every game I have developed is a risk because I invest 12 – 8 months developing each one. ApocZ is the first game I created a forum for, I did so specifically to get feedback because I want to continue work on this game. Your guys support and telling friends will help to continue its development. I appreciate you, thanks.

  7. This game is awesome, I just have a few suggestions I would like you to consider adding in

    -more free running (climb ontop of some stuff and a higher jump highth)

    -more melee weapons

    This are some suggestions I think would make it a better game and I hope you consider these

  8. Just a suggestion, maybe in a future update when u have time lower the amount of zombies in the cities and put more in the wilderness, this would make it easier to minouver and collect things. Also, if you have time, you should make it so zombies actually attack if they hear things or see things not just if you get within 10 feet or so! But for just after release and being an indie game, I live apocz

  9. Apocz is a amazing game with a Big Map in Multiplayer. There are some bugs in it and the zombie KI is not so good. Can you make a feature to sneak past the zombies? (Bad englisch sry)

  10. Are there going to be more character options and weapons selections, also are you guys going to fix the zombie sounds so it won’t confuse the player and act like they’re right on you.

    • Sounds are scheduled to be fixed. I have more character models but wont insert them until crash’s, glitches,inventory issues fixed, and enterable buildings started on.

  11. Bought this game today. Loving it. How big is the map? And will there be actually maps as an item in the future?

    • 4 square miles. Right now only have plans to update current map with enterable buildings and add new locations to loot.

  12. There is a spawn point in a field next to an area of (redacted) that spawns military weapons. Also, have you found the plane crash ?

          • Maybe, how about turn down damage done by hatchet (so it takes 3 hits) and add a heavy duty axe that does one hit kills. You can punch a zombie to death with 10 hits, and if you stay on it, the zombie wont come out of hits ‘Got punched in the face’ anim and cause you any damage.

  13. Hi,

    I’ve tried your game and enjoyed it immensely. I’ve got your site bookmarked to stay informed of all the latest updates you’re doing to the game that I will be purchasing in a few days.

    A couple of questions if you wouldn’t mind:
    - Are you limited by how much you’re allowed to create in an indie game?
    - In the future, will you be able to explore a variety of buildings?
    - Are you planning on rolling updates continually for this game?
    - Just a suggestion: have you ever thought of expanding this game into an arcade title on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace?

    I seriously think that this game could beat any top contender on the indie market right now. This game is both an investment and opportunity that I most certainly don’t want to miss out on.

    Thank you very much for all the hard work, time, and dedication you and your staff have given to provide us with a quality-driven game such as this. If I have any other questions, or more praise to give, I will most certainly let you know.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for bookmarking. Also thank you for the encouraging comments.
      -Yes Xbox 360 games are limited to 500meg and the game engine has to run in managed C# using XNA.
      -Yes, I have plans to add enterable buildings after online session connectivity and inventory items are solid. There are resources available to handle zombies pathing in buildings.
      -Yes, I specifically set up the forums to understand exactly what the issues are and in what priority they would need to be addressed. Enterable building would be just one phase of additions as long as frame rate issues do not arise.
      -I have some ideas to make this game unique and branch off in its own direction of zombie survival genre. If those ideas are well received I would like to bring the game to other platforms with upgraded graphics and art work.

      I would like to clarify that the majority of the work has been done by me alone. I had help with character textures, trees and lighting advice from John Conelea. I had help with Item modeling, mobile home models and a few buildings by Brandon Charles. Other than that I bought models online, did the rest of the modeling and texturing and all the coding myself. ( I do use some samples from the XNA library and a port to C# of Recast/Detour for pathing).

      I really appreciate this online community and look forward to continuing work on ApocZ, Kevin.

      • I should add that John Conelea, who worked on Aliens vs Romans and Nuclear Wasteland graphics wants to come onboard and help polish ApocZ if things work out.

        • I, most certainly, appreciate the reply!

          Wow, that’s great! I’ve played both; I have to say if things do work out for you; you’re getting some crazy visuals for an indie game.

          Extra kudos to you as well for doing most of the work by yourself! I always found, personally, doing things independently were a lot more satisfying then working with others.


  14. hi I sean your game and had to buy it but im having a problem I cant get on xbox live with your game it said to contact you about it so please email me back on how to fix it thank you

  15. Amazing game brilliant graphics btw do you plan on making more meele weapons and make a custom server loot oh and different zombies a bit like the bloodsuckers from dayz or zombie dogs?

  16. Loving the game although I think there is quite a few too many zombies and there hitbox is waaay to big but other than that this is my favourite India game by far!

    • Thanks! Hit radius for zombies and players, specially when walking backwards have been slightly adjusted in the patch coming out next week.

      • Thanks for the reply and that will be great :) I have been waiting for a game like this to come on Xbox for a while now, so this is just awesome that someone actually developed one. Keep up the good work!!!

  17. I dont know, 3 hits is a little too much, maybe two hits would be better, I like the idea of the heavy duty axe, but make it a machete or something other than an axe so it feels like you are making progress instead of getting axes all the time

  18. you should definitely add splitscreen ive been looking for a game that’s fun to play like this one but its not splitscreen that’s all I think it needs

    • Split screen will be hard to get working at 30 fps. If I ever explore the possibility it will be awhile. Lots of work to be done with bugs, glitches, Zombies and adding enterable buildings.

  19. Dear Admin, I love love love this game. I got it only an hour ago and sir let me tell you this “This game kicks so much ass, you should rename it Bruce Lee” – Evan. I don’t mind the textures, zombie A.I. could use some work. But overall what an amazing game, I love everything about it. Anything planned for future updates?

    Sincerely, Evan.

      • Will you try to port this game over to next gen like ps4 or xbox one or will it only be this gen?

        • I would like to port the game in the future, but it has to change a lot, DayZ is sooo cool, ApocZ is really good on xbox360, so ApocZ on PC or next gen should have something unique and new

  20. Bought it in the first day as it was released!(in germany)Its just awesome!!!But needs more melee weapons(make the axe weaker),more character stuff,make houses to enter(hard work I know) and more zombie types!And also you gotta work a lil on the game engine!
    Bugs,etc. so far:Zombies sometimes stuck in buildings.
    After all of this,I’d raise it’s price!

  21. hey what about u can make next update what about a humvee like the army just came and what about helichopters.i hope the game is going to spread

  22. The melee really needs to be fixed, A a zombies hand reaches farther than your starting axe. Also, even half an inventory of Canned food barely regains your blood. These are just things that i feel need to be fixed.

  23. I assume i have already complained enough but i have questions along with my suggestions

    -is the EMPTY box a glitch? It takes up inventory space and i am unable to get rid of it
    -is the amount of zombies going to be lowered?
    -I not able to play ( not just the code 4 )multiplayer yet so, are you able to kill other players?
    -how do you store items into the tents? how do they work?
    -is there going to be any sort of shelter?
    -i been to both military bases and i only found canteens and food, are you even able to find weapons there?
    - when can we be able to stealth around towns and villages avoiding zombies?

    PLEASE answer if possible

    • The empty box in inventory is for items that take more than 1 slot.
      There is discussion on the forums were we are all talking about what should be changed/fixed with zombies.
      The work around to get online is on front page of http://www.ApocZ.com until patch is released.
      You deploy a tent then open its menu and can add/remove items from it.
      New building types and enterable building will be started after glitches/exploits fixed.
      Weapons and ammo always spawn at military sites and in many other areas. Walk around the parameter of every building to learn the multiple spawn position.
      Thanks for playing, Kevin.

    • Noo if he lowered the zombies the game wouldn’t be as intense I think he should add more its fun having the real people coming after you plus a mob of zombies its thrilling and gets your heart pumping

  24. Will we be able to go in buildings in the near future?

    P.S Awesome game really loveit just got it last night and played it with some friends until 3:00 AM. I got ten of my friends to buy this game and they also enjoyed it keep up the great work :)

  25. Hey, I Was just wondering if you were planning to add more Items to bring your blood up more (Ex. Blood Packs) and I was wondering if in a future update you could make it were Empty Canteens could be filled up At certain Places.

    From: Adrian

  26. It’s a straight clone of DayZ, but good luck with it anyway. I bought it and will support it for doing it on xbox – but make it your own game. Big incentives for co-op an teaming, penalties for bandits. I would lean toward State of Decay with multiplayer, but maybe with the bleakness of DayZ.

    If you get this right, it’ll fly off the shelves and I wish you good luck.

  27. One more thing, dont make it Pay 2 Win ! The launch price of $1 is ridiculous, but then I’d hate to see people with $10 getting guns and $20 rpgs etc.

    Set a fair price and pay for DLC is the way I’d go. There’s something mean about charging for equipment or status. Upset the nature of gaming.

  28. This game is amazing ive been waiting for a game like day z and this is the one i have a few question
    -are you going to have enter able houses coming
    - lower the amount of zombies and put more guns
    -sneak around zombies put more tires maybe or I just could not find anything
    Overall I love this game sooooooooo much keep up with the good work

  29. Great game, me and my friends vs the world! Do you think that the player should start out with some more stuff? Like bandages or food. Maybe even a weapon besides a axe? That would’ve great!

  30. Hey, great game!!!! Me and my friends are playing it constantly, but we have some suggestions and questions.
    - let more than one player enter a car together.
    - have teaming so you don’t kill your friends that are trying to help kill zombies
    - also what do you do with the empty cans/canteens?

    • Plan to get 4 survivors per vehicle, truck would be 2 in front 2 in back. In future update.
      Not sure about this, danger of killing one another is part of survival, and in case 2 of you decide the third guy is not needed anymore ;-)
      In future will be able to re-fill or throw to distract zombies

  31. Do you guys plan to add more maps or will it only be that one map?

    …oh yeah ApocZ was a awesome game even if it was a dollar :D

    • Hey Admin love your game dude keep up the work, but is the any chance after you add that you can enter buildings can you make defenses and where you can chop a tree down to collect wood and if you want to get big into it add animals and safe areas for survivors. Thanks again for the game and hope it continues to be a great one.

  32. I really enjoy this game, i played it 6 hours strait!
    I would like to see peoples inventory carry over through servers, splitscreen, accessible buildings, and much more! I feel your game will be very popular on xbox.

    • Your inventory and tents should persist from one session to the next, Currently there was a bug related to the Xbox live code 4 issues that caused this not to work sometimes. This is fixed in this first patch.

      • In the future will there maybe be updates where they make the map bigger and more players like 32 or 24. I really love this game and I want this game to be a big success.

        • There are planned updates for adding enterable buildings. I don’t know about increasing player count, I need to see how the current numbers work across Xbox Live. I already pushed things pretty far trying to keep 2000 zombies in sync across the session. The good thing is that once network session is solid and player, zombie and item communications are not getting dropped, I will be able to optimize and make things pretty tight.

  33. Thank you so much for making this amazing game I have acouple of questions
    #1 will you ever be able to see the other players gamer tag when playing online
    #2 will helicopters be an option in upcoming updates
    #3 will there be any more equipment added to the game
    #4 this is really a question but congrats for making such a huge success of an awesome game and I’m looking forward to future updates and improvements

    • Also one more suggestion, today I was playing online and a character came up behind me and hacked me with an axe. The problem was I couldn’t hear him until he started hitting me do you think you could add in a future update that you can hear other players better when they are around you. Just a suggestion


    • First will be only crash, bug and exploit fixes. Then adding features.
      #1 Not yet, will first add select GT in players list and see how that survivor is currently dressed.
      #2 Want to bring in Little bird from my game End of Days : Survivor
      #3 Yes.
      Thanks you.

