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2427 post Yesterday 10:30:13 GMT Crazeddoctor:

or the 2nd? x)

5262 post Yesterday 10:30:13 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Crazed... I can't rejoin your party. See if you can get back to mine.

5649 post Yesterday 10:30:23 GMT zMis Fortune:

Me too. and Viking I wouldn't say replaced.

2427 post Yesterday 10:30:34 GMT Crazeddoctor:

im actually gonna get some food loot real fast irl lol

4608 post Yesterday 10:30:58 GMT Law:

Heyo zMis, came out your little kitty hole? o.o

5262 post Yesterday 10:31:16 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Oh... and Law...

4608 post Yesterday 10:31:21 GMT Law:


5262 post Yesterday 10:31:39 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Turns out... because my xbox froze... that tent move, it never happened

5262 post Yesterday 10:32:00 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

So yeah... it's back at square one.

5262 post Yesterday 10:32:22 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Also, any loot that you took from it, I'm sure you'll still have it.

4608 post Yesterday 10:32:29 GMT Law:

I can't help buddy, I'm in bed on the laptop chilling, drinking this milk to stop my mouth burning from that taco big_smile

5262 post Yesterday 10:32:58 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I know... just telling you that the tent moved never happened.

4608 post Yesterday 10:33:01 GMT Law:

Nope, because it didn't save for you don't mean it didn't for me too, I have nothing of yours

4608 post Yesterday 10:33:42 GMT Law:

Otherwise you would have duplicated 9 cans of food and 5 water canteens smile

5262 post Yesterday 10:34:06 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I guess I'll keep it where it's at until 1.3, then move it to that location.

5262 post Yesterday 10:34:37 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

In 1.3, if you see a tent there, that means we are possibly in the same game.

2427 post Yesterday 10:34:44 GMT Crazeddoctor:

I always have the worst luck when finding tents x) lol

4608 post Yesterday 10:34:49 GMT Law:

Yes, it's drawing closer, in August you can move to your new 'non exposed' place xD

2427 post Yesterday 10:34:56 GMT Crazeddoctor:

opened or nah lol

132 post Yesterday 10:35:06 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Hey guys how do you get that picture to show up where your signature is?

5262 post Yesterday 10:36:07 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Crazed, when you are finished eating and drinking, could you get into the party with me and Agent Locke

4608 post Yesterday 10:36:31 GMT Law:

Get a picture... got to , upload one and copy the [   IMG  ] one

5262 post Yesterday 10:37:00 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

[ img ] (Image url here) [ /img ]     Without spaces

4608 post Yesterday 10:37:07 GMT Law:

Then go to profile -> I think it's personality -> Signature

5262 post Yesterday 10:40:40 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


132 post Yesterday 10:41:10 GMT DHJ iSlay:

... This is confusing haha

132 post Yesterday 10:41:49 GMT DHJ iSlay:

So I picked the image

4608 post Yesterday 10:42:06 GMT Law:

No go to -

4608 post Yesterday 10:42:27 GMT Law:

At the top look for an 'Upload' button (Top left)

132 post Yesterday 10:42:27 GMT DHJ iSlay:


132 post Yesterday 10:42:39 GMT DHJ iSlay:

See it

4608 post Yesterday 10:42:48 GMT Law:

Select from Computer or paste url

4608 post Yesterday 10:42:57 GMT Law:

Click upload

4608 post Yesterday 10:43:15 GMT Law:

Then find the code that starts with [   IMG  ]

132 post Yesterday 10:43:29 GMT DHJ iSlay:

See it

4608 post Yesterday 10:44:00 GMT Law:

Now go to Profile... Personality... Then paste the code there

4608 post Yesterday 10:44:12 GMT Law:

Hey Viking... I found you -

132 post Yesterday 10:46:41 GMT DHJ iSlay:

How are your names on it? Haha this is getting annoying I know

7568 post Yesterday 10:47:06 GMT Viking:

Lol law , no.

7568 post Yesterday 10:47:15 GMT Viking:

DHJ , what is it you are asking?

132 post Yesterday 10:48:08 GMT DHJ iSlay:

So I'm trying to upload my signature (picture) and law told me how to do it. But I want a pic that has my name on it like everyone haha

2427 post Yesterday 10:48:38 GMT Crazeddoctor:


7568 post Yesterday 10:48:45 GMT Viking:

2427 post Yesterday 10:48:55 GMT Crazeddoctor:

you have to get it edited or do it yourself smile

7568 post Yesterday 10:48:58 GMT Viking:

Register , upload , edit.  Put your name on it.

5262 post Yesterday 10:49:01 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Gah! Got disconnected from xbox live

132 post Yesterday 10:49:21 GMT DHJ iSlay:

O ok thanks! smile

2427 post Yesterday 10:49:37 GMT Crazeddoctor:

never liked Photobucket tbh lol

7568 post Yesterday 10:50:12 GMT Viking:

I use photoshop , but photobucket works for new people to it.

4608 post Yesterday 10:52:41 GMT Law:

zMis showed me imgur because nothing else worked hmm

146 post Yesterday 10:53:11 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


146 post Yesterday 10:54:49 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

How's that predator build working? Did you get your 2x claws yet?

5262 post Yesterday 10:55:52 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Oh! Viking, I have a question for you

7568 post Yesterday 10:55:59 GMT Viking:

Yup , full loadout , just finishing up a few things to make it better *Spells and stuff*

146 post Yesterday 10:56:13 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Oh nice nice.

146 post Yesterday 10:57:08 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I'm stuck on The Lost Sinner. Still on my 1st run haha..

146 post Yesterday 10:57:34 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Although the first DK i've had more time to play.

5262 post Yesterday 10:57:41 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

1.3 is coming, and that means everyone will lose there gear. Well, does that mean I'll be given enough time to get weapons before trial because it says I have to bring my own guns.

5649 post Yesterday 10:57:47 GMT zMis Fortune:

Imgur da bets

146 post Yesterday 10:58:26 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Just take some time before any trials and go out and find a gun

5262 post Yesterday 10:58:35 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

In the Shadow applicant rules, that is. Or whatever they are.

