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10070 post Yesterday 06:17:52 GMT Viking:

So this one time.

10070 post Yesterday 06:17:58 GMT Viking:

On Minecraft.

10070 post Yesterday 06:18:06 GMT Viking:

My best friend Keith.

8652 post Yesterday 06:18:06 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Wait a minute. Ha! What a trick. We all have white sedans

7392 post Yesterday 06:18:07 GMT zMis Fortune:

*Pushes bandit back onto operating table and straps him in.*

10070 post Yesterday 06:18:10 GMT Viking:


7392 post Yesterday 06:18:10 GMT zMis Fortune:


95 post Yesterday 06:18:16 GMT Bandit:

Puuurrrfect *Evil grin*

10070 post Yesterday 06:18:19 GMT Viking:

Ooooo Kinky. wink

381 post Yesterday 06:18:33 GMT crazybanana:p:


7392 post Yesterday 06:18:34 GMT zMis Fortune:

Opps, that did sound bad.

10070 post Yesterday 06:18:51 GMT Viking:

Phrasing , Boom.

10070 post Yesterday 06:18:56 GMT Viking:


95 post Yesterday 06:19:14 GMT Bandit:

So what next on the list doctuuur~

7392 post Yesterday 06:19:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

*Pulls out chainsaw* Still kinky? o:

10070 post Yesterday 06:19:40 GMT Viking:

Very cool

8652 post Yesterday 06:19:59 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Now bandit. Which leg was it that wasn't functioning correctly. The leg at 280 degrees or the leg at -40 degrees?

7392 post Yesterday 06:20:07 GMT zMis Fortune:


95 post Yesterday 06:20:46 GMT Bandit:

Jesss~ Hey zombie get outa here, theres bees attackin your car!

8652 post Yesterday 06:21:02 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

*hears the sound of 281 shotguns going off* I'll be back. Gotta retrieve banana's body. If there is one left.

7392 post Yesterday 06:21:07 GMT zMis Fortune:

I take my nursing duties very seriously!

95 post Yesterday 06:21:40 GMT Bandit:

You don't know how wrong that sound Fortune... or do you?

7392 post Yesterday 06:22:14 GMT zMis Fortune:


381 post Yesterday 06:22:14 GMT crazybanana:p:

looks at homeless guy

381 post Yesterday 06:22:35 GMT crazybanana:p:

well he got shot

8652 post Yesterday 06:22:36 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Oh look, banana survived the shotguns traps. Barely.

381 post Yesterday 06:22:58 GMT crazybanana:p:

almost forgot about the traps

95 post Yesterday 06:23:08 GMT Bandit:

So where were we doctuuuur~

381 post Yesterday 06:23:14 GMT crazybanana:p:

thanks dead homeless guy smile

8652 post Yesterday 06:23:21 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well, I'll go reset the traps later. Banana, would you do me a kindness and use this bottle of Raid on the bees attacking my car?

381 post Yesterday 06:23:57 GMT crazybanana:p:

no il just go get the flamethrower

8652 post Yesterday 06:24:09 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Also, that dead homeless guy will do nicely for extra muscle in the arm transplant

7392 post Yesterday 06:24:21 GMT zMis Fortune:

I shall take my break. Doctor, your patients are being very inappropriate!

381 post Yesterday 06:24:23 GMT crazybanana:p:

its much better;)

95 post Yesterday 06:24:30 GMT Bandit:

You can use mine! *Throws flamethrower out window*

381 post Yesterday 06:24:47 GMT crazybanana:p:


95 post Yesterday 06:24:59 GMT Bandit:

Can't handle a simple Bandit I see. 1 down 2 to go.

381 post Yesterday 06:25:00 GMT crazybanana:p:

torches bees

8652 post Yesterday 06:25:07 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

No, use raid. My car has a self destruct sequence if a weapon is near it

8652 post Yesterday 06:25:37 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

*Hears the explosion of several cars.* sigh... when will they learn.

381 post Yesterday 06:25:45 GMT crazybanana:p:

ummmm well * looks at burning car*

7392 post Yesterday 06:25:54 GMT zMis Fortune:

My Car!

8652 post Yesterday 06:26:17 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Anyways, Nurse Fortune. I'll go keep the goverment off us for another couple years. You go ahead with your duties

381 post Yesterday 06:26:44 GMT crazybanana:p:

we can always just charge his bill extra

95 post Yesterday 06:26:51 GMT Bandit:

Isn't Fortune on a break?

8652 post Yesterday 06:27:24 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Oh! I almost forgot. We put rat poison in the popcorn.

8652 post Yesterday 06:27:47 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Well, cut off people's limbs is here break

8652 post Yesterday 06:27:52 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


8652 post Yesterday 06:28:49 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

*her, not here. Gah I can't type

95 post Yesterday 06:28:59 GMT Bandit:

Such a fun pass time.

381 post Yesterday 06:29:10 GMT crazybanana:p:

i brought that popcorn from home

8652 post Yesterday 06:29:47 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Exactly, we put some rat poisoning in there so that the rats wouldn't get to it while you were using the bathroom

8652 post Yesterday 06:30:50 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Though, we used about 9 packages of rat poisoning... so you'll fine for the next 2 hours. After that, you're an organ donor. *starts forging banana's name on donor card*

381 post Yesterday 06:32:00 GMT crazybanana:p:

you have anything that can stop it

8652 post Yesterday 06:33:43 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Hmm... "Would I, banana, want my heart to be used in juggling acts by Nurse Fortune?" *checks yes*

10070 post Yesterday 06:34:18 GMT Viking:

This place now scares me..... #TheMentalTraumaIsReal

381 post Yesterday 06:34:37 GMT crazybanana:p:


8652 post Yesterday 06:35:08 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

"Would I, banana, want Dr. Z0mb13 to make human effigies out of my limbs to mark some rooms as territory?" *checks yes*

10070 post Yesterday 06:35:12 GMT Viking:

Mwahahaha 10 more posts to go!

10070 post Yesterday 06:35:33 GMT Viking:

zMis!   Can you feel it?.....Can you feel it getting closer!?!?