  34. Apocz has a lot of potential to be a beast gme all it needs is more clothes and more zombies helicopters and being able to get inside of building and more weapons and being able to build an outpost for u and ur friends to be safe from zombies and the more stuff to pick up and more ppl to be able to get in a car if all this happens it would be the best game on the whole xbox console


  36. Will you be able to add things like taking people hostage and broken limbs and kidnapping? P.s I got the game I am really addicted to it but I think it can be improved. Great job on the game though :D please respond.

    • After the major bugs fixed will start on enterable buildings. Maybe one of them could be a jail with lockable cells you need to find the keys too :)

  37. Here is a list of something I and my friends would like improved in the game:
    1.Less Zombies
    2.Accesible buildings
    3.Taking people hostage kidnapping etc
    4.Make the talking more realistic like you have t get close to people for them to hear you talking. Please tell which things will be possible? :D Great job on game

    • Thanks, there is a thread on the forums we are looking at ideas for zombies. The changes would be made to only the ‘Local Survivor’ offline mode at first and then approved zombies mechanics would be enabled to the online play.

  38. u need new zombies like marines , dctors , nurse , walkers , berzerkers , sprinters , muntant zombies , u need barricades like sofa , wood all kinds of stuff u need mele wepons like base ball bats , sledge hamers , hammers , chainsaws , u need camp fires and less zombies

  39. This a awesome game I’m loving it. Me and my friends played for 5 hours straight! But the reason why we quit is because there was no loot respawn. Also you should add lootable clothes like ghillie suits that would be nice but
    overall it’s a great game!!! :)

  40. Hi admin I know we have met before but if you can, can we have clans in the game? Also can we have handcuffs and tie down people to steal whats in their bag.
    Sorry if I bother you.

  41. Played the game I am glad someone finally made a really good zombie indie game for once… I really have nothing to complain about I’m excited to see what will happen with the game such as going in buildings, new zombies, new weapons, and maybe even helicopters idk but point is keep it up


  42. This is a really great game I bought it about 3 hours ago and haven’t stopped playing…the only minus I’m seeing is I easily get lost in this game..I started off on a shore and once I had stuff I thought that was normal spawn for everyone soo I put my tent fairly close to it but then I join another world and I have no idea where my 1st spawn was…I keep circling back to the crashed plane..other than that great game buddy keep up the wonderful work!

  43. Dear Admin, I absolutely love this game, but I was wondering if clothes would be added for your character that you can find across map, like military gear or military clothes. THIS GAME IS AWESOME

    • Clothes could be brought in later, after bugs and enterable buildings, I also have other characters that could be brought in. But everyone take note, if the game package goes over 150 meg , by Microsoft rules the price has to be a minimum of $3.

        • I don’t know. I will look into the Microsoft documentation about the XBLIG channel and see what it has to say.

      • What if you already bought the game? Will we have to buy it again. Another thing, do you think the updates your talking about will be done before the end of April?

        • The update will be a free download option when you start the game, you do not have to pay for updates.

  44. Dear Admin, will there be an update that adds clothes around the map that you can find, say I was walking in an army fort and I found a army helmet or some army gear or something like that. This game is the best zombie survival game ever for xbox. One more thing will it come out for xbox one too.really fun game

  45. Dear Admin, Will there be an update that has new clothes for your character and you can find it across the map, like you could find some army clothes or military gear. This game is the best zombie survival game ever for xbox. Will it also come for xbox one to. Best game

  46. Wow. This game is great! Especially for an indie game. I can’t wait for the multi-player fix. Will there ever be an addition for an inventory space in the vehicles? That would come in handy. I support this game all the way, great work!

  47. Hello, when i joined a friend i had my items and weapons in my tent. He left and I was the new host. When I became the new host, all of my items in my tent were gone. I have a feeling it has something to do with me becoming the new host.

    • There is a known bug concerning inventory and tent saving. It has been fixed in the update coming out later this week.

      • admin this is the best indie game so far but hears some stuff that will make the game better. 1.open doors. 2.4 seater cars. 3.helicopters also 4 or more seats. 4.armor or diffrent cloth like helments hats glasses masks sheos shirts pants and gloves. 5.more skins or face creation and add a female skin cause sofar the zombie apocalips is a sawsige fest. 6.add in ai traders for bandets and for hero players. 7.if players kill on site like bandets they can unlock the bandet skin and cloths and if you dont kill on site and help people out you can unlock the heros skin and cloths. 8.if your a bandit you could find hand cuffs and a mask you cant see though and put it on a player and rob them and then kill them or inslave them. 9. add atachments to the guns and add more guns if you can. 10. make the grafices on the zombies better if you can if you cant its fine the game looks good as it is. well thats it if you can put most of this in the game that would be good but if you wanna make the game your way that fine just keep doin whata doin cuz its a great game but if you ever wanna talk ideas just text to zombie king h3 on xbox 360

  48. Um… a few things will you add Armor and in game clothes change and will their be crowbars or anything? like a fireaxe and maybe more character customization. also just a thought but if you could please add weather effects and temperature needs also the walkers are way to Over Powered sometimes one hit can drop you to 30 heath when at 100 and can cause one hit bleeding. Oh just again a thought add more food and meds like morphine if so that would be awsome! One last thing add runner zombie please. also congrats on being most downloaded!

  49. Hello love the game I have a question is the radiation zones only there until you add more to the map? after most updates of course and I found out something that you should fix when you get the time you can drive the car under water and not die. Your doing a wonderful job keep it up.

  50. If you are gonna make it so its two people per car can you make it so people can get in the back seats to or if there’s a truck make it so they can get in back to. Reason why I ask is because it would be easy to start a survival group with friends and easy meens of transportation.


    • when I get multiple survivors per vehicle it will be 4 in jeep, 4 in car, 4 in truck (2 in back 2 in seats). Using for group transportation will be fun.

  51. #1 Leave the amounts of zombies at a high rate along with a decent respawn rate, I want an apocalyptic feel not a cheap excuse for an easy survival.

    #2 Refilling anything is NEEDED in an Apocalypse.

    #3 I would Expand the map more, The original map is easy to traverse and can be done within a day.

    #4 Construction is a key survival skill.. Even if its as simple as a “Wooden Barrier”.

    #5 Zombies with actual senses? Tired of getting spotted by a horde while trying to sneak up to kill one straggler.

    #6 Better gun tweaking? Your guns are very poor when it comes to aiming.

    #7 Better light source. Flashlights are fine and dandy.. But we need a more permanent light source for “Base camps”. Maybe a generator that runs off petrol that keeps light around set building on. Or hey! we have an axe and plenty of trees around.

    #8 Random events, Nothing keeps you on edge like a huge wandering zombie horde or a few random bandits lingering around a city or maybe those clouds might just make a storm happen.. Maybe even if your lucky a supply drop or even a wandering caravan might pass through a town.

    #9 Wild Life.. “Getting hard to find food? Pff Just kill that rabbit over there and cook it on your camp fire. Oh wait.. Why is that dear/dog charging at me?.. and why does it not have eyes!”

    #10 Fear the dark. “Man its dark.. wait who’s that? I don’t think thats a zombie? Could just be my imagination.. Oh he sees me! Wait.. Is he holding a chainsaw?..”

    • HAHA, man I like your scenarios. Plans are being drawn up for what should happen in the woods at night. Stay tuned for updates.

  52. Dont limit the amount of zombies, just spread them out. It gets boring walking in the woods with no zombie action.

  53. Dear Admin, in a comment above, I think you said that more loot areas would be added. In a future update would one of those places maybe be like a rundown military base or airfield (not forts).this game is awesome can’t wait for more updates.

    • I would like airfield, I might have to expand the map. It will have to wait until after I add enterable buildings.

      • Ok. That is fine I can’t wait for enterable buildings to be added in, but with enterable buildings will they all just change or will some. Also will you be able to put barricades on the window and other thing.

      • so are the enterable building going to be in this update and what bugs are going to be fixed in the update tomorrow to

        • Bug fixes are Code 4 when trying to join online, Inventory not saving, a random code 4 in menu. Enterable building not until game is solid and player does not loose inventory to glitches.

  54. Thanks for the response I will keep updated and have this site bookmarked to stay tuned in. This game is great its so addicting!!

  55. How about adding batteries. Have the flash light run out of batteries if its on too much. That would make night time scarier if you put zombies in the woods and your flashlight dies.

    • Zombies in woods could be coming to a patch soon, but balanced, the woods are an escape, I place you can get away from zombies.

  56. A few things will you add a form of armor and more melee weapons? also the walkers are always yelling like their coming and please add needs like heat and cold where you need to manage it your body temp and like lone wolf said random events and more permanent light source and maybe add wood or other types of barricades

  57. This game is amazing! Keep up the good work, but I would like to see a use for all of these empty cans.

  58. Hello, I just had a bug happen to where I was standing in the woods, but then teleported in water and drowned. I understand you are busy, but id like to see bugs and glitches patched asap. Thank you

    • Thanks for reporting this, and thanks for the detail, it helps to recreate. And I agree with these priorities, bugs and glitches are first to get into patches.

  59. I was thinking if your gonna make enterable buildings what would be the chance of you making it so you could barricade the doors or windows for instance

  60. I bought the game March 30th and so far have been playing with friends for about 4 to 5 hours at a time, it truly is fun. This game has a lot of potential and I would love to see more added to this game in the future. There are a few problems like zombies phasing through buildings, not able to play with your customized character, game day is stuck at “Day 1″. By the plane crash my friend went into the air and landed in the southern region. If anything I hope for more added items, more vehicles, a bigger map and towns along with the player being able to enter the buildings and scavenging for items would be great. I have a feeling the stuff I listed will be dealt with but either way I hope for more from the creators because this game needs to be heard and shared with everyone.

    • Thanks! Enterable building are planed, along with working out the bugs like flying in the air at the plan crash! If you live longer than a day you should the message ‘Day 1′ roll over to ‘Day 2′ :)

      • theres a bug by entering vehicles because sometimes when I enter a vehicle I just repaired it either get me stuck in mid air and I cant move or on the ground because once I tried to enter the cop car and the jeep it does it so can you please fix that and also ceep up the good work on this game its awsooome!!!

  61. Dear admin will we be able to get more characters and motions like in dayz and maybe more veihcles and maybe some sort of aircraft would be nice, bigger player count, expanded map, more weapons, not having to have a tent to save your inventory, wearable cloths that you can find such as military gear an uniforms “God bless America” ect.

    • bro I agree with you but taking away tents to me that’s a no no we need tents it makes it more realistic but the more options for clothing ima agree with that but lets hope they put military clothing like a recon suit were you blend in the woods and the grass

  62. After buying this game and playing it for a few days I have come up with some suggestions that will hopefully improve this amazing game.
    •having a way to reset your character save or simply Cary on with your previous character. Sometimes I feel like starting a new character on a brand new world but every time a try to load on local survival or multiplayer I’m back at the same spot I was already at.
    •2 seated cars
    •cars will be able to carry gear
    •better collision boxes in trees so it’s easier to drive through the forest.
    •higher jump so climbing fences/walls becomes an option to escape
    •less buggy tents
    Thanks for the amazing game and I hope these features can be added.(these suggestions may be hard to implement into the game so I understand if these suggestions are not added,they are simply some ideas to hopefully improve the game) thanks!

    • I agree with tyler they would make the game funner to play and I can’t play online with other people it is code 4. (Stupid number 4)

  63. This game is awesome! I played it for a full day, will you ever add hypothermia cold and hot and building. Or at least an extend of the map. PLEASE RESPOND

  64. By building I mean like in dayz epoc where you can make parts then make a building

  65. Yo this is a mad good game. Can’t wait for the online update. I was just curious if you will be adding in acessible buildings in the future. Also if you could allow more then one person in a car, that would be sweet. A zoom mechanic without any guns would also be great. Keep up the good work. And do you think that you will be adding more character costumization?