146 post Yesterday 10:59:13 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I'm sure they'll give you like 20 - 30 m? Since the spawn right or whatnot might get changed? Not sure..

146 post Yesterday 10:59:29 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


7568 post Yesterday 10:59:54 GMT Viking:

Time limit is not needed , we only supply full members so best be sure you are geared up before the trials.

146 post Yesterday 11:00:57 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

O well, nevermind that i guess, zombie, lol.

5262 post Yesterday 11:01:19 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Yeah... does the trial begin as soon as 1.3 comes out or will the appliers be given enough time to scavenge loot and be geared when the trial comes

146 post Yesterday 11:01:20 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Maybe after 1.3 you might keep your inventory stuff? idk

146 post Yesterday 11:02:14 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Or just chop your way through haha wink

146 post Yesterday 11:02:33 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Goold ol' axe to the heads

146 post Yesterday 11:02:39 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


5262 post Yesterday 11:02:40 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

No... you can't. Kevin confirmed save data will be lost in 1.3

146 post Yesterday 11:02:54 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Oh alright

5262 post Yesterday 11:03:11 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Also... I want to assume the trial is Viking's version of duck hunt.

146 post Yesterday 11:04:01 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

You tell me how it goes lol

146 post Yesterday 11:04:06 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


4608 post Yesterday 11:05:30 GMT Law:

Yeah... I wonder what the trial is o.o

146 post Yesterday 11:06:36 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

The better question is, what the trials are like for a Hero clan.

146 post Yesterday 11:07:02 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Since there is only so many.

146 post Yesterday 11:07:22 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Compared to bandit clans

4608 post Yesterday 11:07:43 GMT Law:

Find a bleeding person before he bleeds out and provide him/her with supplies?

132 post Yesterday 11:07:52 GMT DHJ iSlay:

I can't edit my picture on photobucket

146 post Yesterday 11:08:03 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Hmm. I suppose

2427 post Yesterday 11:08:04 GMT Crazeddoctor:

... what I feel like right now … 1401154768

4608 post Yesterday 11:08:16 GMT Law:

2427 post Yesterday 11:08:16 GMT Crazeddoctor:

nvm lol

2427 post Yesterday 11:08:23 GMT Crazeddoctor:

link broke -_-

2427 post Yesterday 11:10:42 GMT Crazeddoctor:

hey DHJ, Send me a pic you want ( through PM ) and tell me where'd you like your name, i'd do it smile

2427 post Yesterday 11:11:04 GMT Crazeddoctor:

and any extra words if you want to smile

2427 post Yesterday 11:12:31 GMT Crazeddoctor:

like mine has "Crazeddoctor- The blood of my kills will always stain my soul" I like it :3

132 post Yesterday 11:14:41 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Ok xD I have my pic edited. Now do I just paste the link to the signature

146 post Yesterday 11:15:58 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

There's 420 topics in "Apocz World" section haha..

132 post Yesterday 11:16:08 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Craze haha I did it. And went to the link law gave me a while ago uploaded it and what do I do from tree I see the thing that says img

2427 post Yesterday 11:17:13 GMT Crazeddoctor:    uh.. not shure what you asking but this may help! big_smile

146 post Yesterday 11:18:09 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

So doc, you beat Infinite already?

2427 post Yesterday 11:18:32 GMT Crazeddoctor:

nvm played it...

2427 post Yesterday 11:18:39 GMT Crazeddoctor:


132 post Yesterday 11:18:56 GMT DHJ iSlay:

You know how it says signature and you can upload the pic I edited it and went to imagur and uploaded it

146 post Yesterday 11:19:08 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Hmm, i must be too high.. Must of been some other person playing it

2427 post Yesterday 11:22:09 GMT Crazeddoctor:

oh, copy the images URL by right clicking? sorry im in pain and kinda sleepy xD Pain meds ran out ( had wisdom teeth pulled out )

132 post Yesterday 11:22:49 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Yea do I paste it in my signature?

2427 post Yesterday 11:23:23 GMT Crazeddoctor:

the when on sig put [ url= ( just put your name here) ] Url here [ /url]  but, but w/o the spaces lol

132 post Yesterday 11:29:16 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Ahhhh confusing xD so I copied the link for bbcode but when I went to sig it didn't paste it

4608 post Yesterday 11:31:59 GMT Law:

Right... follow these steps

4608 post Yesterday 11:33:03 GMT Law:

2. Paste the highlighted code by going to sig and pressing ctrl + v in the box

4608 post Yesterday 11:33:10 GMT Law:


4608 post Yesterday 11:33:34 GMT Law:

And one didn't register because the forum is trolling me... great

5649 post Yesterday 11:33:41 GMT zMis Fortune:


132 post Yesterday 11:33:47 GMT DHJ iSlay:

xD when I do it only [ shows up for some reason

5649 post Yesterday 11:34:11 GMT zMis Fortune:


4608 post Yesterday 11:34:27 GMT Law:


4608 post Yesterday 11:34:38 GMT Law:

Right there where it's invisible

5649 post Yesterday 11:34:42 GMT zMis Fortune:

[ img ] >< [ /img ]

778 post Yesterday 11:35:10 GMT CapriliousKempy:

5649 post Yesterday 11:35:29 GMT zMis Fortune:

Send me the image and ill do it. xD

778 post Yesterday 11:35:32 GMT CapriliousKempy:

use this then when uploaded picture click direct link

778 post Yesterday 11:35:51 GMT CapriliousKempy:

then cop it into here

778 post Yesterday 11:36:32 GMT CapriliousKempy:

oh it never showed

778 post Yesterday 11:36:51 GMT CapriliousKempy:

[img.] [/img.]

2427 post Yesterday 11:37:28 GMT Crazeddoctor:

ima take a nap... just took some heavy pain meds... maybe in 5 hours... cya

778 post Yesterday 11:37:59 GMT CapriliousKempy:


132 post Yesterday 11:38:37 GMT DHJ iSlay:

So where I paste and it's just [ do [img.] [\img.]? Haha

132 post Yesterday 11:39:20 GMT DHJ iSlay:

... I'm on my iPhone doing it

146 post Yesterday 11:41:16 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


5649 post Yesterday 11:51:45 GMT zMis Fortune:

Send the image to me and I can do it for you.