8652 post Yesterday 06:35:38 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Viking: This place now scares me..... #TheMentalTraumaIsReal       lol

10070 post Yesterday 06:35:41 GMT Viking:


95 post Yesterday 06:35:59 GMT Bandit:

I can feel it, do you feel it Mr crabs!

8652 post Yesterday 06:36:02 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

8 more posts! I'm glad that I stayed up to  3am for this

10070 post Yesterday 06:36:35 GMT Viking:

Now all i need to do is think of things to spam type about to get there!

10070 post Yesterday 06:36:40 GMT Viking:

but what!?

8652 post Yesterday 06:37:10 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Um... my story and your thoughts on it

10070 post Yesterday 06:37:18 GMT Viking:

Ummm , no.

10070 post Yesterday 06:37:21 GMT Viking:


8652 post Yesterday 06:37:37 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Norse mythology?

10070 post Yesterday 06:37:53 GMT Viking:

I gess we will find out soon if the post count stops at 9999 Mwahaha.

8652 post Yesterday 06:38:11 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Eh, Just make it your kappa for the 10,000 post

10070 post Yesterday 06:38:13 GMT Viking:

zMis!   Woman i want you here for this special moment! D:!

8652 post Yesterday 06:39:26 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I'll fetch the Nurse. She is currently seeing how long she can pinch a vein before something happens

8652 post Yesterday 06:40:07 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

We are still trying to figure out what'll happen. But it's for science and medical breakthroughs1

7392 post Yesterday 06:40:23 GMT zMis Fortune:


7392 post Yesterday 06:40:37 GMT zMis Fortune:


95 post Yesterday 06:40:39 GMT Bandit:

She left because, she tried to kill me with a chainsaw. Oh wait she's back.

10070 post Yesterday 06:40:40 GMT Viking:

Oh yay shes still here!   GET READY FOR IT!!!

381 post Yesterday 06:40:48 GMT crazybanana:p:


95 post Yesterday 06:40:54 GMT Bandit:

What will he say!!

8652 post Yesterday 06:41:08 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


10070 post Yesterday 06:41:09 GMT Viking:

VICTORY IS MINE!!!!  viking

95 post Yesterday 06:41:10 GMT Bandit:

SAY IT!!!!

8652 post Yesterday 06:41:16 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Viking, you better screen shot that

95 post Yesterday 06:41:21 GMT Bandit:


381 post Yesterday 06:41:25 GMT crazybanana:p:


10070 post Yesterday 06:41:41 GMT Viking:

Just did cool

7392 post Yesterday 06:41:43 GMT zMis Fortune:


8652 post Yesterday 06:41:44 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

10000 more posts to go!

10070 post Yesterday 06:41:54 GMT Viking:

Oh HELL no. >_>

381 post Yesterday 06:42:04 GMT crazybanana:p:

ITS OVER 10000!

8652 post Yesterday 06:42:12 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

lol I'm just messing with ya

10070 post Yesterday 06:42:12 GMT Viking:

(Grabs his bag and leaves the room)

8652 post Yesterday 06:42:50 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

By! Make sure that bag isn't filled with the hearts that Nurse Fortune is supposed to do the 6pm juggling act with

381 post Yesterday 06:43:07 GMT crazybanana:p:


95 post Yesterday 06:43:20 GMT Bandit:


7392 post Yesterday 06:43:29 GMT zMis Fortune:


8652 post Yesterday 06:43:30 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

We used one of your bags, hope you don't mind it, Viking

8652 post Yesterday 06:44:10 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I'mma go watch some Youtube and sleep for the night. Take care of the rest of the patients, Nurse Fortune.

95 post Yesterday 06:45:13 GMT Bandit:

Peace, Zombie. In honor of Viking hitting 1000 i'm gonna go on Apocz and kill 1000 people. Wish me luck.

8652 post Yesterday 06:45:33 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:


8652 post Yesterday 06:45:46 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

You forgot the extra 0, Bandit

95 post Yesterday 06:46:04 GMT Bandit:

I meant to do that he he...

8652 post Yesterday 06:46:12 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

You have a long ways to travel, my friend.

95 post Yesterday 06:46:58 GMT Bandit:


10070 post Yesterday 06:48:09 GMT Viking:

Here , you all get one. kappa

381 post Yesterday 06:49:30 GMT crazybanana:p:

congrats again viking banhammer

95 post Yesterday 06:49:45 GMT Bandit:

I'll be back in 30 min

381 post Yesterday 06:50:02 GMT crazybanana:p:


381 post Yesterday 06:50:54 GMT crazybanana:p:

im getting off cb see ya guys

359 post Yesterday 09:52:56 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


62 post Yesterday 11:32:17 GMT 131man2:


7549 post Yesterday 12:15:11 GMT Law:


7549 post Yesterday 12:15:21 GMT Law:

Morning face

7549 post Yesterday 12:17:15 GMT Law:

Having a run early in the morning when it's wet sucks

88 post Yesterday 12:53:18 GMT ButskiNubinson:

i heard theres a clan called the thieves guild......the leaders super cool maybe you should join... >_>

7549 post Yesterday 12:58:01 GMT Law:


7549 post Yesterday 02:31:41 GMT Law:

Now Soap is messaging me rude comments on xbox :S

95 post Yesterday 03:05:17 GMT Bandit:

Morning ya'll.

7549 post Yesterday 03:06:50 GMT Law:


7549 post Yesterday 03:07:30 GMT Law:

Lol, so funny listening to little squeakers holding up a shop... "Give me the money!" kappa

95 post Yesterday 03:10:50 GMT Bandit:

One time a squeker tried to rob me "Rob me!" and I tricked him by telling him a zombie was behind him, then I pulled out my pistol and he was no more.

442 post Yesterday 03:14:55 GMT Vamperic Knight:


95 post Yesterday 03:21:27 GMT Bandit:

Hey, Knight.

91 post Yesterday 03:26:19 GMT Depo78:

Glad to see that soap eater was banned.

91 post Yesterday 03:28:03 GMT Depo78:

Some weirdos out there.

95 post Yesterday 03:28:48 GMT Bandit:

Who was Soap Eater?

91 post Yesterday 03:29:14 GMT Depo78:

Just some annoying kid that was attacking everybody in the chat box yesterday.