  66. Cay you add where you start with a pistol instead of a hatchet because it is better than a pistol

  67. I was playing with my friends there was 3 of us it was going well but for some reason one of my friends teleported across the map any idea why that happened? Other than that it is a great game

  68. What game engine does it run on? This game is amazing it has some very high potential and it will be awesome.

    • Its my game engine, It is Managed C# using XNA. It’s been developed over the past 4 years exclusively for Xbox 360 Indie Games. ApocZ is the 8th Game on XBLIG to be built on it.

  69. Hey I just wanna say amazing. Great game.
    Things that should be fixed and added.
    -New clothing characters
    -Better outlook (radiation zones because it starts mixing with purple and blue on the map)
    -Sleeping in tents
    -More advanced sneaky controls, not just zombies automatically knowing where you are
    -Better health restore
    -More weapons, ammo, and spots for them to spawn
    -Laying down on the floor and rolling
    -More storage in the inventory slots
    -Build fires
    -Craftable foods, weapons, and gestures
    Over all 9/10 well done. Close to DayZ but the map feels a little small and I only played it 1 and died too many times to count because of one zombie attacking so quick.

  70. can you guys please make it were we can go prone that would be really useful so when you are getting shot at you san go prone or when trying to stay hidden from other players also put more weapons like guns in the game like a new sniper or assalt rifle etc.

    • that’s an interesting idea for sleeping bags, think its first I heard it. Will have to have tent and inventory save working first.

      • Wheb would that be I just started a game and I had a lot of supplies and everything was gone out of my tents (I use it to sort) and I had a couple of days worth of scavenging supplies this is a major setback and would like to see it fixed soon thanks

  71. Hey I just have a question.
    the games looks fantastic and i really wanna buy it but i cant find it in the xbox market?

  72. Hey I think this game is awesome but could u add more of a variety of weapons and have maybe some mutated zombies in the radiation zone and add either rad pills or hazmat suits so we can go into the radiation zone maybe refill in canteens and a fire.

    • I want to add some way to enter radiation zones but still have a mechanic on the borders of the map

  73. Hey.
    I wanna download the game but it says it’s not available in your region.
    I live in belgium close to the UK but why cant i download it?
    Greets seppe

    • Sorry, only Microsoft can decide were it is available. When I released the game I checked every country Microsoft made available to me.

  74. Can u fix the glitch where people spawn invisible because its getting annoying getting killed with all of your good stuff

      • There is also this one glitch where when u get out off the car your person will reload even if your gun is full and then your clips are gone
        P.S. could u tell me what your putting in the patch or update?

      • Something else about the invisible glitch is that my friend got in a vehicle and glitches out becoming invisible. I hope this helps.

  75. The next patch will be for the tent save bug. as I work on it I will throw in any other fix that I am able to, but tents saving your loot is number 1#

  76. Can u add elements from 7 days to die like traps and crafting so we can build a shack or tools also can u add where we can go inside houses

  77. I have been playing multiplayer for quite a long time and i have noticed alot of lag between me and other players, i can hit a person in their face and i have no idea if i am actually killing them and they can just simply turn around (while i am still trying to them) and kill me in about 12 seconds.

    Is this a problem that can be fixed?

    • Your the first to hear this, I may turn down max number online from 16 to 12 for next patch, not permanently so people can play with out all the lag, until network session optimizing can happen

      • u should add more people online after fix everthing n could u msg my gt KillerElement01 wether u plan to add more people are not cause i cant find my question when i post it n i think it would be more fun with more people takes to long to find 1 player now

  78. Hey, Great game btw, but anyways, lately my tents have been disappearing when I join games. Could you fix this glitch. Btw people arent taking them.

  79. Hey I just got this game today and I’m addicted but here is some things I hope to see in later updates…
    #1. 4 seat Vehicles
    #2. First person cars
    #3. Laying/Hiding inside tents
    #4. New Items
    #5. Attachments
    These are just things I think would be really cool to add maybe not now but in future updates… Thank you so much for making this really fun MMO and good work!

  80. Just got this game today (had a HUGE nerdgasm) then my bro came and watched me play for a while. He then said this came should be splitscreen. We both that was genius and we think it would be something unique compared to other games in the genre it would probably boost sales too. So do u think that could be possible in the future?

  81. Hello admin, I have been playing for a while now and have came up with some features that would be fairly easy to implement, well, I think so

    When a player speaks in game chat their gamer tag should appear in the top corner of the screen with a little speaker logo

    Wild animals, yes I know this one isn’t easy

    You should be able to harvest wood, and make fires by finding lighters, not sure how you would come about doing this one, but it will be hard to put in the game and it’s just a dream.

    You should be able to grab, and move items around inventory slots.

    Once more loot is added in, AI trading camps like DayZ epoch.

    Graphical overhaul, I don’t know where you are with this one and I know the limitations of the Xbox 360 console but better graphics would make your game 100,000 times better,

    Thankyou for your time, my current favourite things about this game are quite abundant loot, but it’s rare to find very powerful kit, which is good, I like the concept of it all, and I like the map, and the setting and, I like you for stepping into the fray and doing your best to give us a game that everybody will love, and I can see this will be an extremely hard undertaking for a console such as the Xbox 360 but I thank you, for this game keep doing what your doing :).

    • Thank you, these are good ideas.
      I like GamerTag appearing when player speaking, I got to get that in!
      Harvesting wood for camp fire has been mentioned and I plan to add it.
      The Engine is written in Managed C# running on XNA, the 360 can do more but I wouldn’t add any polish to it until all the bugs and glitches are fixed first, that’s my #1 priority now.

      • I would also recommend making a twitter account. And if you would like more publicity I would happily share a link to your website on a few of my facebook pages :)

      • hi can you please make it were could go prone and be able to have more characters and clothing like military clothing like ghillie suits and ect also please make it be able to have four seater cars so 4 people can be in the car instead of one and also can you please make your character look like he’s sprinting not jogging because when I go to 3rd person view doesn’t look like he’s running and airports will be cool with flyable choppers or boats that you can drive in the water and camp fires and enterable buildings along with sniper towers and more weapons different weapons and be able to zoom in your sniper scope oh and be able to put your bipod on the ground for your LMG or sniper for better accurate and if possible make the map a little bigger and if doors are closed in buildings make it so we can open them oh yea and add rocket launchers and grenades and flashbangs ect and be able to jump over walls and peek over or side to side and please add blood packs and have it were we can add scopes too are guns or find them with them and I know tjis wont be easy but in future updates can you pleassssssse add them?

        • That’s a hell of a lot to ask for from a game that’s as new as this try asking things he may actually be able to achieve at this stage

          • :)
            the challenge is like climbing mount Everest, ill keep going till I drop, but ill remember to start with bug, crashes exploits and especially tent saves

    • enterable buildings will not start being dropped in until tents save and glitched players fixed

  82. I Really Love this game best indie game yet. though i would like it to be bigger maps more citys and town more stuff in military bases and more melee wepons and supplies well thats when you have finished the main bug fixes.I was also going to start a small youtube series with my friend also i have got over 5 people to purchase the game.Thanks :)

  83. Do you plan on making a YouTube channel to keep us better updated on upcoming additions? Really love the game can’t wait to see more!

  84. dear admin
    love the game so far, i have no complaints except however i feel the map is way too small. an idea i thought of when i was reading the posts: people said theres too many zombies and no animals, so what if we lets say.. remove about 100 or so zombies and replace them with Ai wildlife? it is an apocolypse after all, once the human population starts to decay there wouldnt be too much wildlife. keep it up man lml>_<lml

  85. What is the actual problem causing players to appear to not be moving smoothly ? Animation glitch, network issue ? De-sync is a real problem sniper rifles are rendered obsolete if a player is glitching all over the place and people sometimes don’t tend to die immediately more like five or so seconds after the killing shot was fired

  86. I have been playing the game all day and then i took a 2 hour break, logged back on singleplayer and everything except in my inventory. My fully repaired car, tents, ammo, items in tents. I was wondering if this is a bug or a normal thing.

    • there is a bug in saving tents and inventory that will sometimes cause them to get deleted, the fix for this is in next patch. vehicles and zombies respawn every time you start a server. There are discussions on the forums about how we could save vehicles and not cause over population of them on servers, if you have any ideas please share them there.

  87. Will you be adding maps where you could find in loot so you know where you are if you find one

    • Faulk Smash, one of the forum moderators suggested maps on walls in gas stations, I think its a cool idea

  88. cant you make it so ever hing within a certain area of the tent is saved? You can also only allow 5 cars per sever so each time you join a new surver you will have to find and repair a car but if you join a old lobby your car on that lobby will spawn in with you?

    • there is some discusions on the forum of how to make is so players can save cars, not real easy to do, just because could cause overpopulation of vehicles on a server

  89. Are you going to put a little highway? It doesn’t have to be anything special, but it would really be nice to see something like that in the game.

  90. i have been playing this for a while now and what makes me feel like a noob is that i still have not fully recognized the map fully yet so if there is a map of where towns are and stuff like that i would appreciate if i was able to get a good glimpse of it

    PS when are you thinking about making cars 2 seated?

  91. i would also like if that since there is an offline local mode you can be able to save cars in the location you put them in because i dont think it will cause much over population of cars right?
    just an idea.

  92. What are your ideas on new guns? This is an idea but you could make different ways to see in the dark like better flash lights like heavy duty one that are brighter and night vision goggles would be really cool.
    I hope you get to read this and take my ideas into consideration. Thanks!

  93. You need to improve the sensitivity its realy low right now. Could you add bigger buildings that you can enter all the floors, more vehicles like transport trucks and helicopters, and could you add a creative mode were you can collect supplys and buld stuff out of ?

  94. Dear Admin, love the game. Is there an official release date for the next update. Are there any new guns you are thinking of putting in the game. This is the best free roam zombie game ever. I think you should even turn this into a disc game so you can make it bigger.
    Please respond. Thanks. Games awesome.

  95. Love this game already was just wondering if it would be possible to have a page where it would show all the things/additions/fixes that you are currently working on and again love this game.

    • Will only be able to nail down a thread on updates after bugs fixed, bugs will dictate direction of patches till they are under control

      • Oh ok thanks for the reply can’t wait for some more updates also is the plane a good place for loot compared to the military compound

        • Can you make 2 people be able to be in a car at the same time. Add new guns such as the glock 18 full auto and and mp7 or something, I love the game

  96. Dear admin,
    Hi I got this game when it came out and loved it. Just a few things. Does this game like have a twitter account and also at night can you make the zombies harder to kill and faster. Keep players scared at night.

  97. will you port this game over to next gen like ps4 and xbox one or will it stay where it is now? and are you thinking of making this a full fledeg game in the future?

    • Be a dream come true to make a PS4 or XboxOne game. ApocZ could go to other platform but I have a lot of ideas to take in a different direction than DayZ, Nether, 7 Days to Die, Rust, Survivor Stories. Those have been done, ApocZ would have to radically go in new direction. Right now I want to work on it and make it solid for us XBLIG gamers.

  98. Will there be a better inventory storage system such as clothes with pockets to enhance the amount of food, medical supplies, or what ever nonsense you get on a run? I’ve been playing for 9 days and my friends and I both agree on this issue.

    • There are some good ideas for new inventory on the forums and I want to add more options for clothing

  99. Dear admin, after more updates come and most or all glitches have been patch do you have an idea of adding in helicopters like black hawks or a Huey.
    Please respond. Great game.