132 post Yesterday 11:51:55 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Ooooo I did it sorry guys xD I wasn't copying every letter of the link I'm laughing at my self right now

5262 post Yesterday 11:51:57 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well... I'm going to get started on Justin's Journal again.

5262 post Yesterday 11:52:37 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

10 minutes later... the cb explodes with life

5649 post Yesterday 11:52:41 GMT zMis Fortune:

It's too big.

5649 post Yesterday 11:52:54 GMT zMis Fortune:

You need to make it smaller.

132 post Yesterday 11:56:26 GMT DHJ iSlay:


4608 post Yesterday 11:58:33 GMT Law:

I'm going to sleep, enjoy the rest of your day peeps ;3

146 post Yesterday 11:58:47 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Good night

132 post Today 12:00:24 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Wow... I took almost 2 hours on the easiest thing xD

22 post Today 12:20:07 GMT Codehhh:


132 post Today 12:26:45 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Hey mis fortune look now haha

778 post Today 12:31:23 GMT CapriliousKempy:

night law, it's a late response

5649 post Today 12:32:04 GMT zMis Fortune:

It's too large Slay..

778 post Today 12:32:23 GMT CapriliousKempy:

it's really big

5649 post Today 12:32:29 GMT zMis Fortune:

Too tall.

5649 post Today 12:32:53 GMT zMis Fortune:

Same for yours, TheBanditBH.

132 post Today 12:33:10 GMT DHJ iSlay:


778 post Today 12:33:22 GMT CapriliousKempy:

Hey Slay try this link now i have resized for you

778 post Today 12:33:52 GMT CapriliousKempy:

Just copy link nd paste

778 post Today 12:34:02 GMT CapriliousKempy:

it might be too small though

132 post Today 12:34:14 GMT DHJ iSlay:

I'll try it

132 post Today 12:35:49 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Yea to small

778 post Today 12:37:29 GMT CapriliousKempy:

it will be hard to get a good size as it's a square and they dont work that well

778 post Today 12:37:42 GMT CapriliousKempy:

t try this one

132 post Today 12:39:15 GMT DHJ iSlay:

xD still to small I can make it portrait square or land scape

778 post Today 12:39:47 GMT CapriliousKempy:

Personally i think that is a good size

778 post Today 12:40:00 GMT CapriliousKempy:

but i got an idea

132 post Today 12:40:15 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Here you make one for me?

778 post Today 12:40:27 GMT CapriliousKempy:


132 post Today 12:41:49 GMT DHJ iSlay:

If you do I like stealth :S I died at day 8 went to the first army base and two people were camping out with a Lmg and sniper and I killed both with a axe by sneaking up on them xD

778 post Today 12:42:17 GMT CapriliousKempy:

You like snipers huh?

132 post Today 12:42:51 GMT DHJ iSlay:


778 post Today 12:44:03 GMT CapriliousKempy:

Ill see what i can hit up, won tbe the best but ill try wink got nothing else to do

132 post Today 12:44:58 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Ok haha I want it a good size like mis fortunes??

778 post Today 12:47:16 GMT CapriliousKempy:

yea ok

132 post Today 12:47:45 GMT DHJ iSlay:

K I'll use what ever you make

7568 post Today 12:55:51 GMT Viking:

Sigs too large get resized or removed.

132 post Today 12:56:46 GMT DHJ iSlay:


778 post Today 12:57:04 GMT CapriliousKempy:

This is cool if you type in apocz in google some of the stuff i made a while ago comes up

132 post Today 12:58:00 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Yea I might have seen some of them

5649 post Today 12:58:07 GMT zMis Fortune:

He's working on it.

132 post Today 01:01:45 GMT DHJ iSlay:


5649 post Today 01:02:03 GMT zMis Fortune:


132 post Today 01:02:39 GMT DHJ iSlay:

I changed it tho? Idk I have someone one making  me one

5649 post Today 01:03:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

It's a good size now. :3

5649 post Today 01:03:22 GMT zMis Fortune:

Keep it under 700x280

132 post Today 01:03:47 GMT DHJ iSlay:

O haha

7568 post Today 01:11:31 GMT Viking:

Better watch out for zMis , She SIZES IT DOWN!  wink

778 post Today 01:19:11 GMT CapriliousKempy:

Um..... slay for some reason my mind has gone blank and i can't really think straight so will any one do? or do you want it stealth

132 post Today 01:19:47 GMT DHJ iSlay:

It up to you haha you can do what ever

778 post Today 01:24:39 GMT CapriliousKempy:

try that

778 post Today 01:25:52 GMT CapriliousKempy:

Simple but at the moment at this time of night it's probably my best xD

132 post Today 01:26:37 GMT DHJ iSlay:

That's good! Haha

778 post Today 01:26:59 GMT CapriliousKempy:

thanks and good night guys!

132 post Today 01:27:15 GMT DHJ iSlay:

See ya

132 post Today 01:27:27 GMT DHJ iSlay:

Yea talk to you guys later

5649 post Today 02:44:01 GMT zMis Fortune:

Forum is a bit laggy.

2942 post Today 05:08:15 GMT Faulk Smash:

Agreed lol. It seems to be progressively getting slower.

5649 post Today 05:12:08 GMT zMis Fortune:


5262 post Today 05:13:24 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Don't refresh... I've been getting messages saying that the forum could be down for maintenance.

2942 post Today 05:13:48 GMT Faulk Smash:

Kinda weird how you can adjust avatar size, but not signatures in settings... Just seems like both should be there lol.

5262 post Today 05:13:54 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Then I get a gap where I can access to forums

2942 post Today 05:13:55 GMT Faulk Smash:

Also have got those..

5649 post Today 05:14:29 GMT zMis Fortune:

Do you think the size I suggested is fair?

5262 post Today 05:14:41 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I'm afraid to sumbit Day 32 of my story soon, in fear it'll be lost to the ApocZ void

2942 post Today 05:15:31 GMT Faulk Smash:

Yeah, more than fair. As long as it doesn't push anything down, the length doesn't matter imo so long as it doesn't push the webpage sideways lol.