91 post Yesterday 03:29:31 GMT Depo78:

Clearly had something wrong with him.

91 post Yesterday 03:30:25 GMT Depo78:

Apparently, he is harassing Law on XBox messaging now.  at least that is what I gathered from her previous post.

7549 post Yesterday 03:44:19 GMT Law:


7549 post Yesterday 03:44:36 GMT Law:

Definitely 11

7549 post Yesterday 03:48:39 GMT Law:

Tried ringing 999 on an American game... yay -_-

95 post Yesterday 04:01:38 GMT Bandit:

He was harassing other members? In the chat? Not the smartest plan.

91 post Yesterday 04:29:14 GMT Depo78:

Yep.  Posed as a youtuber too.  Pretty sad.

91 post Yesterday 04:30:35 GMT Depo78:

Ugh.  I really want to take a day off of work and play some ApocZ.

91 post Yesterday 04:31:47 GMT Depo78:

I'm still in process of setting up my tents.  Can't wait to try out my survival strategy.

91 post Yesterday 04:32:05 GMT Depo78:

Of course, it is hard to make much progress when I play so little.

91 post Yesterday 04:33:37 GMT Depo78:

Part of me wishes that when I spawned into a game it was from a parachute.  Then I could just steer myself to the ground.   It can get tedious spawning near the city.  Repeated death and all.

95 post Yesterday 05:08:08 GMT Bandit:


7549 post Yesterday 05:59:48 GMT Law:

Bandit I put you in the leaderboard, once 1.3 comes out, you'll be facing whoever joins my duel mini game smile

7549 post Yesterday 06:19:54 GMT Law:

I can smell something...

7549 post Yesterday 06:20:12 GMT Law:

It's Zombie about to say Hello kappa

143 post Yesterday 06:45:55 GMT Arty Bing:


7549 post Yesterday 06:48:47 GMT Law:


143 post Yesterday 07:01:04 GMT Arty Bing:

not rining any clues...what does he look like?

442 post Yesterday 07:01:18 GMT Vamperic Knight:

A zombie

143 post Yesterday 07:02:06 GMT Arty Bing:

that doesnt sounds right

442 post Yesterday 07:03:11 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Yes it does lol xP

7549 post Yesterday 07:04:13 GMT Law:

Zombie Gamer, the guy that spams this chatbox kappa

2491 post Yesterday 07:12:20 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


2491 post Yesterday 07:12:25 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


2491 post Yesterday 07:12:59 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

Vamp, would you like the "sig test" posts deleted from your page?

143 post Yesterday 07:18:57 GMT Arty Bing:

oh you mean Crazeddoctor

143 post Yesterday 07:20:17 GMT Arty Bing:

good times

95 post Yesterday 07:31:11 GMT Bandit:

Thanks Law.

7549 post Yesterday 07:52:03 GMT Law:

No I don't mean Crazeddoctor, I mean ZombieGamer!

7549 post Yesterday 07:52:08 GMT Law:


2491 post Yesterday 07:53:04 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

SpammoRzzzz banhammer

7549 post Yesterday 07:53:14 GMT Law:


95 post Yesterday 07:53:28 GMT Bandit:

Oh noes! sad

2491 post Yesterday 07:53:36 GMT xHooliganSaintx:


7549 post Yesterday 07:53:44 GMT Law:

Fight meh HooliPooli

7549 post Yesterday 07:53:55 GMT Law:


2491 post Yesterday 07:54:31 GMT xHooliganSaintx:

nah bruh... u rnt #SwAg enuff

7549 post Yesterday 07:55:00 GMT Law:

U wot m8

95 post Yesterday 07:55:01 GMT Bandit:

True dat cuz.

7549 post Yesterday 08:38:49 GMT Law:

16 man race! Woo big_smile

95 post Yesterday 08:43:17 GMT Bandit:

16 man race?

7549 post Yesterday 08:46:02 GMT Law:

Finished 12th! So pro, but why a Sultan for Off Road map? D:

23 post Yesterday 08:46:19 GMT TRL General:

Whats up guys

7549 post Yesterday 08:46:41 GMT Law:


23 post Yesterday 08:47:30 GMT TRL General:

For how much i'm on the forums, I should talk in the cat box more

23 post Yesterday 08:47:57 GMT TRL General:


7549 post Yesterday 08:48:30 GMT Law:

It doesn't matter, sometimes I don't want to talk to these peasants kappa

23 post Yesterday 08:49:51 GMT TRL General:

Na I'm just in school so I have too much work to actualy talk here

23 post Yesterday 08:50:08 GMT TRL General:

Everybody is cool to me otherwise smile

7549 post Yesterday 08:52:01 GMT Law:

Understood tongue

23 post Yesterday 08:52:39 GMT TRL General:

So whats up

23 post Yesterday 08:52:45 GMT TRL General:

anything new

7549 post Yesterday 08:53:26 GMT Law:

Nothing's up, nothing new, just messing around on GTA 5 tongue

23 post Yesterday 08:54:17 GMT TRL General:

Nice. I actualy let my friend barrow my GTA 5 not to long ago, so i haven't checked out the new update sadly

7549 post Yesterday 08:54:50 GMT Law:

It's poop, just new planes D:

23 post Yesterday 08:55:22 GMT TRL General:

I heard there were new missions too?

23 post Yesterday 08:55:35 GMT TRL General:

Good ones for cash too

7549 post Yesterday 09:01:47 GMT Law:

Yeah flight school and stuff but I can't complete the first one because the instructor is a returd

23 post Yesterday 09:03:58 GMT TRL General:

Ha well when I get it back ill have to try it out for myself.

7549 post Yesterday 09:04:53 GMT Law:

It asks to do a loop- Done, then it asks you to fly level and do a loop under the bridge, then he tells you that you were off level so you failed

7549 post Yesterday 09:05:34 GMT Law:

It's not a flying license so I stuffed it and went to kill people in a jet

23 post Yesterday 09:06:50 GMT TRL General:

The jets are amazing in GTA 5

95 post Yesterday 09:07:17 GMT Bandit:

Oh that's all we is to you Law? I see how it is.