    • If I do add heli for this map it will be a little bird with no weapon attachments so that players are not over powered

  100. I’m an extreme survivalist on this game, but I’ve noticed its too easy to spot other players. Even if you’re hiding in a forest, its relatively easy to be spotted. I recommend a few things to help people like me to not be seen as much. First, large bushes to hide in. I found that the cover of the pine trees has been pretty useful, but its still easy to be seen. A bush to hide in would be fantastic. Also, going prone is a necessity! I would also like to see Ghillie Suits implemented. With that being said, I love this game. You did a great job on night time. Us survivalists love nighttime.

  101. The most important thing that needs to be added is Close Proximity Game Chat. Too many people just shoot on site to avoid the confusion of 15 people replying when you say ‘Are you friendly?’ I want to only be able to hear people when I’m near their characters. That way you can converse easier, react when you hear voices, and maybe even get held up easier. Please add this feature! The Game Chat in this game is ridiculous.

    • It is planned to be submitted next week, that process takes a minimum of 2 days and could last up to 7 days

  102. Is it just me or can you not hear other players footsteps so they just sprint up behind and axe you and you lose all your hard earned loot

  103. You might want to revisit the tent disappearing glitch i lost my stuff 2 times already and its a pain to get it back.Is it because i have multiple tents around the map? or in 1 area? ( Xbox live)

  104. Once the bugs are fixed how often should we expect updates that include new stuff for example entry into buildings

    • Well, you touched on the fun part! I love to model 3d buildings and program vertex and pixel shaders! so the frequency of updates cannot change because of Microsoft rules, but the amount of content in an update will. Modeling, texturing and pathing zombies through enterable buildings will be my reward for working hard through the bugs and glitches and banishing hackers :)

  105. #ApocZ! Great game, getting all my friends to buy it. Only one thing though… the zambies are too powerful and theres not enough stuff, but an overall fun game. Thanks!

  106. I give this game a 10/10 but here are suggestions in future patches:
    1 more people in cars
    2 more weapons I’d like to see more sniper rifles
    3 enter able buildings
    4 tagging people as friendly
    5 less zombies there’s too many in the spawn town
    6 helicopters
    7 bigger map it’s way too small I know where everything is
    8 add maps to the items
    9 loot respawning
    10 have fun and make this game your own don’t copy dayz exactly and branch out to your own zombie survival. I don’t want you to think you need to do these suggestions all in one im asking you to think about them and get ideas off them this game us the best indie game out there and I am looking forward to this game being an arcade game or even better btw I found some hacker in the lobby that had a invincibility hack on and I tried to kill him he took a whole clip of LMG bullets and he turned around and shot me.
    Personal feelings: I love you for making this game and I love it if anyone tells you this game is bad don’t listen to them you have all these fans who like it and support it. I always wanted to play a game that has the same topic as dayz but now you made a game where I don’t have to buy a new PC just to play. I told all of my friends to get and they all love it but they agree with me on the bigger map thing.

    • Thank you so much for the feedback and for finishing up with the same vision I have, taking ApocZ in its own direction. DayZ is a great game and Ive played it a lot, ApocZ could be fun too but needs to go in a different direction. The hackers days are numbered :)

  107. I know I’ve posted twice already, but I just want to get the best possible gameplay for this XBLIG. I want the sounds to be more accurate. For example, footsteps and gun shots. You need to be able to hear if someone is walking or sprinting your way. And you need to be able to pinpoint an approximate location of a player by hearing their gun shots. The proximity of the sounds is correct, but the direction on it is flawed. I’d love to see these things added and I will continue to support this game!

  108. Im glad you have so many plans for enprivement i love all of the ideas but do you slthink surruond sound would ever be a thing it would ve nice to be able to tell were shots came from or if someone is sneaking up on you i use a tb headset thats probly why it gets me, other than that its a great game by far my favorite game right now thank you!!!!

  109. After the next update and fixes the new glitches, will the updates state adding new things in like:
    1) enterable buildings
    2) camp fires
    3)new weapons
    4)more vehicles
    5) better graphics. They zombies kind of look like manacans
    But, this game is great I love the game. I was wondering if you could make where you could cut down trees and get fire wood for campfires. Please reply.

  110. After the next update and fixes the new glitches, will the updates state adding new things in like:
    1) enterable buildings
    2) camp fires
    3)new weapons
    4)more vehicles
    5) better graphics. They zombies kind of look like manacans
    But, this game is great I love the game. I was wondering if you could make where you could cut down trees and get fire wood for campfires. Please reply

  111. I downloaded your game today and it’s good despite it being an indie game. I have a suggestion that I think is decent and don’t think has been said before (sorry if it has), but what if, instead of having gatherable supplies just sitting there, they could be in containers or boxes eg. if enterable houses do come out in a later patch, you could find food or water in cupboards or something. Just a suggestion. Look forward to a reply and keep doing what you’re doing. :-)

    • moving spawns into enterable in places that make sense is what I want to do
      thanks for playing ApocZ and leaving a commit

  112. Also, in one of your youtube videos, in the description it says something about a nuclear bomb. Is that actually in there or are you planning to release it later?

  113. Can you plz add all this in the next update to where we can buy a pack off of the marcketplace on your game where you pay $1 for which will give you a Ghillie suit, 20 Slot Backpack, Any gun of YOUR Choice ( Which comes with 3 slots of ammo ), 2 Bandages, 2 things of food, and 2 things of water. Because i would love t0 pay a dollar so that every time that i spawn i will get all of this great equipment.

  114. Ive noticed that the game dosent have massive stealth aspects in it, to improve on that I believe you should give players the ability to go in prone and maybe find loot such as night vision goggles( very rare). Love the game!

  115. Do you think you could add an update to which you can choose a special suit to wear and choose 1 gun with 1 thing of ammo to start out with?

  116. I think there should be more weapons, like actual survival weapons e.g bolt action rifle or a revolver. Because in the real apocalypse you wouldnt come across military grade assualt rifles(only keep them in military bases). But love the game either way!

  117. Just another comment, I just got done playing apocZ and I would like to ask is there a dodge feature to zombies because I was in the city at spawn and I hit a zombie 4 times with an axe and it still managed to hit me. I seen this other times in runs and against some other players, I have even done this “dodge” unintentionally. Just wanted to know if that is a glitch or a
    legitiment feature.

  118. Kevin i think that you are one of the best developer in the xbox market dude i have been for a good game like this i have been playing dayz for the past year and i quit because your game just has soo much more opportunities than dayz and i have supported your game sooo much and i sent messages to all my friends and i informed them to tell all of their friends to buy this game and you inspire me to make my own survival game one day when i can and just thank you for making such an awsome game for all of xbox you are the best kevin and i can’t wait for updates and hopefully for this game be on the arcade section, wish you the best of luck kevin and remember you can make the best arcade game on the market.

    • thanks you, I hope I can get all the bugs fixed in a timely manner and keep progress moving forward at a decent pace

  119. Perhaps a procedural generated world such as along the lines of Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, or The Dead Linger, you could make it so that the world doesn’t generate randomly, just infinitely, so players can share their explorations and make maps.

  120. do you think you will be putting millitary vehicles in the game like the bmp, lav, humvee, vodnik, or even upgradable vehicles to make them zombie killing machines?

  121. For the next update, is it just going to be inventory/tent saving? Or will you put enterable buildings also with it?

  122. This game is awesome and i bought it today !! You should add weapon attachment and map to know are location also access to build it will make the game more better then it is :) 5 stars to this game !!!

  123. It would make the game a little interesting if you put grenades in. Or radio broadcasting for safe havens or traps? And can you make the sniper zoom a little more? It doesnt zoom that well. Or more big locations that you can actually have a group set up in to defend from bandits, like a prison. Or adrenaline to increase speed. Turn the lighting down at night so flashlights can become more of a necessity. Especially so bandits can see more people at night :) and dont be afraid to raise the price. I’d pay an extra buck for more content. Bravo devs. Amazing work.

  124. Really good game but needs a lot more things added to it u need more cars. Bigger map. Able to go in buildings. More then 1 person in car. Fire station.be able to carry more then 2 guns. U could add animals when u kill them u get food. Yh good game

  125. I would just like to know if this is a glitch and if so to what extent does it affect the game. I have a series of tents which I use to organize my equipment and when I started a new world I found that all of my tents were empty or that a considerable amount of loot was missing. I know it wasn’t stolen because nobody joined the game. I would like to know if this is just the game redistributing my items and therefore I have no reason to stock up or if it’s a glitch. If so, will there be a way to compensate others like me for what they have lost or will we just have to scavenge again. Unfortunate I will have to stop playing your incredible game until this problem is resolved because I don’t wish to lose any further loot. Thank you again for this incredible game.

    • Thanks for posting, it is a known glitch and tent saves and some exploits others are using is the main focus of the current patch. The patch will enter the submission process to be released on Xbox Live and available as free download update. The submission process can take from 2 to 7 days usually.

  126. This game is great. Finally a DayZ based game on xbox but i have a few questions. Can we get a aprocimate time for a update i’m not sure how busy you are or anything. Also hackers are not in huge numbers but when found are fustraighting e.g teleporting you into radiation zones or invisibility or invincibility so could there be some sort of way to report them besised regular xbox reporting? And lastly a few things i would like to see.
    1) bigger map
    2)more variation in loot
    3) direct way to recover lost blood could be rare loot don’t care
    4)more snipers
    5)more people in vehicles
    6)more character customisation
    I believe this game is great do not give up on it you are doing a huge favour for the xbox comunity.

  127. I love this game but to drive a car i need 4 tires… but the problem is in the towns are too many zombies I died again and again to find the last tire
    And I think the map is too small.
    The weapons are great but I find a sniper rifle and I don’t find the right ammu for this

  128. Hey I love this game but for future updates can you make it that if u r looking at a player their gamer tag appears cos the amount if times I’ve killed my friends thinking it’s an ememy player is unreal, and add accessible buildings and clothes or armour and have take out the amount of zombies in cities

  129. Hi :) Yo i Was wondering what will be in the next update
    Here Are Some Little ideas i have
    1-Campfires Choping wood will allow you to make fires aswell as finding lighters
    2-Wild animals
    3-Differant suits found around the map
    4-Much more bigger maps please
    5-Night Vision gogles
    6-Katana sword :)

  130. How do you plan to take this game to a different direction from other zombie survival games because I’d love to find out

    • I cant go into detail, because I actually do think I have some good ideas and I want to protect them. After ApocZ is solid, all the bugs fixed, enterable buildings and many small features that have been asked for are added, I could start to work on making the game unique.

  131. I know your busy fixing and adding things to this amazing game but can you please fix the tent glitches as I keep loosing everything I find and the time I spend getting it goes to waste my tents disappear and their contents go aswell

  132. I know its not a big ask but will it to be possible to see backpacks when they are attached to you if you are in 3rd person?

  133. Hey. Just wanna thank you. People have been begging for something like this on 360 for a damn long time. You’ve done one hell of a job on making what i suspect will be one of the greatest indie games i ever play. Its rare i find an indie game that i think “hey lets get a butt ton of friends to buy this so i can play it with them” but i immediately thought that of yours. Alot of people will judge and try to be arses, but youve started something awesome. I look forward to seeing you stand out from the shadow of DayZ and forever make my xbox a happier place.

  134. What’s annoying is when a lot of people die they all spawn in the same place u need to add like random spawns places. and it is to easy to find guns u should make it hard to find them.

    • Sometimes when I come off the game and go back on the game like few hours after. the stuff I got has gone.

  135. Can you please add/fix
    •add more zoom for snipers
    •add grenades
    •add adrenalin for faster running
    •add nightvision goggles
    •fix the lag. I hate when someone lags and randomly kills me and brags about how they are so good at the game.