5649 post Today 05:16:07 GMT zMis Fortune:


5649 post Today 05:16:32 GMT zMis Fortune:

So are you adding an auto size change? Or something like that

2942 post Today 05:17:17 GMT Faulk Smash:

Wish I could, but that's only for avatar images, and not signatures... for whatever reason lol.

5649 post Today 05:17:31 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ah okay.

5649 post Today 05:17:57 GMT zMis Fortune:

Well at least putting a size into the sig rules would help a bit, as to say, it's in the rules change it now. xD

2942 post Today 05:18:33 GMT Faulk Smash:

Pretty much. Also allows us to change it if they don't. smile

5649 post Today 05:19:51 GMT zMis Fortune:


7568 post Today 05:21:25 GMT Viking:

Oh snap , its working lol

5262 post Today 05:21:30 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

this is me when i stub my toe:

5649 post Today 05:22:03 GMT zMis Fortune:


5262 post Today 05:22:53 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


879 post Today 05:25:48 GMT Kevin Kelley:

TWD comic con looks good!

879 post Today 05:26:14 GMT Kevin Kelley:

check out trailer for TWD mobile game at the end

2942 post Today 05:28:17 GMT Faulk Smash:

6,000,000 views. That's insane.

2942 post Today 05:29:19 GMT Faulk Smash:

Well deserved though. Show is great. Games are great (not including Survival Instinct), even on mobile. Headphones, dark room = still immersed, even on an iPhone 4. tongue

5262 post Today 05:31:20 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Oh! Speaking of games on mobile devices.

5262 post Today 05:32:34 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

When I was looking through all the free games because I was bored with the ones already on the phone... I came across a game where a zombie in an image looked like on from apocz

5649 post Today 05:32:57 GMT zMis Fortune:


2942 post Today 05:32:59 GMT Faulk Smash:

Whas it called? Got me curious lol.

879 post Today 05:33:06 GMT Kevin Kelley:

just got vacinity voice working on ApocZ, cant hear any squekers that are more than about 70 - 100 yards away!

5262 post Today 05:33:22 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

it was the white dressed female with the chest partially eaten

2942 post Today 05:33:24 GMT Faulk Smash:


5262 post Today 05:34:13 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Or what I call... the nurse. Anyway Faulk, I can't remember the name of it, but look for "Survival" because that was part of the name.

2942 post Today 05:34:39 GMT Faulk Smash:

Is this the zombie game?

2942 post Today 05:34:47 GMT Faulk Smash:


879 post Today 05:34:48 GMT Kevin Kelley:

i got the zombies from TurboSquid, wouldnt be suprised to see them in other games smile

5262 post Today 05:35:09 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


5262 post Today 05:35:45 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Though... that game you linked is hard to survive

2942 post Today 05:35:54 GMT Faulk Smash:

Vacinity chat though... That's awesome! Thought it wasn't possible due to the muting thing where it could only mute/unmute from a certain distance?

2942 post Today 05:36:28 GMT Faulk Smash:

I'm surprised I made it to the page to download it. That's as far as I'm going to go... I felt a bit of manliness degrade.

5649 post Today 05:37:22 GMT zMis Fortune:

So I added that rule on, should I just paste the whole thing, or would you like a look? o:

5262 post Today 05:37:41 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well... now that vacinity chat is being added. NO ONE CAN HEAR ME WHEN I SAY BAD WORDS!

5262 post Today 05:38:04 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Hehehe... bad words

879 post Today 05:38:57 GMT Kevin Kelley:

"mute/unmute" thats what its doing, just mutes ant player of about 70 yards away, i need to test with private party to make sure it does not over ride that

2942 post Today 05:40:03 GMT Faulk Smash:

Ah ok, was confused about that lol. Kinda random but does it factor in hills and whatnot? I'm just a curious dude... Though the fact that you can mute players by killing them is an epic win.

5649 post Today 05:40:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

Alright done, I'll send you the new one. big_smile

2942 post Today 05:40:34 GMT Faulk Smash:

Cool. smile

5262 post Today 05:41:13 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Wait? Does this mean no one will be able to hear you if you go to the south west corner of the map until you go back to the 15 other players at plane crash, 1mb, and/or spawn city

5262 post Today 05:41:43 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Because no one is ever at the south west corner..

7568 post Today 05:42:25 GMT Viking:

How i feel some days......

2942 post Today 05:42:46 GMT Faulk Smash:

When is... uh... *runs*

5262 post Today 05:43:39 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

It'll come out... when it's finished in Peer Review... when Kevin is done coding... when you stop asking about 1.2

5262 post Today 05:44:11 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

GAH! Hard to type in dark! *1.3

879 post Today 05:44:45 GMT Kevin Kelley:

correct, 'kill-them-all' is the 'epic' mute button, lol. correct 'Zomb13', you wont hear voice chat from any player over 70 yards away

19 post Today 05:45:30 GMT colloso k420:

thats cool kevin

5262 post Today 05:45:54 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Okay... so how far is that in ApocZ terms? Like from from the road leading to 1mb to road leading to red's cafe?

2942 post Today 05:46:14 GMT Faulk Smash:

Alright Kevin. How many cans of food does it take to be 70 yards away from another player? kappa Surely this answer is in the code. It must be. It's all the rage for kool kats to know this.

7568 post Today 05:46:17 GMT Viking:

>_> Glad SOMEONE found my meme funny.   Huehue.

5262 post Today 05:46:20 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Or pretty much... the length of the first city.

879 post Today 05:47:30 GMT Kevin Kelley:

Faulk, hehe. Private Chat over rides 'Vicinity chat', so you can hear members in your clan across map if in private chat with them

7568 post Today 05:47:56 GMT Viking:

^ i support this

2942 post Today 05:48:05 GMT Faulk Smash:

Definitely good.

5262 post Today 05:48:51 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I would give it a thumbs up... but I ate both of them.

2942 post Today 05:48:51 GMT Faulk Smash:

It's when games disable party chat in some gamemodes, but private chat is still available. That is a failed attempt. What you're doing, is giving people options.