23 post Yesterday 09:18:38 GMT TRL General:

Ha Busted wink

7549 post Yesterday 09:20:43 GMT Law:

Pretty much Bandit kappa

95 post Yesterday 09:22:14 GMT Bandit:


7549 post Yesterday 09:22:48 GMT Law:

It's okay, no need to cry... smile

95 post Yesterday 09:23:17 GMT Bandit:

*Sniff* Why Law.

7549 post Yesterday 09:25:04 GMT Law:

M'Dunno but it's okay, you'll forget it soon kappa

7549 post Yesterday 09:34:43 GMT Law:

Here... have an oreo smile … de91f0.jpg

4126 post Yesterday 09:37:14 GMT Crazeddoctor:

aww, so cute lol

7549 post Yesterday 09:38:50 GMT Law:

All Americans on GTA = Kill

7549 post Yesterday 09:39:33 GMT Law:

Dirty scrubs killing away players ._>

7549 post Yesterday 09:42:48 GMT Law:

I don't blame them... most are under 12 years old

4126 post Yesterday 09:43:07 GMT Crazeddoctor:

xD agreed

4126 post Yesterday 09:43:28 GMT Crazeddoctor:

might play some gta... been loving the air stuff lol

7549 post Yesterday 09:44:06 GMT Law:

2 bum buddies + 1 poo car... = Ganging up on 1 away person (me)

7549 post Yesterday 09:44:12 GMT Law:


4126 post Yesterday 09:44:50 GMT Crazeddoctor:

then poping back online with a sticky bomb >: D

7549 post Yesterday 09:46:20 GMT Law:

They'll keep coming back for more... I'm not wasting money of 10 year olds

4126 post Yesterday 09:47:49 GMT Crazeddoctor:

is your session full? I can have some fun then! >: D

4126 post Yesterday 09:48:18 GMT Crazeddoctor:

well, if its not full o can xD

7549 post Yesterday 09:49:47 GMT Law:

Send me a message I'll invite you

23 post Yesterday 09:50:06 GMT TRL General:

Hey now not all Americans play GTA to kill

7549 post Yesterday 09:50:33 GMT Law:

They do pretty much

23 post Yesterday 09:50:46 GMT TRL General:

I personally play for the cars

23 post Yesterday 09:50:58 GMT TRL General:

and good times with friends

7549 post Yesterday 09:51:06 GMT Law:

They don't have a reason to kill but yet play the 'jerk' as Americans say

7549 post Yesterday 09:51:23 GMT Law:

I play for the stri... money

23 post Yesterday 09:51:50 GMT TRL General:

Ha why?

7549 post Yesterday 09:52:07 GMT Law:

Why what?

23 post Yesterday 09:52:26 GMT TRL General:

Why money? its not real or anything

4126 post Yesterday 09:52:35 GMT Crazeddoctor:

heyyy, was crysis 3 a good game? yikes

7549 post Yesterday 09:52:46 GMT Law:

Lol, a car drove up to me and it had no driver, I got in and I thought to myself 'Thanks Smart Car'

4126 post Yesterday 09:53:01 GMT Crazeddoctor:

lol love that

23 post Yesterday 09:53:05 GMT TRL General:

I heard it was okay

23 post Yesterday 09:53:18 GMT TRL General:

Never played it myself tho

4126 post Yesterday 09:53:51 GMT Crazeddoctor:

was asking myself, its 6$ on xbox atm

7549 post Yesterday 09:54:02 GMT Law:

I play for the money so I can have a good time driving good cars, wearing best clothes, flying jets and buying ammo to help people rob a store, now I don't see what's wrong playing for money :

23 post Yesterday 09:54:24 GMT TRL General:

Worth it then

23 post Yesterday 09:55:05 GMT TRL General:

Nothing is wrong with it... I just didn't understand the concept of playing GTA for the money, and now you have enlightend me

7549 post Yesterday 09:55:26 GMT Law:

Okey Dokey

23 post Yesterday 09:56:34 GMT TRL General:

Before you buy the game Crazeddoctor you should watch 2 or 3 youtube videos on it

7549 post Yesterday 09:58:46 GMT Law:

A citizen ran me over in front of the cops, they didn't do anything, when I touch a citizen with the car I get 2 stars -_-

7549 post Yesterday 10:00:13 GMT Law:

Crazed, stuff has cooled now in the server smile

95 post Yesterday 10:07:43 GMT Bandit:


7549 post Yesterday 10:09:17 GMT Law:


95 post Yesterday 10:09:55 GMT Bandit:


507 post Yesterday 10:11:35 GMT Timberwolf0027:


95 post Yesterday 10:16:39 GMT Bandit:

Hi and welcome.

7549 post Yesterday 10:16:54 GMT Law:


10070 post Yesterday 10:23:13 GMT Viking:

Law , you missed it you fool.

7549 post Yesterday 10:29:57 GMT Law:

What did I miss sir? I'm sleepy to notice anything

10070 post Yesterday 10:30:13 GMT Viking:


4126 post Yesterday 10:30:30 GMT Crazeddoctor:

ahh the 10k missed it myself

10070 post Yesterday 10:31:14 GMT Viking:

I have apparently hit the enter key 10,000 times.....Now lets count the spaces~

7549 post Yesterday 10:31:51 GMT Law:

Congratulations, here have an oreo my friend - … de91f0.jpg

10070 post Yesterday 10:32:30 GMT Viking:


4126 post Yesterday 10:33:46 GMT Crazeddoctor:

happened at 2:41pm my time, noo way I was gonna get that xD school im important lol

4126 post Yesterday 10:33:56 GMT Crazeddoctor:

is* lolz

7549 post Yesterday 10:34:48 GMT Law:

I'm not up early enough to say goodnight to Americans tongue

7549 post Yesterday 10:36:32 GMT Law:

I go to sleep like 2am and wake up 11am

4126 post Yesterday 10:46:57 GMT Crazeddoctor:


359 post Yesterday 11:04:16 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


359 post Yesterday 11:06:56 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

There's nobody ever here when i'm here >.>

7549 post Yesterday 11:08:47 GMT Law:

I'm going off for the night, take care peasants smile

359 post Yesterday 11:09:01 GMT I am Tyler Durden:


359 post Yesterday 11:09:10 GMT I am Tyler Durden:

Good night

10070 post Yesterday 11:50:45 GMT Viking:

Im here , just busy.