  136. ApocZ should add:
    Less zombies in town
    More buildings
    More character clothes
    More rifles
    Zoom without guns
    And more to get this game

  137. Ive noticed many people saying they want gamertags to appear but personally, i and many others believe that its better with no gamertags because it adds a sort of skill to the game, in the sense of, if someone is sneaking up on you( or if your watching someone)they cant see your there so your basically hidden.please dont change that, and love the game!

    • Yes! and lots of zombies, hordes of them! but with new ai so players can stealth and free roam on bigger maps

  138. And what can we know of what’s to come of the game? I love it so far and want to watch and admire your exquisite game

  139. Hey Mr.Admin(don’t know your name). I love the game to pieces and I cant wait for this game to have updates. im glad I was able to join the game right as it started so now I get to see its life from start. theres a few things in the game that are bugging me. when I spawn into a server or create one zombies wont spawn until I sync. and then I get bum rushed. Also I would get a vehicle up and going then random tires just disappear or other players cant drive it but I can. please reply soon. Thanks for the great game Mr.Admin

  140. Hey! My gamertag for LIVE is TheArrowPhenom.
    I’m an avid gamer, and LOVE to try out new and upcoming indie games, and ApocZ took my interest because it reminded me of Apocalypse Rising (Roblox) and DayZ, and I love both of those games! And to see that we have our own version of those games on Xbox is awesome! Here’s a couple of my thoughts for the next update.
    -Save your progress in a local game
    -Much more customization
    -Better definition of graphics for zombies and rendering
    -More cars
    -Smaller map (Too hard to find things)
    -The option to team up with players/friends in a game
    -Less trees, less of the same, and less zombie hordes in cities
    -Don’t allow the player to go past a little bit of water in the ocean (glitchy deaths)
    -Regular players walk needs to be faster
    -Option to instantly pick items up instead of viewing it while zombies are all over you
    and this one’s for funsies :)
    -Thunder effect?
    I know this probably doesn’t change the mindset of you developers, but, I was just hoping my (large on the internet) voice would be heard and these additions would be added, I would love to see this game thrive in the indie environment! Thanks for reading! :)

  141. I’m not geting any code at all I would like know what is going on I really would like to play plz help

  142. I loved your game an plant it all the time it’s got a few bugs though when ever I try to get in the tuck it teleports me behind it so maybe you could fix that but overall it’s a great game

  143. could you add flares so we can light up areas or mark where we are for our friends? BTW this is a great game and i got quite a few people to play it as well.

  144. do you plan to add more weapons Into the game if do what kind do u think will be added

  145. As the update is nearing, i was just wondering if only loosing items from tents in host migration etc… is the only thing being fix/added. If there is anything else could you please reply? And if possible, do you know what date at the maximum the update will be released? Great game!

  146. When is the e.t.a. for venerable buildings? And it is just a suggestion but could you add quads and dirtiest that have a two person capacity? That would be cool. Thank you for such a great game too.

  147. Hey man, me and my mates play this game all the time it’s frighten amazing we can always have a good time…. Sometimes we are feared by all and then other times we get completely destroyed… Thanks for this game…

  148. im not sure if it’s a bug but yesterday my game crashed when i was playing. i went on another game but when i came back on apocz all my inventory was refilled with things from over a week ago that i had lost fighting bandits. any ideas. Although this helped me a lot:D

  149. Hey! Nice work on the apocz game! I just hope when it’s all said and done this will be a #1 arcade game:currently a indi) but I am looking forward for updates and everything else you will have to offer!

  150. Hey I was wondering as the update comes and expands the data over 150 will people who already bought the came have to pay for the update? also yesterday I got teleported to the ocean but didn’t die and when I left the game and came back I was back on the shore. thought I let you know.

    • No, if game goes over 150meg and price changes, everyone who bought the game will not game to pay more. I have added coded to catch code 4 crashes so it can be reported back to me and to try and trace what the teleport issues is.

      • also when being in 3rd person if you aim with a scope it zooms farther than being in first person. :D

          • Hey just telling u I was in the spawn town and I randomly jumped to the highest pont vertical and fell down but I dident die I though I would tell u





            FASTER RUNNIG




  151. hey admin :)
    i love to play ur game
    i like the atmosphär in the game and the cars :)
    for my opinion u can add a spend function for the game so we can support u.
    thx for this great game

  152. Oh yeah and i reloaded my gun and reloaded it again my gun ate the first clip and if I reload it without shooting all the bullets it ate ant clips I put in itjust though I would tell u :)

  153. My friends and I keep having a problem with everything disappearing out of our tents, we know that nobody is stealing it, it just vanishes, was wondering if anybody else has had this problem ?

    • Yes, this is a glitch, the fix for it is in the next patch, which will be submitted to review this week.

  154. Maybe make it to where clicking Right Stick switches from Teamspeak to Proximity Game Chat. And then click it again to go to Open Game Chat for all players not in range of each other.

  155. Hi, thank you for bringing such an amazing game to Xbox. But, I do have a few suggestions to make this game even more of a beast.

    1.make the hatchet take more swings to kill a zombie and make the attacking effect better.

    2. Make the guns stronger, 1 hit kill with the axe but 3 shot kill with a gun? I don’t understand.

    3. Make items and zombies respawn if they already don’t.

    4. Make things build able such as walls and barricades. I’ve seen where you have a brick wall you use a lot at the trailer park and in town, and it would be perfect for players to add defense for themselves.

    5. Add more clothes/ body armour.

    6. Maybe very special military items if you find secret bodies around the map like night vision goggles or hell, even a drone to fly around like the MAV in battlefield.

  156. Awesome game! Some simple things I think would be nice to have:
    * more character options (hats, sunglasses

  157. Admin, Are you planning on changing the ammo system? It should show the number of bullets in a clip, and you should also be able to see the number of bullets you have without having to shoot your gun, maybe even add ammo together, like if you have two clips with 10 shots in each, combine them to make one clip with 20

    • Yes, ammo needs worked on so you don’t lose bullets and display needs to appear with out spending bullets.

  158. I just got the game yesterday and I completely love it!Me and my chaps started to play it and had so much fun.I do have some questions though;Will you make better customizations for your survivor?Also will you make helecopters and rifles(hunting rifle,sniper etc.)?Please do read this and I am going to tell everybody I know about it! P.S This is defenently the best indie game i have ever played! -Sincerly Michael…

    • I have found a hunting rifle already. A .308 commonly used by the military and hunters. I found it in the trailer park below the spawn city. If you are looking for good guns, go there.
      So far all the guns I’ve found are
      .50 pistol
      Battle rifle (scar)
      Ak 47/74
      Assault rifle (m4)
      12gauge shotgun
      And the .308 sniper rifle.

  159. hey :)
    can u tell in which patch u will make the map bigger? :)
    and its a problem if i do A review and a letsplay to this game?

    • By all means do a review/play through, I appreciate that.
      The current I am submitting to review this week fixes bug/exploits, the map will not get any bigger until after I start adding enterable buildings.
      But the focus of patches will always be bugs/glitches first with new features thrown in.

  160. I love this game I am a big fan of dayz and love this game but found a few problems.
    -To many Zombies
    -Tire pops when new player joins
    -Can be pushed inside buildings by zombies
    Also would like to say some updates that could be put in with your great work
    -more spaces in a car
    -buildings you can go into
    -better running animation with pistol in third person

    Thanks love this game and your hard work to make it

  161. Hello, big fan of your game by the way. If you are interested in having somone give you feed back on new updates or any suggestions on how to improve your already fantastic game, you can reach me on KIK @ Yorktownlax99. Thanks and keep up the good work…

  162. Can you add a map to the game also the server should restart so we can get more items to loot and zombies should respon in a city if left unattended like a day or two days. Really great game keep it up

  163. Me and my friends played this game a lot yesterday and we constantly talked about ho it would be cool if they added stuff. And here just a few suggestions of things we would like to see added in the future over a span of time.

    Bigger map.
    Gamer tags displayed above player.
    Hunting animals for food. (the fact that you can get beans and stuff is great but you cant live off that forever then you have to find a new game when its all looted.)
    More variety of melee weapons the guns are great though.
    you can set up a camp with your friend around a camp fire for light.
    Flare gun you can shoot up in the air day or night so allies can see your location or use the ammo as a flare you can trow and distract zombies.
    Enter able buildings.
    more people per car.
    crafting items such as a battle riffle with a knife taped to the barrel like a bayonet.
    attachments to your guns like a red dot sight and a suppressor.
    AI survivors that you can kill and loot or recruit as a extra pair of hands to help you but its also another mouth to feed.
    Boats and other islands that have loot. (but you have to find the different components of the boat engine)
    upgraded flashlights brighter or dimmer depending on if you want other players to find you or if your hiding.
    Ive noticed a few soda machines around the map it would be cool if zombies dropped money and you could go buy a soda that gives you 20% of blood,water,food.

    I realize you cant add all of it because it an indie game but any of those things would make this game just sooooo much better.

  164. Thanks for the reply and I hope the bugs can be fixed soon can you maybe give us a release date for the update to fix bugs
    Thanks this game is amazing and got it as soon as I heard about it

  165. I read some comments talking about this game becoming an arcade game and that would be amazing and if there is a review on micro soft or something I would prefer this game. A+++

    I hope it will become an arcade game. \(^-^)/ Xbox name: minecraftdude25

  166. I also forgot to say this is da best indie game I have ever play!
    keep up the good work

    PS: You should only spawn with the flash light and a canteen.
    PPS: You should not lose the canteen or water bottle when you drink it.
    PPPS: I talk to much

  167. me and some of my friends where just talking and one of my friends said that there are wherewolves and I said if there is another monster or bad guy I would not play this game anymore because this is the only game on Xbox that is like DAY Z and if there is another monster it would not be like DAY Z anymore.
    PS: I would most likely still play if this happens.
    PPS: Three comments in a row don’t know if that is good or bad.
    PPPS: I’m bored so I’m writing a lot of comments.
    PPPPS: I’ll stop putting comments now.
    PPPPPS: I’m not trying to spam.

  168. Hello, I have to say this is one of the most well-rounded games i have ever experienced and I absolutely love it with the exception of a few minor issues.

    - Will there ever be an update for adding a refresh to the resources/loot on a server?

    - Will there ever be an update for map expansion?

    - Will there ever be an update fixing the syncing with server issue where other players lag and slide around?

    Besides these minor issues, I deeply enjoy playing this game and you have my full support.

    • Thank you. Updates are planned for continued support to fix bug/glitches and exploits. When major issues are taken care I plan to start adding enterable buildings and polish many mechanics while I do that.

    huh swag said stuff about this game being an arcade game in the future that would be amazing, also huh swag said stuff about another monster and I think if you add something like left 4 dead with al the other zombie ‘n’ stuff that would be COOL!!! :D

  170. Hi admin, it has come to my attention that there are players in the current server I am playin on tht have god mode, or can’t die. After shooting them countless times with a .308 and attacking them with amaze while they stand there and teebag, I finally realized that they had godmode. Can you fix this? They said they edited the game save in horizon.

  171. more players in one car and groups pls.
    A friend and me (GERMAN) like to drive in the selve car and we can kill us ourselve so please make groups and more players in one car

    • *improvement*I would like to ride with a friend in one and the same car and do not want to kill him.
      So please make groups, you would meet me a great desire.
      So several people in a car and groups that’s it would be really nice of you if you do that.
      Thank you very much
      (IM GERMAN)

  172. so admin if your putting the patch in the review process does that mean its coming out on Friday or Saturday and hopefully I get my tents back and the stuff that’s in it because I spent 1 week getting all that loot

  173. 2 to 5 days, but I have a lot of support in the xna community so the update will probably go through in 48 hours.