2942 post Today 05:49:02 GMT Faulk Smash:

Options = good. Giving options = awesomesauce.

5262 post Today 05:49:37 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

There was barely any can of beans left...

2942 post Today 05:50:12 GMT Faulk Smash:

ApocZ = A word that begins with "A". Awesomesauce = a word that begins with "A". A + A = AA. Slap another A for effort, you get AAA. AAA = AAA Game...

2942 post Today 05:50:17 GMT Faulk Smash:

I'll stop...

7568 post Today 05:50:36 GMT Viking:

There never is any left with Faulk.   He will shoot you , take what he wants and eat /drink the rest just to get rid of it. tongue

5649 post Today 05:50:38 GMT zMis Fortune:


7568 post Today 05:51:22 GMT Viking:

Lol OhHai zMis , Did chu see my meme? kappa

2942 post Today 05:51:22 GMT Faulk Smash:

I steal your loot, hop in a vehicle and drive it underwater. You want to get it? Well, you have to swim for it. >:]

879 post Today 05:51:23 GMT Kevin Kelley:

Ok, i just tested Party chat, and that ALSO OVERRIDE

879 post Today 05:51:36 GMT Kevin Kelley:

the 'Vicinity' in the game

879 post Today 05:52:00 GMT Kevin Kelley:

so inviting clan members to party or private will work for voice

5649 post Today 05:52:52 GMT zMis Fortune:

Lol. xD

879 post Today 05:53:04 GMT Kevin Kelley:

^ lol

7568 post Today 05:53:53 GMT Viking:


2942 post Today 05:54:55 GMT Faulk Smash:

They show that on Machinima on almost all of their episodes lol and yell "YYYYYYYYYES" right before showing it... Random bit of unneded info.

2942 post Today 05:55:08 GMT Faulk Smash:

Also great speller.

2942 post Today 05:57:26 GMT Faulk Smash:

I'm going to go play ApocZ now and yell "IS VICINITY CHAT WORKING?!" over and over, until it is implemented into the game officially... >:]

5262 post Today 05:58:04 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

And I would want to join you... but, I got some Youtube to catch up on.

2942 post Today 05:58:05 GMT Faulk Smash:

... over my Kinect. kappa toodaloo! >:D

5649 post Today 05:58:17 GMT zMis Fortune:


5649 post Today 05:58:22 GMT zMis Fortune:

I'm on atm. :3

5262 post Today 05:58:38 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Hey Faulk! Do a squeaker voice while you're at it

5262 post Today 05:58:58 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Because everyone loves squeakers with kinects.

5262 post Today 05:59:56 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I mean... nothing is more soothing than the sound of your ears being destroyed and feeling them bleed.

879 post Today 06:00:02 GMT Kevin Kelley:

hey, heres link to teaser of new 'Menu' music

5649 post Today 06:00:34 GMT zMis Fortune:


5649 post Today 06:00:42 GMT zMis Fortune:

hat's awesome..

879 post Today 06:00:48 GMT Kevin Kelley:

if i add the new music it will push ApocZ over 250meg limit

5649 post Today 06:01:20 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ah o:

879 post Today 06:01:20 GMT Kevin Kelley:

the music is original for ApocZ done by Josh Stoycoff, he did all the music for KGB:Episode One

5262 post Today 06:01:34 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


5262 post Today 06:02:05 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Still waiting for Episode Two...

879 post Today 06:02:15 GMT Kevin Kelley:


5262 post Today 06:02:21 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

lol Just kidding

879 post Today 06:02:26 GMT Kevin Kelley:

i have BIG ideas for episode two

146 post Today 06:02:42 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


879 post Today 06:02:59 GMT Kevin Kelley:

no, really, i have played that episode in my mind a 1000 times and will be cool to try and pull it off some day

5262 post Today 06:03:13 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

In a twist of events... KGB and ApocZ will be in the same universe.

19 post Today 06:03:41 GMT colloso k420:

i nice

7568 post Today 06:03:58 GMT Viking:

Still think the ApocZ theme reminds me of

146 post Today 06:04:06 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

That soundtrack is pretty cool

19 post Today 06:04:10 GMT colloso k420:

nice stuff kevin appreciate what you're doing

5262 post Today 06:05:01 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

JK... it's kevin's mind. He'll do as he pleases. Also, this -->( played that episode in my mind) is me when I think of events for my story

146 post Today 06:05:07 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Too bad it doesn't fit since it caps the file size hmm

879 post Today 06:05:24 GMT Kevin Kelley:

Viking, thats some sweet zombie music

7568 post Today 06:05:33 GMT Viking:


879 post Today 06:05:43 GMT Kevin Kelley:

seems like something TWD would have

5262 post Today 06:06:51 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I seriously hate that when you visualize an idea and you haven't got it into reality.

5262 post Today 06:07:30 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

You know what you want to do but you need to have the motivation to do it.

879 post Today 06:07:30 GMT Kevin Kelley:


879 post Today 06:08:31 GMT Kevin Kelley:

motivation, thats getting past the dificult parts, the learning curves and not giving up

5262 post Today 06:08:32 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Though, as Viking knows... I'm just writing this as I go.

7568 post Today 06:08:45 GMT Viking:

I have that issue ALL the time on Dark Souls II Zombie... Lol

7568 post Today 06:09:21 GMT Viking:

Now that my Predator Build is done , I am going to work on a a FF7 Cloud Cosplay build. tongue

146 post Today 06:09:27 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I'm still waiting on the new compatability pack for DK 2 to install .-.

146 post Today 06:10:00 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Unless it isn't so new

7568 post Today 06:10:23 GMT Viking:

It's new. Only like 150 MB to my knowing. O.o

5262 post Today 06:10:53 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Ah! I accidentally itched an eye and now my allergies is acting up.

146 post Today 06:12:28 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Oh good, i haven't played it in a bit, always behind on updates

5262 post Today 06:12:55 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Wait? What's DK2?

146 post Today 06:13:06 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Dark Souls 2 .-.

5262 post Today 06:13:30 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Wouldn't that be... DS 2?