1454 post Today 12:08:43 GMT Powerlord:

Busy trying to 20/20/20/20

4126 post Today 12:09:45 GMT Crazeddoctor:

O_O good luck lol

1454 post Today 12:10:19 GMT Powerlord:

Referring to Viking trying to do 20/20/20/20, I've already done my job.

4126 post Today 12:10:57 GMT Crazeddoctor:

xD colors got me

1454 post Today 12:11:49 GMT Powerlord:

like, the only reason people lose 20/20/20/20 is because they make Foxy hit their door twice. He only should hit it once

1454 post Today 12:12:05 GMT Powerlord:

but people don't know the pro strats so

4126 post Today 12:12:05 GMT Crazeddoctor:


4126 post Today 12:12:19 GMT Crazeddoctor:

i would die in that game... so much xD

4126 post Today 12:12:32 GMT Crazeddoctor:

getting stuffed on the first night xD

1454 post Today 12:12:49 GMT Powerlord:


10070 post Today 12:32:31 GMT Viking:

i beat 20 mode on FN@F's earlier today.  Took like 4-5 tries today.

1454 post Today 12:55:29 GMT Powerlord:

did you use the super pro strat?

10070 post Today 12:56:18 GMT Viking:

If thats what you call it , sure.

1454 post Today 01:10:14 GMT Powerlord:

the one I told you, or did you use another one

10070 post Today 01:21:59 GMT Viking:

I just played the game bro. xD

95 post Today 01:34:10 GMT Bandit:

Getting stuffed? Whtchu talking boubt Craze.

225 post Today 01:53:14 GMT colloso k420:


95 post Today 01:56:28 GMT Bandit:

#10,000 ?

7392 post Today 01:56:41 GMT zMis Fortune:

Vikings post count.

10070 post Today 01:56:49 GMT Viking:


95 post Today 01:56:56 GMT Bandit:


10070 post Today 01:57:27 GMT Viking:

zMis , you never played anything with me last night , Lol >_>

95 post Today 01:57:40 GMT Bandit:

One day i'll hit 100 posts. #Best day ever

7392 post Today 01:58:11 GMT zMis Fortune:

Was watching zMister play Metro.

10070 post Today 02:00:54 GMT Viking:

Lol good game.

95 post Today 02:03:02 GMT Bandit:

So have you guys and gals seen that video where these girls found Maggot eggs and larvae in their resse cup? Never eating reeses again.

7392 post Today 02:10:32 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ew. :c

381 post Today 02:10:59 GMT crazybanana:p:

mmmmmm reeses wink

8652 post Today 02:59:32 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Hey guys... I'm here to go continue my story.

8652 post Today 03:03:01 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Sorry I wasn't active here today. Had to go to a school orientation and also got a new game.

7392 post Today 03:11:49 GMT zMis Fortune:

Bit slow today.

8652 post Today 03:17:14 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

It does seem that way, yes.

95 post Today 03:33:41 GMT Bandit:

I hate orientations. >:(

10070 post Today 03:35:42 GMT Viking:

I hate clowns.

10070 post Today 03:35:47 GMT Viking:


8652 post Today 03:50:38 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I hate demonic clowns. Like for example. "It!"

10070 post Today 03:51:46 GMT Viking:

I watched it when i was 5. Stephen King can go to hell.  Lol

95 post Today 04:12:23 GMT Bandit:

For real. Have any of you played Spartacus Legends?

8652 post Today 04:21:12 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Can't say I have

95 post Today 04:26:25 GMT Bandit:

It's a really fun game. If gladiator battles were still going on I would want to become a gladiator.

10070 post Today 04:28:18 GMT Viking:

I played it when it first came out.  the story mode annoyed me.

10070 post Today 04:28:32 GMT Viking:

I think i'll stick to mortal Kombat or Tekken.

95 post Today 04:32:31 GMT Bandit:

Uhh I can't stand Mortal Kombat.

8652 post Today 04:34:36 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Wooo! I just finished Day 44 of my story

8652 post Today 04:35:12 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Now I can consider Tuesday's schedule done. (Even though it's Wednesday for me right now)

95 post Today 04:41:15 GMT Bandit:

Wow, that's a really long story. Kudos bro.

8652 post Today 04:47:38 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

You want to see a longer story? Here it is!

80 post Today 04:53:46 GMT blaze1514:

OMG Viking is a mod now............

7392 post Today 04:54:04 GMT zMis Fortune:


80 post Today 04:54:12 GMT blaze1514:

I need to show up more often

7392 post Today 04:54:13 GMT zMis Fortune:

Has been for quite a while now.

80 post Today 04:54:22 GMT blaze1514:

I miss everything

80 post Today 04:55:08 GMT blaze1514:

I bet if I never went inactive I would be one now too.

80 post Today 04:59:20 GMT blaze1514:

Did Kev get the help he was planning on getting?

8652 post Today 05:05:07 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Still no word from him about anything

7392 post Today 05:05:21 GMT zMis Fortune:

Idunno about that.

7392 post Today 05:05:44 GMT zMis Fortune:

It honestly depends on the person and a few other things.

8652 post Today 05:06:04 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

The only thing we can do is just wait. Which, Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 is coming out later today on xbox... so that's something to wait on

7392 post Today 05:06:06 GMT zMis Fortune:

He's getting someone on board next month I hear.

7392 post Today 05:06:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

Or it was in the next few months.

8652 post Today 05:10:19 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

Thought that he was getting the new guy around the end of August.

8652 post Today 05:10:34 GMT Z0mb13 g4m3r 88:

I mean the help.

7392 post Today 05:13:40 GMT zMis Fortune:

Can't remember when exactly he said.

381 post Today 05:20:15 GMT crazybanana:p:

i think its august

95 post Today 05:50:48 GMT Bandit:


113 post Today 06:44:33 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Anyone still on?

7392 post Today 06:45:58 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 06:46:27 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Heya slick. wink

7392 post Today 06:49:59 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 06:51:49 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I get weird past 2:00 AM. It's cosmic.

95 post Today 07:00:04 GMT Bandit:

I'm still here.