  174. I was thinking instead of making the map bigger could you possibly add more maps and select one when making a game? Not shure if you could do it or not just an idea I had. P.S. Love your game keep up the good work.

  175. Yo please reply to this. Can u pls add animations like surrendering and also handcuffs like in Dayz, so that confrontations can be handled more swiftly? Also could you add your own company based server like in battlefield so that everyone has good connection? Thanks, please respond…

    • The reason battlefield has good servers in because the are dedicated and not local. In dedicated servers you connect directly to the server, in local you connect to a host and the host connects to the server.

  176. Is there a possibility you could add more bushes for better hiding.
    Also I noticed that by looking in the sky all the textures meet up making lots if weird lines.
    I know this doesn’t affect gameplay the least bit but it is simply a suggestion to polish the game.

  177. (PLEASE ANSWER) are the open buildings coming out this patch (HEARD RUMORS THEY ARE) please answer I’m confused !!

  178. Okay, so I’ve been reading these comments and I’m a little confused by some of you. It’s Indie game. He is pretty much working on it by himself. I read that some people want “Battlefield” like servers and new animations and new maps and more weapons and animations. You guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Sure, the guy had a good idea but it’s independently produced… Do not get your hopes up that it will turn into a arcade game or whatever. Just be realistic about it, you paid a dollar for it…

    • Look at Dayz… That started as a mod, and is now coming out on next gen…. It can happen

      • Yeah, it was a modification of a already finished game, it didn’t start from scratch, like ApocZ. And it was orchestrated by multiple people

        • I will do as much as I can and try to recruit as many others as can help. I definitely plan to add enterable buildings, we’ll see from there. But don’t stop posting any idea you have, I read all the comments and will continue too until its impossible.

  179. it’s just an idea(maybe a waste of time) but could you add some sort of way to identify bandits from heros or survivors like forced masks or clothing because people keep pretending to be friendly then when they know you have something good they kill you and loot you.

  180. just a suggestion,
    i have been searching for guns in one of the cities and i came across a spare hatchet where a gun should have been.

    why replace a gun with a hatchet?
    are you planning on adding more melee weapons like a machete?baseball bat?

  181. I encountered a glitch wher if you sprint in third person an slightly turn the camera left you get a considerable speed advantage.
    I keep getting run down please fix
    Thank you

  182. hi what date will it be released in new zealand ive seen the videos and it looks really fun all ready brought microsoft points to buy when it comes out

    • ApocZ should be available in all these countries on Xbox Live marketplace.
      Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

  183. I advertised your game… and quite alot of people replied back on xbox saying that they love the game… I got 20 replies saying they bought it… so your welcome :)
    Any reward? haha Jk

  184. Also, another thing I think would be cool is if you added some small neighborhoods where you could clear some zombies or something

  185. Hey admin,Do you think you could add an acual police car with sirens? And do you think you could add skins such as police,Army,ect. Also are you going to add army vehicles?

    • These will remain to be seen. The plan is to work on bugs, glitches and exploits and add enterable buildings

  186. IN MY OPINION. I think what you should work on first is getting this to be an arcade game instead of an indie game. They might let you do it because next gen is already out. And it would make game dev easier if you did this. I also have some more ideas on what to prioritize on. Go ahead and send me a f/r on xbox. My gamertag is FiENDv add me if you want to discuss things.

    • We’ll have to wait for that, this game just got released on XBLIG and I have no plans to move onto any other project, I do have a lot of plans for ApocZ XBLIG though.

  187. And another thing. Just in case you don’t add me, you should fix the major bugs like when players lag and scoot all over the place, or when people are shooting but you cannot hear the gunshots, or when you shoot at a player and the bullets go right through them.I think you should work on that before you add things to the game, and also, i’m not very good with things like this but i’d definitely would like to help with this games development! (: I’ve waited a long time for a game like this to come out for xbox and I would love to help out and make it the best it can be (:

    • Your right on spot, I am thinking lag might be the focus of the next patch, and any cleanup from the patch that is in peer-review process right now.

  188. We’ll there be Helucopters plz tell me you games is the best I’m so addicted please please tell me if there’s are going to be helicopters added !!! (:

  189. I think that respawning in more stuff after one day would be great so people wouldn’t have to leave the server and more characters to?

  190. Hello Admin, Is there any way you could make/post your twitter? I would love to hear a lot more about this game. Twitter seems to be the best way to keep up to date and answer as many questions as possible :). Also what type of building mechanics were you planning on adding into this game. I don’t want to compare it to something else but if it had basic mechanics such as building fires i think it would be a lot cooler :D. I have played this game every day since it released and can see that it has A LOT of potential but that potential needs to be achieved. It would also be very nice if you could add a (Planned features) tab at the top by the Forums and such. It would be very helpful that way you could update it and we can show friends and see if the game is worth buying for the long haul. Thanks – Spike

    • Spike , these are good ideas, thanks for your input. I am currently working on updating the website and your idea of a features tab seems like a good addition.

  191. Would you be able to add radios to the cars and handheld one’s that you need batteries so you can have them in your camp and you have to find tapes in the towns to listen to them?

  192. I’ve been playing and getting geared up and like these past 10 times my xbox freezes and when I get back on I lost all my loot? Does this happen to anyone else? I knowits not my xbox because I can play other games just fine.

    • there are some problems with code 4′s in the game, the new patch has error reporting so you can send a crash message to my xbox and I can get these issues fixed

  193. Hey admin, I was wondering if you could make night a little bit brighter, I know it’s supposed to be dark, and I like that, but on some older tv’s night time is ridiculously dark and even with a flashlight, you can’t see anything at all, maybe even the option to set your gamma in the settings menu, thanks for reading this, this game has great potential and I can’t wait to see it get better

  194. Will there be a loot refresh on the servers? And a patch without all the lag? Also great game!!! (:

    • I am starting to focus on lag, but we also need to get feedback when the current patch comes out, make sure those issues are getting resolved.

  195. do you think u could make settings for people hosting to where it can be 24 hour day or more loot? or naw

    • There will be more server options, like FPS only and private servers. Loot and zombies respawning are planned but not until game breaking bugs and exploits are fixed.

  196. At the moment, the current controller layout is alright but could use some improving. I think the Y button should be used for the inventory and the left and right bumpers for switching weapons. The back button could be then used for a map or to see the players in the game. This is just my opinion and a suggestion. Thank You

    • The patch in peer-review has data encryption on player status, after its proven solid I will encrypt all saved data

  197. I tried this game at my friends house today. There is so much good potential in this game, and I really love it. If I were to give any kind of advice, I would suggest focusing on some core things: 1: Walking Animations: They look really derpy in 3rd person and they don’t feel smooth. 2: Vehicles: Add more vehicles to the game and also make it so 4 players can sit in them. 3: More Base-building stuff. Lets be honest, whats more cool than building your own base in a Zombie Apocalypse with jeeps and helicopters in it? These are just my opinions on the game so far, hope admin reads this! Love the game!

    • Thanks, I read it! I want to work on polishing many things but can not start until the initial bugs and exploits are fixed.
      there will be enterable buildings with barricades for windows and doors, not sure if ill be able to do base building with XNA and the way servers work for us on XboxLive

  198. I think it would be very cool if you could add AIs. Like a gun dealer, for certain supplies you can buy a firearm and ammunition.

  199. Do you know when the enter able buildings will be in the game like a Certain date by the way love the game.

    • asap. i cant give a date because until tents, inventory character saves are solid, they are core to the long term expereince and reward for working so hard to get loot

  200. When will the 1.1 one be published most likely? Will it have enterable buildings and barricades? I know you said probably 3 day on the 20th so does that mean a 23rd release?

  201. I bought this game yesterday and it is truly amazing, I’ve been waiting for a dayz type game on xbox ever since I heard about dayz, but I was thinking about how it would be possible to save vehicles, and I was thinking what if a car jack was an item that you could find to remove tires from a vehicle? That would keep the vehicle population low. Thank you for creating this amazing game and I’m telling all of my friends about it.

  202. The game is awesome and has lot of potential and if it gets a lot more things to do It will be a great success just an thing I suggest doing is first visual effects then add more objects just an idea.

  203. The game great for 3 or 2 updates already if it gets just my opinion if they add a bigger map buildings u can go in loot respawn heli’s more cars and items it will the greatest indie game ever and I know it will keep up the good work guys :)

  204. Oh almost forgot in any update will u lose ur stuff because I have a lot plz read this admin.

  205. This game is so stunning i actually saw someone clearing zeds and making it their base and i heard them saying we wont shoot you and stuff this turned out to be the best game ever thank you kevin i cant wait for the updates btw how would you be able to tell a bandit and are you making a proximity voice because idk whos talking thanks again

  206. Other than bug fixes will there be any added content in 1.1 (enterable buildings and such)?

  207. Hey is it possible to keep your loot and tents when leaving servers, so that when you join another game you have your stuff?

  208. hey i make youtube videos on your game and was just wondering if you have any plans for the game or update news that i can let all my subs know about because they and i love this game you can email me back or just reply on here

    ohh my youtube is


    go and see it and see all the good things people are saying

  209. Hey i believe the update has some big flaws lots of weird stream errors,tent deleted,day/night error, zombies are not loading in nor cars. Thanks for making such a great game . :)

  210. There’s a glitch where you have infinite ammo. A player dropped me 10 rounds of shotgun ammo and I kept reloading. Now I have 489 rounds. It’s insane. Please read this if you have time, and try to fix this in the next update, thanks. Love the game.

  211. I love this game. But here is some stuff I would like you to add.
    1. A camp fire to light up the night.
    2. Planes, boats, or helicopters.

  212. I was wondering if you all thought about expanding the map a little bit more and actually planed to put in a map so players can use it in case they get lost?

  213. Not sure if anyone asked this already but will we be able to get more than one person in cars any time soon?

  214. how come the website wont let me become a member something wrong or my pcs sucks plz help

  215. Will the next update be additional content (enterable buildings, 4 seat cars e.t.c) or more bug fixes. plz reply, BTW game is much better with clan! <3

  216. Admin can we play with you on Xbox 360?
    and also can we please have bug fixes like attachments on weapons and building you can enter, Also More towns and maybe a City!

  217. I placed a tent down with all of my things in it, spawned into a new server and my tent still disappeared after 1.1

  218. So me and four other friends were wandering around the map when two people joined. at first we thought nothing of it. Then my friend said his tent was looted. five seconds later his other tent across the map was looted, at first we thought they split up and randomly found them. But five seconds later one of my tents in a completely different spot got looted, I ran there and my tent was gone but everything was just sitting on the ground. Needless to say I was confused and angry, then my friend spotted both of them running together. We ran up behind them and they quickly spun around and shot me and my friend. After hearing that my other three friends came by and shot them, we checked their loot and they had shotguns with 100 rounds in the clip. Just after that they spawned right behind us and killed us, so we left the game.

    I hope you can fix this problem soon, thank you for reading this and sorry for any grammar issues.

  219. Dear admin I was wondering if you could give us an idea of how long it will be until enterable buildings are added, not a specific date just a ETA month. No pressure just want an idea of how long it will be.

  220. Can you offer more protection at some point clothing, weapons, accessories, stones in the world put behind which one can go into cover, a larger world, walk-houses, night vision devices, more weapons. that you can lie down and can roll. (sorry for my english this text is written with a translator)

  221. hey admin you made an outstanding game, I got all my friends to play it but when will this game start to shine as in entering building, more 1 person in vehicles, med kits, armor , helmets , ghillie suits and other coo clothing
    thanks – danny

    • Thanks danny. I can only move on to more content after bugs are fixed, I am at this very moment gathering all the feedback from last the patch and working hard to get lingering issues resolved. Your, and everyone’s, support is much appreciated.