146 post Today 06:13:38 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


7568 post Today 06:13:40 GMT Viking:


146 post Today 06:13:45 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

My mistake

5262 post Today 06:14:03 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Yeah! Let's confuse everyone!

146 post Today 06:14:25 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Take it easy, didn't see what i wrote..

5262 post Today 06:14:48 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

If 2 + 1 = banana, then how many apples are in a football?

5262 post Today 06:15:25 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

If you guessed square, then you're correct

5262 post Today 06:16:26 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well... I'm sure I confused or just made people that I'm insane.

5262 post Today 06:16:34 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


146 post Today 06:17:11 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

You know the definition of Insanity?

5262 post Today 06:19:24 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Ha! Far Cry 3

146 post Today 06:19:41 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

No, Einstein, i think.

146 post Today 06:19:53 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Or one of the philosophers.

5262 post Today 06:20:04 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

It's doing the same thing over and over expecting things to change. For ex: CoD

146 post Today 06:20:17 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

But yes it's in Far Cry 3 as well.

5262 post Today 06:21:27 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Einstein may be the genius, but Vaas just males philosophy more interesting.

146 post Today 06:23:10 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Vaas was a tool, a great one at that.

146 post Today 06:23:17 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I did like that character

5262 post Today 06:24:48 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Vaas was awesome...

146 post Today 06:24:56 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I wonder if the new protagonist in FC 4 is as good as Vaas was

5262 post Today 06:25:34 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


146 post Today 06:25:49 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


5262 post Today 06:25:52 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

protagonist means the good character

146 post Today 06:25:59 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Sorry i don't go to school anymore..

5262 post Today 06:26:01 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

which means... you

146 post Today 06:26:04 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I know.

5262 post Today 06:26:16 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Education is for scrubs

5262 post Today 06:26:50 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Play COD and drink Mountain Dew and Eat Doritos

146 post Today 06:27:16 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

If that is the case, prepare for a generation of retards?

146 post Today 06:27:27 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Meaning you and me possibly?

146 post Today 06:27:34 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

That's no good.

146 post Today 06:27:42 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I'd rather know things

7568 post Today 06:33:52 GMT Viking:

Jordi is streaming the new wolfenstien game via twitch if anyone wants to join.

5262 post Today 06:34:22 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well... if you'd rather know things, than avoid the ApocZ forums or Kevin in general. That man is more secretive than Valve

146 post Today 06:36:10 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

What's so secretive about Valve?

146 post Today 06:36:54 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

And neither the forum or kevin are being secretive, maybe it's just not the time for any news yet?

5262 post Today 06:37:01 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Only they know if half life 3 is confirmed

146 post Today 06:37:38 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Well everyone knows that L4d 3 is coming sometime, they let you know that much at least.

146 post Today 06:38:22 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

HL is the greatest game to ever come out, of course they won't just announce it like that like every other games

146 post Today 06:38:44 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

They're taking their time to make it also, again, the best for the new times to come

879 post Today 06:39:34 GMT Kevin Kelley:

HL2 + 1,000,000,000.  i will never get tired of playing that story over n over smile

146 post Today 06:40:08 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Kevin knows the good stuff xD

146 post Today 06:41:05 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Yeah, good ol'e times on the original Xbox/PC, playing HL and HL 2 o:

5262 post Today 06:42:53 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well... Tf2 took 7 years and it's a great game... so HL3 is just going so great that GTA5 will bow to it's glory

5262 post Today 06:43:10 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

*going to be

879 post Today 06:43:34 GMT Kevin Kelley:

hehe ^

146 post Today 06:44:00 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Could be, could be. Tf 2 isn't THAT great thow, i could never get into it, even after paying actualy money for it rather then waiting for it to go free one of the days.

879 post Today 06:44:29 GMT Kevin Kelley:

CoD4 was good story with epic ending on the bridge, all down hill from there for me

5262 post Today 06:44:33 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

By then... enterable buildings would be in ApocZ.

879 post Today 06:44:44 GMT Kevin Kelley:


5262 post Today 06:45:19 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

The game that had the greatest story for me is RDR.

146 post Today 06:45:31 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

CoD 4 indeed was the last good CoD game, 2nd being my favorite thow! big_smile

879 post Today 06:45:40 GMT Kevin Kelley:

i have to play that, heard all good on it

879 post Today 06:45:52 GMT Kevin Kelley:


5262 post Today 06:46:03 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

As for Cod... my favorite was WaW. Loved stepping into the boots of Miller.

146 post Today 06:46:44 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Sadly never got to play that one. RDR does have a great story, but then for story telling, there's always Alan Wake, the music in that game is ammaaazing!

5262 post Today 06:47:40 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Though... now story feels more interactive than TWAU and TWD by Telltale

5262 post Today 06:48:26 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


146 post Today 06:48:41 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Oh yeah forgot about those, 2 great stories as well, still gotta play the 2nd season of TWD

879 post Today 06:49:14 GMT Kevin Kelley:

im getting a ps4 just so i can play 'the Last of Us' remastered

879 post Today 06:49:46 GMT Kevin Kelley:

well, maybe for other games too

146 post Today 06:50:00 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Oh The Last of Us... I can't even remember how many times i beat that awesome game, right before my ps 3 broke and i've decided to switch to the 360 for one in my life

5262 post Today 06:50:02 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I've played both and I'm waiting for the final episode... which, ep4's ending just made me want to just sit in a box and think about how much telltale is a jerk

146 post Today 06:50:16 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


146 post Today 06:50:46 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I've heard good and bad about Season 2 of WD, but i'd still like to try it

5262 post Today 06:50:54 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

My heart literally hurted after playing through episode 4 of season 2

146 post Today 06:51:06 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I just hope they didn't go off tracks with Clem's whole story this time.

5262 post Today 06:51:18 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


5262 post Today 06:51:45 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well... you can take Clem's story 2 ways. Bad arse... or still innocent

5262 post Today 06:52:07 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Which... the first one is where most people go

146 post Today 06:52:16 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

That's pretty interesting, there's still many choices to decide from like the first season had?

5262 post Today 06:52:30 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


146 post Today 06:52:46 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I was a bit afraid they would lose their touch, continuing the story thus far.