113 post Today 07:01:47 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Ey Banditoboy

95 post Today 07:03:25 GMT Bandit:

Was good homie.

113 post Today 07:05:03 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Da sky.

95 post Today 07:05:47 GMT Bandit:

Is beutiful tonight.

113 post Today 07:08:30 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Indeed bootyful.

7392 post Today 07:15:00 GMT zMis Fortune:

Wish I had a telescope!

113 post Today 07:15:33 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

So you could creep on some skybooty?

95 post Today 07:16:56 GMT Bandit:


7392 post Today 07:17:12 GMT zMis Fortune:

Yes. tongue

113 post Today 07:18:25 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


95 post Today 07:22:53 GMT Bandit:

In middle school they used to call me a Booty Hunter... you wanna know why?

113 post Today 07:24:44 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Why? Were you a pirate?

95 post Today 07:25:30 GMT Bandit:

No... Because I was- *Fall out of chair*

113 post Today 07:26:49 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


7392 post Today 07:27:19 GMT zMis Fortune:


95 post Today 07:27:25 GMT Bandit:

*Climbs back up* Because I was hunting baboons. smile

113 post Today 07:28:39 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Ask me what's the secret to comedy.

113 post Today 07:28:48 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


113 post Today 07:29:32 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

It doesn't work well in text.

95 post Today 07:30:09 GMT Bandit:

Yeah, i'm not gonna win any awards for timing. And definitly doesn't work in text.

95 post Today 07:30:52 GMT Bandit:

Speaking of text my girlfriend just texted me, and told me we are going to be practicing HTH Studios. What is that?

113 post Today 07:30:57 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Yeahh... smile

113 post Today 07:31:37 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Hand to Hand. She wants to 1v1

95 post Today 07:31:55 GMT Bandit:

What is it? HTH I mean?

113 post Today 07:32:19 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

No clue. Ask her.

95 post Today 07:33:00 GMT Bandit:


113 post Today 07:33:19 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


7392 post Today 07:33:46 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 07:34:24 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

How are you this fine evening smile

7392 post Today 07:35:27 GMT zMis Fortune:

Well, beat my friend in a 1v1 big_smile

95 post Today 07:35:35 GMT Bandit:

Well she told me to look it up. And I did and well... Lets just say it's gonna be a long night. How are you MIs Fortune?

7392 post Today 07:35:35 GMT zMis Fortune:

Need more practice though.

7392 post Today 07:35:51 GMT zMis Fortune:

Aww, can't be all that bad. D:

113 post Today 07:36:40 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

But did u rek ur friend?

7392 post Today 07:37:11 GMT zMis Fortune:

I did indeed. big_smile

113 post Today 07:38:03 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

10/10 GOTY mtn. dew pls sponsor.

95 post Today 07:39:47 GMT Bandit:

What battle are ya'll talking boubt?

113 post Today 07:40:20 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

The 1v1 of our lives.

113 post Today 07:40:32 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

All of us

10070 post Today 07:40:33 GMT Viking:

Assassins creed + Norse Vikings = Someone please fund this...!

113 post Today 07:40:51 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Viking big_smile

7392 post Today 07:41:05 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 07:42:23 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Assassin's Creed + Chicago Italian Mafia = Fund pls

95 post Today 07:43:03 GMT Bandit:

Stahp, i'm having an overload from all these great ideas. smile

113 post Today 07:47:23 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Modern Civil War in Israel Assassin's Creed?

10070 post Today 07:49:06 GMT Viking:

zMis fortune has a new-found love for Viking stuff since she graduated and became Australia's only Shield Maiden. kappa

7392 post Today 07:49:24 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 07:49:30 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


7392 post Today 07:50:01 GMT zMis Fortune:

One of the best series I've ever watched!

10070 post Today 07:50:11 GMT Viking:

She needs to work the braids and get some smexy tattoo's tho in order to look the part tongue

113 post Today 07:50:29 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Smexy XD

7392 post Today 07:50:30 GMT zMis Fortune:

More tattos*

7392 post Today 07:50:34 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 07:50:50 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


10070 post Today 07:50:59 GMT Viking:

Those braids tho. <3

7392 post Today 07:51:07 GMT zMis Fortune:


10070 post Today 07:51:30 GMT Viking:

My Mrs wears traditional scandinavian braids every now and then.   So nice c:

113 post Today 07:51:34 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

If those were real, that'd be awesome.

10070 post Today 07:52:42 GMT Viking:

And yes indeed zMis.  Very great series.  how is Mr Fortune liking it?

113 post Today 07:53:39 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I can't understand all this viking hype. I'm predominantly Swedish and I just don't feel it.

10070 post Today 07:53:53 GMT Viking:


10070 post Today 07:54:00 GMT Viking:

Norwegian/Danish myself.

7392 post Today 07:54:01 GMT zMis Fortune:

He really likes it too!

10070 post Today 07:54:18 GMT Viking:

Swedish is better than finnish i guess. Lol

113 post Today 07:54:31 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


113 post Today 07:54:54 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I like the language though.

10070 post Today 07:55:03 GMT Viking:

Yeah?  Thats awesome zMis , who's his Fav char? :3

95 post Today 07:55:24 GMT Bandit:

I'm American/Zulu.

113 post Today 07:56:03 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Then again, I'm also Polish, Irish, and French Canadian. Mutt lyfe.

10070 post Today 07:56:08 GMT Viking:

Norsk er eliten språk  kappa

7392 post Today 07:56:21 GMT zMis Fortune:


7392 post Today 07:56:38 GMT zMis Fortune:

Mutt life. xD

113 post Today 07:57:04 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I like Afrikaans better. Ek probeer Afrikaans leer.

10070 post Today 07:57:08 GMT Viking:

Ah , great choice.  Floki is amazing , i prefer Floki / Rollo over Ragnar.

95 post Today 07:58:00 GMT Bandit:

Ragnar the red?

113 post Today 07:58:19 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

It's quite similar to Dutch, innit?

10070 post Today 07:58:24 GMT Viking:

Ragnar lodbrok.   You are thinking of Erik "The Red"

10070 post Today 07:59:19 GMT Viking:

Erik The Red sails with Leif Erikson and supposedly discovers north america.