  222. Admin I have one question for you are there gonna be ghille suits please answer back I need to know. by the way keep up the good work I also got a lot of friends into this game.
    Thanks – s281mustng

    • Prone is coming some day, if i get models and textures for guilie and have meomory left, then yes, but not soon

  223. admin why did my tents disappear first I was right next to them and I joined another sever and it waz syincing with the server next thing you no my tents didn’t spawn

  224. For some reason when i try to search on my Xbox Game Store ‘ApocZ’, it doesn’t come up. I’d like to play this game, but if i’m not even able to find it in any store (Xbox or via internet browser) it would be pretty hard to play it then :|

  225. Pls answer…. I was playing in a game today when I drove my police car into a military base. I while I was looting I heard the car start. It suddenly lifted into the air and began flying. Also when I shot two clips of my LMg into the windshield, they kept driving. Can u create an animation to show when someone is driving a car. Also how long until the next update? I would be happy to do some beta testing for you if you are looking for feed back…. KIK ME @ Yorktownlax99. Also sometimes when you get into a car it teleports you a few feet away.

    • No bother, after bugs, hopefully in 4-6 weeks can look into adding first new building. whenever I start, the process for enterable building will accelerate as they are added.

    • I bought this game on 1.o and could not play due to the day/night cycle. When I heard about the update I got right on and loved this game. But now I do have some suggestions.

      1. Add civilian style weapons and give weapons actual or close to real names

      2. Add the Mosin but with or with out the scope

      3. Make the military weapons rare like military base loot only

      4. Add a lot of ww1/2 weapons Lee Enfield Mauser pistol/rifle etc.

      5. Larger map

      6. Private match.

      P.S. love all of sick kreations other games

      • I understand I am not the admin and know nothing about the creations of games but I’m just trying to help. I’m pretty sure that the creator of ApocZ cannot make the weapons have the same name as the real weapons due to some copyright issues with the weapon companies. I believe this is the reason that the sniper rifle says hemington, rather than Remington (lol btw) And as for naming them close I think they are pretty close (ak-47 is the mk-47 I think). Sorry if this wasnt the answer you were looking for. Also keep in mind it is just an indie game so he can’t do everything people request (such as a lot of guns or larger map) due to the fact that there is a storage limitation, although they are all valid suggestions.

  226. Kevin new glitch, i picked up a tire and then dropped it then got spawned underneath and outside of map so i got killed by radiation somehow. But its still a great game.

  227. Also i saw a car and it was driving slowly down a slope and was floating later it was floating over the town where you spawn the driving into ocean kinda scared me.

  228. Just trying to help, a few slight glitches with the new patch. I’m sure you already know but here you go anyways (lol).

    -Sometimes when you try and enter a car you spawn about 10 feet in the air behind it an drop to the ground.

    -When you exit a vehicle with a weapon equipped you automatically reload.

    -When youre driving and another player joins your car comes to a dead stop and sometimes will become stuck in the ground.

    -Sometimes cars will float (even when no ones in them).

    -Still some slight lag/de-sync.

    -You will occasionally be teleported to another random location on the map (don’t know what causes that lol).

    -And last but not least, Sometimes it will be night time and its like someone drank a can of insta-day. It will flash to day time (or vice-versa) for about 10 seconds.

    I understand people like me may be annoying but like I said, I’m just trying to help. Despite all of these glitches it’s still a GREAT game! Thanks for all your hard work. Most people just throw an indie game out there and don’t fix anything or update it!

  229. Hey admin, I was recording for my ApocZ Series and I either stumbled into a hackers den or the most desynced server of all time. Either way, it needs fixing. This video can help in what I’m talking about.
    Just to note, when I joined the lobby a message came up saying “Destroy World Message Received.” Also, at the end, that cop car disappeared.

    • You can see the Destroy World message at about 2:20, but the weird stuff doesn’t start happening until 5:45.

    • I am trying to update and patch the game. The new load screen is concept art, every game does it. Every one is demanding that I, one guy add content, and I want to. But it makes it hard if after I try to fix bugs you do nothing but bash the game. Only a team of testers and support from Microsoft can insure no bugs in a update. I have neither. If you continue to treat this game like there are 20 people with a million dollars working on it you will accomplish nothing but to destroy support for it and my ability to continue to work on it.
      I will not take your you tube link down, but lets keep some perspective, My one man game is constantly compared to AAA companies million dollar productions.

      Thanks, Kevin.

      P.S. All the weapons were purchased from Turbo Squid 3D Model website, A huge company and provider of 3D models. And in this special case they where even notified about these weapons and I, the developer have their email response stating that I can use the weapons downloaded from their website under their royalty free license. All this can be found in open public post on the ApocZ forums.

      • I wasn’t bashing the game! This is my favorite game at the moment. I love the new concept art. I just wanted to show you what happened in that lobby. I’m not sure if it was a hack or if my connection was bad. I’ve just never seen it in the game, and I get my hours in on this game. I gave you the time locations so you could see what I’m talking about. And so you can ignore my ranting which I tend to do when I record. You have all of my respect and support for this project. With just one man making all of this I think you did an incredible job. And I pointed out the gun because people were saying that the gun was modeled from the AS50 from DayZ, which isn’t true. If my rant in the video was offensive to you, it was not intended to be. I didn’t have time to go over the details of the update, which I was going to do in my next video. You did a great job in the update. You fixed the tent save, and you added and fixed way more. Clans were genius, we no longer destroy bullets in reload, and you know the rest. The title ‘fails all over’ was about my gameplay and my camera in that video. I was not referring to the game. So if anything offended you I’m sorry. Keep this game going!

      • I love what you are doing with this game, Kevin. It is extremely fun. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Dylan.

  230. 956024 475113When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any approach you

    • There should be an unsubscribe in those email notifications. Not sure why it is sending 4 per comment, I’ll research it.

  231. Great game! Keep up the good work and i think you should do the rest of your patches like you did last time which is add one new thing to keep people still interested and give support towards the game.

  232. This game is super fun but I have some suggestions for future updates
    1) helicopters
    2) decrease the number of zombies in town
    3) more guns
    I play this game every day I love it so much

  233. Unforuntely right now the audio output on mic is broken so i have had to play the audio outup of my mic out of my tv in doing this i would normally turn down the game volume so i can hear my friends. When i found out the are no audio options on this game. So my question is in the next update could we have audio options please kevin? I love this game and i think you are doing a great job and i understand you just released a update so i’m not expecting this soon just something to think about in the future maybe?

  234. My friends and I have been playing this game since it was realesed and might I say its the best game ever haha, uh this morning we got on and all of our tents were empty. Very dissapointed about that just wondering if that’s a bug or something.

  235. Admin, hey we’ll while I was playing today I killed a player which had a shotgun with 215 rounds in his backpack .I was really confused then I killed another guy who had another shotgun with 115 rounds loaded very confused how they did this but just wanted to tell you.

  236. Also will you add base building and while I was playing today I thought what if you add seasons or have some servers snow or after rain it could flood but I know it’s a lot of work for you and your crew but at least consider it and keep up the work and thank you soooooooo much because after state of decay came out I’ve been hearing false comments that dayz was coming to xbox360 but it didn’t but this game adds the effect of dayz but what sucks is everybody is a bandit and kills you with a gun I believe their should be concequences to murdering guys just spawning in.

  237. are you planning on makeing a more varied selection of clothing and are you going to add a female gender to the game

  238. Dear, Creator I love this game and I’d appreciate it if you would read and respond to my comment!:)
    1) Can you add more character customization
    2) Can you add in game clothing you find throughout the world
    3) Add the option to make a private game
    4) Add other guns including: Revolvers, Sniper with longer scopes, also a knife, and others
    5) add prone
    6) Will their be an extension to the map
    7) More melee weapons
    Also I’ve had cases where it crashes and I lose my progress like I was on day 14 and it crashed, plus my tent disappeared in other times…
    When updates come out will it restart your progress cause it did that for me last update.
    But I’m not complaining cause this game is amazing and it’s starting out and I think this game will be like the best game ever!

  239. Dear, Creator I love this game and I’d appreciate it if you would read and respond to my comment!:)

    Also I’ve had cases where it crashes and I lose my progress like I was on day 14 and it crashed, plus my tent disappeared in other times…
    When updates come out will it restart your progress cause it did that for me last update.
    But I’m not complaining cause this game is amazing and it’s starting out and I think this game will be like the best game ever!

  240. Dear, Creator this game is great and can you respond if you will soon… EVER add any of these
    1) Can you add more character customization
    2) Can you add in game clothing you find throughout the world
    3) Add the option to make a private game
    4) Add other guns including: Revolvers, Sniper with longer scopes, also a knife, and others
    5) add prone
    6) Will their be an extension to the map

    • All of these are planned to be added, knife is a knew one, but should be added.
      Please understand, that I am 100% focused on bugs and exploits for now, these are severe matters that need fixed asap and will overshadow any new content if not fixed. I am currently testing the next update and will release it when I am sure the fixes in it work and there are no new bugs. The next update should be submitted soon, and I will make a formal post on the forums when it is, thanks.

  241. Hi it would be amazing if you could put bandit masks on so people know if your. Friendly or not please do this

  242. Hi it would be amazing if you could put bandit masks on so people know if your. Friendly or not please do this.

  243. are you gonna ceep at this game and make it better EG graphics,reloading motion,guns bigger world more guns realisticer zombies and better structures witch are open,and you should do pick locking for creates and gun with lockes on the triger pls make a really good game

  244. Guys you should really stop requesting so much of him. Kevin will get to everything in his own time, and with you people asking so much of him it is hard. Just be patient. Content will be added I’m sure, but you can’t just continually ask for different things each day. I mean seriously, just enjoy the game. And Kevin, your game rocks. Keep up the good work.

    • We’re not asking him to do stuff at least I’m not, I just want to know if he was going to add some of this at all not will he so instead of complaining about others read their comments!

  245. Just curious to know if you plan on adding different spawn areas? (In the second town, near the plane crash?)

  246. If this game is on xbox one indie games will I need to buy the game again( just so i dont use rest of my money )

  247. Hola! I’ve been reading your weblog foor a long time now and finally
    gott the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx!
    Just wanred to tell you keep up the great work!

  248. Hello can you plan to add doors that can be locked by the player who placed it and add car storage please reply :D

  249. I like this game i would be great if you could make it that you can build your own forts, climb trees and have more people in cars and shoot out of them.

  250. This is a terrific game. Best indie game by a long shot. 69p is a bargain. Look forward to this game growing and sticking around for a long time.

  251. hey im a fan of your games and this one but there is a bunch of people wanting to know when can we go into buildings as in settle up in the buildings and be able to stay in the buildings ? please add this feature i know you guys work hard on games but this would be amazing to be seen put in this game being able to go into buildings locking cars maps backpack animation clothes more avatar slections and more melee weapons …………..

  252. Hey, I was wondering if you were planning on fixing the bug that causes your controller settings to change upon going to xbox home? I play on inverted, with a rather high sensitivity, and it is sort of a hassle having to re-do my settings every time I start the game up.

  253. I would love the game if you could add enterable buildings and different weapons and get a use for empty cans and are jerry cans refuel able or water canteens but I also think that the fuel in cars should last longer. And when is the next update? Please reply

  254. This game is great but I got on today and all my tents were gone. So tents still sometimes disappear after the patch.