146 post Today 06:52:52 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

That's good to hear, really

146 post Today 06:53:15 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Now i've gotta buy it O:

5262 post Today 06:53:15 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Though... Clem is going through the worse possible.

146 post Today 06:53:40 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Don't tell me too much haha

5262 post Today 06:54:00 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Telltale is looking at every worse case senorio that allows Clem to live for 4 episodes... and using them

146 post Today 06:54:04 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I played the demo of the first episode of Season 2

146 post Today 06:54:18 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


146 post Today 06:54:45 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Sounds pretty crazy haha, although the beginning of first ep seemed a bit slow

146 post Today 06:54:52 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

guess it was just an introduction

5262 post Today 06:55:11 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Yeah... after that... action... action for miles

5262 post Today 06:55:25 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

action and drama as far as the eye can see

146 post Today 06:55:51 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Woah, that's cool. How much for a season pass or whatever they got for this one

146 post Today 06:56:09 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Was it 20 or 25?

146 post Today 06:56:20 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Or is it kinda pointless now

5262 post Today 06:56:24 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I don't really bother with season passes... in the end, you paid for the same ammount as the previous guy

146 post Today 06:56:48 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Ahh i see, i guess i'll be buying them episode by episode

146 post Today 06:56:59 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

No big deal

5262 post Today 06:57:01 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Season pass would be 25. Though, if you have 20 microsoft money, you can get all four episodes

5262 post Today 06:57:24 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I call it microsoft money... because it's not points anymore

146 post Today 06:57:45 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

True that, too bad they only sell like 15, 25(i think?), and like 50? or something like that

146 post Today 06:58:00 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

The cards

146 post Today 06:58:06 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I mean

5262 post Today 06:58:34 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Yeah... also, I think season pass is 15 dollars to be honest

146 post Today 06:59:17 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Oh.. And if i got the season pass now it would give me all the 4 previous episodes and the next one coming out?

5262 post Today 06:59:27 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Just that the rest of the 10 you didn't spend will be meant for the lowered price of the game... which would be $2 per episode

146 post Today 07:00:05 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Oh hmm, Interesting .-.

5262 post Today 07:00:13 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Season pass would just make every episode $2... because of the $25 dollars worth of 5 episodes... you paid 15 up front.

146 post Today 07:00:42 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

I might just do that lol

5262 post Today 07:00:45 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

It's like pay a lot now, get them cheaper later...

146 post Today 07:01:17 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

But then it still ends up being 25 .-.

5262 post Today 07:01:24 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I'd rather you just pay the 5 dollars per episode... cause in the end... you pay the same without and with season pass

146 post Today 07:01:26 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Meh hmm

146 post Today 07:01:38 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Yeah true..

146 post Today 07:02:30 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Well i'm off  to play DS 2! Byye!

5262 post Today 07:02:57 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I'm off to bed.. night

5262 post Today 07:03:15 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I'll just finish up the day for my story tomorrow

5262 post Today 07:04:14 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I got 60 percent of it written... just 2 paragraphs to go.

26 post Today 09:12:32 GMT DARKNIGHTMARE98:

hey why is the chat like dead

5649 post Today 09:16:58 GMT zMis Fortune:

Cause everyone died.

4608 post Today 09:17:14 GMT Law:

Yes they did

26 post Today 09:25:06 GMT DARKNIGHTMARE98:

oh no sad

4608 post Today 09:29:51 GMT Law:

I would go to sleep before zMis kills you smile

5649 post Today 09:35:09 GMT zMis Fortune:

Hahahehe, that's my evil laugh.

1538 post Today 09:36:00 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


4608 post Today 09:39:11 GMT Law:

That evil laugh doe o.o

5649 post Today 09:47:08 GMT zMis Fortune:

Night. :3

4608 post Today 09:58:41 GMT Law:

Good night zMis c:

1538 post Today 10:10:39 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

The spoils of war ...

1538 post Today 10:10:51 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

4608 post Today 10:14:46 GMT Law:


4608 post Today 10:15:04 GMT Law:

Let me join xD

1538 post Today 10:15:51 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

Happened last night

4608 post Today 10:18:14 GMT Law:

Dem beans yikes

1538 post Today 10:19:01 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

i imagine there was more outside the base, whoever decided to set up shop had snetires roaming around it that needed to be handled, but I didn't bring their stuff in.

4608 post Today 10:26:15 GMT Law:

It was most likely they had a lot of LMG ammo and sniper ammo xD

4608 post Today 10:26:36 GMT Law:

I might hit up some 'Deals' >:D

1538 post Today 10:27:05 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

seeme dlike the group was fond of the LMG and sniper for sure

1538 post Today 10:27:49 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

i think there was another tent in the base, but I didn't have enough time to pull it before they bailed

4608 post Today 10:28:50 GMT Law:

Cowards xD

1538 post Today 10:29:05 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

Thwy woulda lost it all if they stayed.

1538 post Today 10:29:11 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


1538 post Today 10:29:32 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

It was smart to realize defeat...not sure they knew it was just me though.

4608 post Today 10:29:33 GMT Law:

I don't think they know that 1.3 is drawing closer xD

1538 post Today 10:30:05 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

there was a couple randoms up at the plane crash looting that area that had no interest in the goings on and left quietly.

4608 post Today 10:30:29 GMT Law:

Yeah... whenever I shoot a group they like... "Omg there's like 5 snipers shooting us, hide!"

1538 post Today 10:30:49 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

<<< used the D Eagle

4608 post Today 10:31:19 GMT Law:

It acts like a shotgun, very powerful on ApocZ tongue

1538 post Today 10:32:02 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

I;m just trying to become efficient with all weapons atm...nothing else to do.

1538 post Today 10:32:14 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

sad part is, I was at max tent

4608 post Today 10:32:44 GMT Law:

I am too at the moment, want some stuff?

1538 post Today 10:32:59 GMT xHooliganSaintx: i can code 4 one last time.. ? tongue

4608 post Today 10:33:04 GMT Law:

I have to much junk others may need o.o

4608 post Today 10:33:56 GMT Law:

I haven't got an AK but too many mags

2942 post Today 10:34:25 GMT Faulk Smash:

Any empty canteens? I'll take them...