113 post Today 07:59:36 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Why does the line under "Chat Box" overextend?

7392 post Today 07:59:56 GMT zMis Fortune:

Lagertha is my favorite. Although recently loving Bjorn!!!

95 post Today 08:00:21 GMT Bandit:

I only know a fiew Norse Heroes

113 post Today 08:00:27 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Bjorn is a cool name.

7392 post Today 08:00:48 GMT zMis Fortune:

He's super hot. *-*

10070 post Today 08:00:54 GMT Viking:

Bjon "Iron Sides" was a great warrior and discovered Iceland / Greenland with Erik the red , they found a good actor to play him all grown up. :3

113 post Today 08:00:58 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


10070 post Today 08:01:15 GMT Viking:


95 post Today 08:01:27 GMT Bandit:

I always wanted to live in IceLand. smile

10070 post Today 08:01:44 GMT Viking:

Hot Wheels , In Norwegian "Bjorn" Stands for "Bear" or "Fortitude

113 post Today 08:01:47 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

How do u guys get all the dank chat name colors?

10070 post Today 08:02:09 GMT Viking:

We are staff members.

7392 post Today 08:02:10 GMT zMis Fortune:

We're staff on this forum. :3

7392 post Today 08:02:35 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ooo, Bjorn the bear.

113 post Today 08:02:39 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I know, but are there...other methods? ,)

10070 post Today 08:02:45 GMT Viking:

Also , Rebel , Også forstår jeg ikke. Afrikanske språk forvirre meg.

113 post Today 08:03:19 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Wat. ^

10070 post Today 08:03:26 GMT Viking:

Fraid not Mr Hot Wheels.   Have to be a staff member.  Normal members use the same color.

113 post Today 08:03:40 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Dang dude.

10070 post Today 08:04:16 GMT Viking:

You can get a custom Forum Title if you are an active / Well behaved member tho. smile

113 post Today 08:04:23 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I guess I'll just stay a green pleb. kappa

95 post Today 08:04:45 GMT Bandit:


113 post Today 08:05:08 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

OK, Dankie Viking.

10070 post Today 08:05:21 GMT Viking:

Dankie?... Lol

10070 post Today 08:05:30 GMT Viking:

Das "Danke"

113 post Today 08:05:43 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Thanks in Afrikaans XD

10070 post Today 08:06:02 GMT Viking:

Ich spreche sehr gut Deutsch zu.

10070 post Today 08:06:07 GMT Viking:


10070 post Today 08:06:17 GMT Viking:

Also Biette.

10070 post Today 08:06:33 GMT Viking:


113 post Today 08:06:42 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I'm lost.

113 post Today 08:06:52 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


10070 post Today 08:07:07 GMT Viking:

You said "Dankie" which i assume was you attempting german.

7392 post Today 08:07:12 GMT zMis Fortune:

Trying to read it, but no idea how it should sound like. o:

113 post Today 08:07:14 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:


10070 post Today 08:08:07 GMT Viking:

I am a Junior Pollygot. tongue

113 post Today 08:08:19 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

No, it's Afrikaans,  they're similar because Afrikaans was based off Dutch,  as was German.

10070 post Today 08:08:41 GMT Viking:

Norwegian , Danish , Russian , German , bit of French , Small ammount of Spanish and i am teaching myself old Irish.

7392 post Today 08:09:33 GMT zMis Fortune:


7392 post Today 08:09:36 GMT zMis Fortune:


10070 post Today 08:09:38 GMT Viking:

My friend Alex can speak 9 languages fluently.  he is insane.

113 post Today 08:09:47 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

"Dankie" sounds like "Donkey" with a weird accent.

95 post Today 08:09:56 GMT Bandit:

I can speak 4

7392 post Today 08:10:11 GMT zMis Fortune:

That'll do donkey, that'll do.

10070 post Today 08:10:14 GMT Viking:

Or it sounds like "Danke" (Thank You , In German)

113 post Today 08:11:33 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I can speak 1 language very fluently and I know bits and pieces of German, Afrikaans, Spanish, and French.

113 post Today 08:12:06 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I bet you can guess what I'm fluent in smile

10070 post Today 08:12:54 GMT Viking:


10070 post Today 08:12:59 GMT Viking:


95 post Today 08:13:21 GMT Bandit:


10070 post Today 08:13:22 GMT Viking:

J'aime beaucoup le français, mais parfois je avoir un moment difficile de prononcer certaines choses en termes de verbes ou noms. :3

113 post Today 08:13:24 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Yes, 'Murkan. XD

7392 post Today 08:13:50 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 08:14:13 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Good for you! Kapper

95 post Today 08:14:51 GMT Bandit:

*Falls out of chair again*

7392 post Today 08:15:11 GMT zMis Fortune:


7392 post Today 08:15:23 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ima play some titanfall. :3

10070 post Today 08:15:26 GMT Viking:

Я собираюсь остановиться сейчас, прежде чем я заставляю себя казаться более глупо. >_>

113 post Today 08:15:35 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

"Slapstick comedy is best comedy"- Heetla

10070 post Today 08:15:41 GMT Viking:

Oooo , you going to stream zMis? :3

7392 post Today 08:16:04 GMT zMis Fortune:

Probably not, just practicing.

10070 post Today 08:16:21 GMT Viking:

If you had it for 360 i would join you. tongue

113 post Today 08:16:46 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Praktis maeks pirfikt, but nobuddys pirfikt

7392 post Today 08:16:50 GMT zMis Fortune:


7392 post Today 08:17:20 GMT zMis Fortune:


113 post Today 08:17:54 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I couldn't even decipher that.

113 post Today 08:18:09 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

And I wrote it.

7392 post Today 08:18:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

Practice makes perfect, but no one's perfect? o:

10070 post Today 08:18:17 GMT Viking:

So.  Rebel , Hot Wheels.  If i do some digging on your accounts im not going to find your IP's tied to recently banned accounts am i?   Because that would be Awkward. :3

113 post Today 08:18:43 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Nah m8.

113 post Today 08:19:08 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Yep, zMis.

10070 post Today 08:19:09 GMT Viking:

Good man , Keep clean and follow the rules and you'll do just fine then.