  255. what engine is it,its really confusing because it says indie game but i thoat that was a group of people who make random games?
    by the way awesome game with allot of potential

  256. i love this game and think it is brill me and my mates have been waiting for a day z type game to come out we also would like the ability to build forts but we also understand the time it takes to create all of this we expect grate things from this game and are looking froward to what is to become of this game.

    do you think that as this game progresses people will have to bye one of the updates because the game will become worth more

  257. The game is awsome and I don’t care what they add but the game I cool how it is right now just enjoy it it’s the most popular indie game on xbox in my opinion. I love teaming up with people and killing zombies!

  258. When will map be expanded an I read all comments he wants to make something more unique then dayz,rust,nether or any other PvP and PvZ game he is doing the best he can it’s only about 3 people working on it have patience I believe it’s still in beta.

    Thank you

  259. I’ve had my tent despondent so many time I’ve tried to avoid bad connection, hosts leaving, fill the tent to Mutch, having to many tents but every time I go back to my tent/tents they are gone! What should I do?

  260. Hey love the game and I know ur busy but do u have a certain time in mind when u will have the enter able buildings in the game

  261. I love the game. I would have paid more than $1. But my only complaints at the moment is disappearing items/tents, Lag with a lot of people in server, and driving into invisible objects.

    P.S. You guys gotta stop requesting a bunch of stuff from DayZ. Although it would be cool to have some of that stuff, remember that its an indie game.

  262. I want to say that the game has a great potential and you can add a lot of things in the game that the community wants. I love this game and I cant wait to see the next update soon.

    • I am working on it right now, I wanted to try and get it into the review process by Friday 5-2-2014 but I decided it really needs more testing. It will be better to iterate over this patch and get some solid fixes rather than releasing it and having a repeat of new introduced bugs that cant be fixed for another 2 weeks. I appreciate everyone’s patients, Kevin.

  263. Please take the time to read this comment, and please take this into reference and consideration.
    Some of this things I’m sure you’ve heard a million times but i would just like to sum up my thoughts about this game and make some suggestions and comments.

    I, like many people, are truly in love with this game even though it’s in a very early stage because it’s an open world multiplayer zombie survival game with increadible potential. I don’t have a gaming pc so I can’t play these amazing games like DayZ, Rust, and Nether so this is perfect but here are some suggestions

    1.)Interior Buildings-this is quite obvious but buildings that you can enter but maybe some could be assecible by ladder or exterior staircase, then barricades of different types and health levels

    2.)better military bases- maybe sniper nest and diferrent varieties of them (example) some may have some sort of armory or garage.

    3.)New Zombies- Just walkers makes things a little too easy once you progress then it’s just a big Free-for-all maybe some fast ones or brutes or even some type of boss

    4.)Wildlife-not just deer and foodbased animals but also predators (example) mountain lions, bears, and wolfs

    5.)different equipment-similar to the compass, maybe some other HUD type items could be added (example) night Vision goggles and map

    6.)Bigger map-fairly self-explanatory, just bigger with more buildings maybe something new like a cave system

    7.)Guns and gun issues-ok so new guns like smgs and a new variety of pistols like a 44. Magnum and also gun issues, the shotgun has unlimited ammo basically just keep spamming x and it keeps coming also it’s VERY op it’s range is crazy long and it’s still on hit kill out there

    8.)New vehicles and vehicle fixes-worry about flight later just some new ground vehicles like a motercycle and more off-road vehicles like an atv, and maybe you could allow us to put items in trunks of vehicles so they can be transported and please add a better damage system to vehicles like I explained earlier all these walkers are just too easy and the vehicles plow through them without a scratch

    9.)weapon attachments- examples are lazer sight, acog scope, suppressor, grip, etc.

    10.)Crafting-traps, houses, campfires, doors, floor(by that I mean layout like a wooden floor or something for a better looking area to build a house and for a second story P.S. Look up a game called Fortnite you might get some great ideas)and furnaces for cooking food from the wildlife idea

    11.)clothing-just diffent clothing and different pockets etc.

    12.)Stats-upgradable players with XP so when you kill a zombie your progressing and if your a pro people can know you are and maybe unlock abilities like reloading faster, stealth, speed, strength, and other attributes

    13.)ideas for ideas-I know ideas cause problems in other areas an example would be if I got in a building and got on a roof as a sniper zombies can’t kill me so add some flying mobs to add a challenge, also since there should be new zombies as the nights progress it gets harder so maybe after 7 days they will be at full potential but be more deadly at night. And harvestable objects for building things like wood from trees and iron from maybe abandoned mines or smelted tin cans.

    I don’t want to overwhelm you but I would like to say that I hope you plan on making this into an arcade game not by making a new one but just transitioning this one to that level so that you can cram more stuff into it because I know you can’t do EVERYTHING I mentioned on an indie game. Also don’t just lean towards dayz make this a mixture between the realism of it and the crafting of rust but also zombies like nether.

    All in all I respect you and am vey jubilant about the making of this game please take all of this into account and to not overwork yourself you’re accomplishing a people have long hoped for and thank you for making it and taking your time to read this.


    • Thank you for all the compliments and taking time to post some really good ideas. A lot of these have been suggested on the forums.
      I plan to continue work on ApocZ for the rest of the year, releasing updates and adding content. Your continued support will help, thanks.

  264. I have been playing this game for 5 days now and I have some suggestions for Apocz
    1. Could you add a bleeding animation where you leave a blood trail for moments when bleeding.
    2. Could you add scratches and gunshot wounds when you get shot or attacked by a zombie.
    3. Could you lower the zombie count,but they respawn.
    4.I have been thinking of this effect when you take damage from a zombie. You have a like 15% chance of getting partially infected which you can see players through walls at certain distances, But there is some bad affects one is running is reduced, lowered strength when meleeing, and your basic needs for survival depletes a bit faster.Those are some suggestions for Apocz.
    One more thing could you put the comment on the top of the page because I had to scroll pretty long to get to the bottom of the page to comment because I use my tablet most of the for looking at the internet.
    Keep up the good work with this game it has a lot of potential.

  265. Few thoughts I’ve had skimming through the posts and my own playthrough:

    - Radioactive interior parts of the map could be justified with having great loot in them at expense of “bloodvs.skill”

    - New car textures could be added to extend the “playability” whilst you work on major additions and patches (houses and buildings don’t really matter atm since there’s a fair selection to create atmosphere)

    - Perhaps add the ability to “rest” in a tent, where you could slowly recover blood at the expense of being prone and maybe higher food decay and water modifiers

    - Make water and food less “useful” but allow perhaps two uses of certain foods and water containers to distinguish qualities of finds

    And my last point would be to make guns harder to find in my own personal opinion, it took me about 10 minutes to find a gun and ammo and as exciting as that was, I feel it would have more impact on a player if they were more “hidden” and scarce.

    - TheNightWaffle

  266. Hey creator, im not sure if you knew or not but there are A LOT of bugs, im guessing you know and you’re fixing them but like ive been corrupted about 30-35 (Yes i’ve counted as i do with all my games) ive also encountered people who teleport and use something for them to appear as if they’re not in the game a mostly my most unfavorite is how i don’t get notices when my tent is being looted. i will be honest, i really love this game, i spent endless hours playing but these little things just upsrt me and im sure if they have affected others they’d feel the same when i say that these little things just kill the experience so much.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Working on tents not saving issues to get that mechanic working. The last update made unlimited blood impossible and the next will make the hack tool used to teleport obsolete. Invisible players is a glitch with lag on death and associated with vehicles, there is a fix for it in the next patch.

  267. Hello.First I have to say that ApokalypseZ is the best Indi game ever. Respect.
    Could you make please that more than one guy could go into a car.
    I find that really important.

  268. I was wondering can you make it more like DayZ where you can handcuff people and break there bones and make it so you can go into buildings and please make the map bigger plaese if you do add this in a later update or the upcoming one if you can fit it in I would be thanful please thank you if you do bye.

  269. Glitches: infinite shotgun ammunition by constantly reloading. Some military buildings are able to be entered by driving a car parallel with the building getting out on top and by running and jumping you can enter them cars teleport you behind them while attempting to enter. Other players guns have sometimes no or quiet sound effects. You can also hear bullets buzzing past your ears while no one is on the same side of the map as yu are. The left wing of airplane is glitch able and you can walk ontop of it. You can’t shoot people in vehicles from in front or side has to be the back if the car. The cop car is awesome btw lol. I was just informing you of some glitches in case you want to fix them.

    • These are all very good points and I agree, they need to be fixed. Each one has been put on a list for updates.
      Thanks for your support, I plan to be working on ApocZ and releasing updates for the next 6 months :)

    • If you read through the earlier comments you would know that his goal isn’t to make a copy of Day Z on console, but to make a fun survival game. Although the handcuff and broken bones are not directly associated with Day Z, and they are good ideas, he doesn’t plan on making the game just like Day Z. And I’m sure you don’t mean to annoy him, but I’m almost positive he gets annoyed when people ask him to include features that are taken directly from Day Z, because like I said, that is not his goal.

    • Working on it now, can submit it to review until testing is done and im confident no new bugs are being introduced

  270. HI! i was just wondering if this game is going to be a arcade game. if so are we going to have to pay for the arcade game too if we have the indie one? or maybe you can put an code in the menu on the indie game that allow you to redeem it and you get the arcade for free :) awesome game and i cant wait to the next update with more players in cars. sorry for bad english because english is not my main language, you are awesome :D please reply. bye :p

  271. I’m getting sick of over powered zombie on apocz they hit you ones and then your bleeding then you bandage up and they hit you and your bleeding again it’s getting annoying now please could you make the zombie damage and bit less

  272. I’m getting sick of how over powered zombies are in apocz they hit you ones
    And you start to bleed you bandage up get hit again and your bleeding
    It’s really annoying I want to play the game with my friends but everyone
    Just bleeds within like 1 second of being hit please fix this!!!!

  273. 2 of my friends they are both girls and they love your game they are asking if you can put girls in the game? And can you put new clothes in for every one

  274. Hey can you add vehicles with guns on top and also add so that we can add suppressors and sights to our guns i know this is a lot but can you also but heli’s and building entering.

    also i had a tent that had 19 wheels in it and i joined games and it was gone. :(
    but THANKS for reading this :)……

  275. Also you need to fix the glitches and mods because some modder deleted my games and i had to re download it made me mad please FIX THAT and thanks for da 2nd time :)

  276. Can u plzz plzz try to release the update for wednesday it be a awsome thing as its my birthday wednesday so plz admin as your one of my fav game creator and obe of the best gane ever !! Plzz try your hardest cant wait m8 you legand :)

  277. In the next update 1.2 in game chat will it be like day z where u can only talk to people in a serten range of you (in game chat) ? :)

  278. I was making a video as you do and I came across a small bug with sniper rifle when you get the scope while firing from hip… Not sure if it is meant to be like this but yeah.

  279. Sup guys? Congratz for this ambicious project actually is taking form. I speak as a former War Z emu dev, that this is by far one of the most amazing jobs done for a Console. Be aware that this is only the beginning that, in my perspective as creator designer, you should later on focus on complete customizable items (backpacks, weapons and stuff) cause that is what allows a player to identify with their character in order to feel it more (real). Now, there also could be hostage situations (AI created) so you can earn loot or any other values in game. Perhaps a level system? That will allow members of a clan/group to participate in each roll they may have as scouts, scavengers, medics, builders, etc…
    Well done guys and keep up the good work!!

  280. I love this game alot but I would like these added please

    1)can you add where you can have broken legs
    2)where you can handcuff of tie there hands up with a rope
    3)add where you can build bases
    and please add this this would really be nice i am not trying to annoy you it is just if you add this stuff i would be really happy and I’m really eager for the bugs to be fixed

  281. can you add -backpack modules-more guns-expand world-bildings enterable and take it easy i love apocz and maybe add a littel bit of this thx guys

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