1538 post Today 10:34:37 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

just empty cans

2942 post Today 10:34:37 GMT Faulk Smash:

... then eat them. 0_o

4608 post Today 10:35:17 GMT Law:

I eat the canteen when I drink from it... It's a Chuck Norris thing tongue

4608 post Today 10:35:39 GMT Law:

Hey guys did you see this or am I late? -

1538 post Today 10:36:15 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


1538 post Today 10:36:20 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


2942 post Today 10:36:27 GMT Faulk Smash:

I saw it. Lil late though. tongue

4608 post Today 10:36:31 GMT Law:

Thought so tongue

4608 post Today 10:36:41 GMT Law:

I was asleep okay D:

2942 post Today 10:37:08 GMT Faulk Smash:

Psh, sleep. I just got out of bed and heated up a burrito, grabbed a chocolate muffin and some juice... What is sleep?

4608 post Today 10:37:12 GMT Law:

Anyway, it'll be better because if you hear someone you know they are there but zombies notify that anyway tongue

1538 post Today 10:37:31 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

I guesss I can't blare tis as I'm cruisin' the map looknig for my next...uhm..."friends"

2942 post Today 10:37:37 GMT Faulk Smash:

True. But what if the zombies are dead. yikes

1538 post Today 10:37:44 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

for all to hear that is

4608 post Today 10:37:58 GMT Law:

I don't know what to have for breakfast... Either Pancakes with Chocolate Golden Syrup or Toasted waffles on a stick and dip them in chocolate tongue

2942 post Today 10:38:27 GMT Faulk Smash:


4608 post Today 10:39:02 GMT Law:

Brb then yikes

1538 post Today 10:39:18 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

Candied bacon in hot choclate

1538 post Today 10:39:28 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

like a stir stick

1538 post Today 10:39:34 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


4608 post Today 10:39:38 GMT Law:

Hooligan what is wrong with you man? o.o

1538 post Today 10:39:55 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

so much

4608 post Today 10:40:08 GMT Law:

1538 post Today 10:40:11 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

kappa zmiskappa

2942 post Today 11:01:23 GMT Faulk Smash:

Squeaker Spray Chat - If your mic picks up a pitch higher or equal to a squeakers, the dollar spent on ApocZ is refunded to their Microsoft Account, and the game permanently removed from their

2942 post Today 11:01:41 GMT Faulk Smash:

game library. Gold ideas. Hop on it Kevin, be a trend setter!

4608 post Today 11:09:24 GMT Law:

Is that legit?

2942 post Today 11:10:10 GMT Faulk Smash:

Should be. That's be cool. It's magically bypass Microsoft's "no refund" policy, and keep ApocZ squeaky clean..

2942 post Today 11:10:17 GMT Faulk Smash:


2942 post Today 11:10:24 GMT Faulk Smash:


4608 post Today 11:10:53 GMT Law:

I would pay for that filter in my gaming experience xD

2942 post Today 11:11:46 GMT Faulk Smash:

It's block out most mic problems too. big_smile Though voice changers would be everywhere. tongue

2942 post Today 11:11:53 GMT Faulk Smash:

*It'd... Jeez.

4608 post Today 11:12:43 GMT Law:

Most people don't know how to use voice changer on xbox yikes

2942 post Today 11:13:14 GMT Faulk Smash:

True, and I doubt a squeaker would be any different. tongue

2942 post Today 11:13:47 GMT Faulk Smash:

Anyway gotta go to bed. The lift of a night owl lol.

2942 post Today 11:14:04 GMT Faulk Smash:

*light... I'm typing horinnly anywa...

2942 post Today 11:14:14 GMT Faulk Smash:

*horrible... *anyway... I'm leaving now. :l

2942 post Today 11:14:38 GMT Faulk Smash:


4608 post Today 11:16:09 GMT Law:

Good night xD

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#1 04-03-2014 04:35:44 GMT

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Posts: 7

New updated map should help out


Tell me What you think and what you would like added I did not put loot spawns on here for it is a survival game so figured i would let you guys find them but any suggestions would be appreciated hope this helps everyone out.


#2 04-03-2014 04:37:20 GMT

From: United Kingdom
Registered: 03-29-2014
Posts: 213

Re: New updated map should help out

Nice map!
Can't fault it as of yet, I'm not 100% on the map locations because I haven't played very much, so I'm not sure whether these are places correctly. I'm sure they are!

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#3 04-03-2014 04:42:25 GMT

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Re: New updated map should help out

thanks fox i hope they are i got them as accurate as possible but i would like ppl to try it out and see how accurate it is so i can change whats not.


#4 04-03-2014 06:47:37 GMT

From: Philadelphia
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Re: New updated map should help out

Thank you!

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#5 04-03-2014 07:33:14 GMT

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Re: New updated map should help out

your welcome


#6 04-03-2014 07:53:39 GMT

Kevin Kelley
From: Reno, NV
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Re: New updated map should help out

Good job


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Re: New updated map should help out

thx for the map man

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Re: New updated map should help out

Thanks for the map I'm actually going to use this than the others I've seen posted

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Re: New updated map should help out

thanks! going to save this on my phone and use it!



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Re: New updated map should help out

thanks guys hope it helps out


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Re: New updated map should help out

Awesome map! Definitely will be using it!

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Re: New updated map should help out

Man I'm going to use this map so hard it will be bleeding by the time I'm done with it!!! XD


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Re: New updated map should help out

Nice job!

But the thing is I don't need the map image, I rember everything ^_^

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Re: New updated map should help out

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?


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Re: New updated map should help out

TurtleDerp wrote:

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?

A bit cheating don't you think?


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Re: New updated map should help out

Powerlord wrote:
TurtleDerp wrote:

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?

A bit cheating don't you think?

Some people don't like a challenge, or adventure. D:

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Re: New updated map should help out

Wow really nice map man!

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Re: New updated map should help out

Thanks! This map is way better than your old one!


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Re: New updated map should help out



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Re: New updated map should help out

Awesome job. I just saved it on my phone before posting this comment. smile



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Re: New updated map should help out

thanks for all the feed back guys


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