113 post Today 08:19:29 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I got you, diggy fresh.

95 post Today 08:19:50 GMT Bandit:

I think Soap is gonna make another account.

10070 post Today 08:19:59 GMT Viking:

Also , Don't call me that.  I either go by Viking or Mikael. tongue

113 post Today 08:20:46 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

Mikael, I'm Michael. Your 'Murkan counterpart.

10070 post Today 08:22:48 GMT Viking:

I live in the U.S , I was born in northern Norway. tongue

10070 post Today 08:23:30 GMT Viking:

Ooooo Funker530 has new combat footage.   Gentlemen , zMis.  I will return shortly.  Behave. banhammer  :3

113 post Today 08:23:55 GMT Playing with Hot Wheels:

I'm gonna go watch some yotub now. Cya Viking, Banditoburrito, and Swissmasfortune

95 post Today 08:24:11 GMT Bandit:

I'll be back.

10070 post Today 08:25:26 GMT Viking:

I didint know Tash was Swiss. D:

7392 post Today 08:27:58 GMT zMis Fortune:

Not quite.

10070 post Today 08:35:37 GMT Viking:


10070 post Today 08:35:48 GMT Viking:

well im back , video is over. :3

7392 post Today 08:36:37 GMT zMis Fortune:

Wasn't able to play much Titanfall. :c

7392 post Today 08:36:52 GMT zMis Fortune:

Won the match though, went positive. big_smile

10070 post Today 08:39:50 GMT Viking:

Nice! big_smile

10070 post Today 08:40:24 GMT Viking:

My best game on TF is 28 Pilot kills , 9 titan kills and 3 deaths. :3

7392 post Today 08:40:44 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ooo, very nice. :3

10070 post Today 08:41:32 GMT Viking:

If i get my titan in clean with no conflict , with the minigun.  they're life is in DANGER.  #TheStruggleIsReal. viking

10070 post Today 08:42:15 GMT Viking:

Chaingun.  Sorry. *

7392 post Today 08:42:30 GMT zMis Fortune:

I use that too.

7392 post Today 09:32:28 GMT zMis Fortune:

Good night. :3

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#1 04-03-2014 04:35:44 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

New updated map should help out


Tell me What you think and what you would like added I did not put loot spawns on here for it is a survival game so figured i would let you guys find them but any suggestions would be appreciated hope this helps everyone out.


#2 04-03-2014 04:37:20 GMT

From: United Kingdom
Registered: 03-29-2014
Posts: 213

Re: New updated map should help out

Nice map!
Can't fault it as of yet, I'm not 100% on the map locations because I haven't played very much, so I'm not sure whether these are places correctly. I'm sure they are!

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#3 04-03-2014 04:42:25 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

Re: New updated map should help out

thanks fox i hope they are i got them as accurate as possible but i would like ppl to try it out and see how accurate it is so i can change whats not.


#4 04-03-2014 06:47:37 GMT

From: Philadelphia
Registered: 03-30-2014
Posts: 26

Re: New updated map should help out

Thank you!

Last edited by Midnight215 (04-03-2014 06:48:43 GMT)

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#5 04-03-2014 07:33:14 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
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Re: New updated map should help out

your welcome


#6 04-03-2014 07:53:39 GMT

Kevin Kelley
From: Reno, NV
Registered: 02-14-2014
Posts: 874

Re: New updated map should help out

Good job


#7 04-03-2014 08:07:24 GMT

Registered: 04-03-2014
Posts: 9

Re: New updated map should help out

thx for the map man

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#8 04-03-2014 08:45:10 GMT

From: California
Registered: 03-27-2014
Posts: 313

Re: New updated map should help out

Thanks for the map I'm actually going to use this than the others I've seen posted

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#9 04-03-2014 08:57:27 GMT

From: Unknow
Registered: 04-01-2014
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Re: New updated map should help out

thanks! going to save this on my phone and use it!



#10 04-03-2014 09:16:30 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

Re: New updated map should help out

thanks guys hope it helps out


#11 04-04-2014 02:16:05 GMT

Registered: 04-01-2014
Posts: 23

Re: New updated map should help out

Awesome map! Definitely will be using it!

TRU3 N1GHTM4R3 wink you know I appear when you are looking in your tent. You also know I'll leave right away after taking some ammo and maybe food.


#12 04-04-2014 04:32:13 GMT

Registered: 04-04-2014
Posts: 5

Re: New updated map should help out

Man I'm going to use this map so hard it will be bleeding by the time I'm done with it!!! XD


#13 04-04-2014 05:00:51 GMT

Registered: 03-29-2014
Posts: 82

Re: New updated map should help out

Nice job!

But the thing is I don't need the map image, I rember everything ^_^

I am a bandit sniper! ^_^ Pewpewpew!
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#14 04-04-2014 03:30:20 GMT

Registered: 04-04-2014
Posts: 4

Re: New updated map should help out

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?


#15 04-04-2014 08:52:49 GMT

Oh Ross.
From: Seduce Me!
Registered: 03-29-2014
Posts: 1,285

Re: New updated map should help out

TurtleDerp wrote:

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?

A bit cheating don't you think?


#16 04-04-2014 08:54:54 GMT

zMis Fortune
♥ Administrator ♥
From: Australia
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Re: New updated map should help out

Powerlord wrote:
TurtleDerp wrote:

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?

A bit cheating don't you think?

Some people don't like a challenge, or adventure. D:

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#17 04-05-2014 08:38:47 GMT

From: Cardiff, Wales, U.K
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Posts: 115

Re: New updated map should help out

Wow really nice map man!



#18 04-07-2014 01:15:38 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 75

Re: New updated map should help out

Thanks! This map is way better than your old one!


#19 04-07-2014 01:20:00 GMT

Registered: 04-07-2014
Posts: 5

Re: New updated map should help out



#20 04-07-2014 01:22:13 GMT

Faulk Smash
From: 2nd Military Base
Registered: 02-22-2014
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Re: New updated map should help out

Awesome job. I just saved it on my phone before posting this comment. smile



#21 04-07-2014 05:17:26 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

Re: New updated map should help out

thanks for all the feed back guys


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