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617 post Yesterday 08:07:08 GMT Bandit:

I stopped playing my xbox all together.

8124 post Yesterday 08:07:14 GMT Law:

I don't know what game to get... Destiny (Day One)... COD: Advanced Warfare or Far Cry 4

4266 post Yesterday 08:07:22 GMT Crazeddoctor:

after I max out my chars on destiny, I might pay reach a visit

4266 post Yesterday 08:07:36 GMT Crazeddoctor:

Destiny hands down

2357 post Yesterday 08:07:41 GMT The Devastator:

You should, craze.

4266 post Yesterday 08:08:06 GMT Crazeddoctor:

i'll be dancing on the moon again!

2357 post Yesterday 08:08:27 GMT The Devastator:

'Dev said he's never leave reach'

4266 post Yesterday 08:08:31 GMT Crazeddoctor:

im just afraid the servers wont hold up tbh .-.

2357 post Yesterday 08:08:44 GMT The Devastator:

They will.

2357 post Yesterday 08:08:55 GMT The Devastator:

And even when lagging, it's fun.

4266 post Yesterday 08:09:06 GMT Crazeddoctor:


2357 post Yesterday 08:09:17 GMT The Devastator:

Especially when playing 'Evac'.

8124 post Yesterday 08:09:40 GMT Law:

I'm going down to 'GAME' tomorrow to pre order Destiny

4266 post Yesterday 08:10:11 GMT Crazeddoctor:

the only thing I hated in destiny was kids easily found out that getting a low powered sniper ( unlike my Gozen-c) and just had fun lol I had 2 snipers after that MP nd storyline lol

4266 post Yesterday 08:10:42 GMT Crazeddoctor:

I pre-ordered destiny from amazon, easier than traveling to gamestop

4266 post Yesterday 08:11:26 GMT Crazeddoctor:

ya dont get that special sparrow but whatever, you'll be buying a new one soon enough tongue

8124 post Yesterday 08:12:26 GMT Law:

I'm getting Xbox One when prices drop

8124 post Yesterday 08:12:40 GMT Law:

Like I did with Xbox 360

4266 post Yesterday 08:13:29 GMT Crazeddoctor:

Im probably gonna get the one and destiny together sometime next year

4266 post Yesterday 08:14:00 GMT Crazeddoctor:

gotta save up my monies since I wanna pay for it myself rather than have parents or family

8124 post Yesterday 08:14:37 GMT Law:

Life of a teen ^

4266 post Yesterday 08:15:02 GMT Crazeddoctor:


4266 post Yesterday 08:15:42 GMT Crazeddoctor:

after the whole europe thing, and me spending money that I had worked for made it seem a lot more special I think

4266 post Yesterday 08:16:56 GMT Crazeddoctor:

the only thing now? what am I gonna say when people ask me what I want for my B-Day or christmas .-.

8124 post Yesterday 08:17:03 GMT Law:

It's so annoying going out and using this forum on a phone

4266 post Yesterday 08:17:08 GMT Crazeddoctor:

oh capoodles, brb

8124 post Yesterday 08:17:24 GMT Law:

Lol okay

4266 post Yesterday 08:21:00 GMT Crazeddoctor:

hmm, oh well couldnt find what I was looking for

4266 post Yesterday 08:22:31 GMT Crazeddoctor:

well I must go for now, lots of work to do, lots of reading too, bye!

8124 post Yesterday 08:24:49 GMT Law:

Goodbye smile

617 post Yesterday 08:34:23 GMT Bandit:

Peace man.

617 post Yesterday 08:46:34 GMT Bandit:

So does anyone wan't to have a conversation?

8124 post Yesterday 08:47:15 GMT Law:

"wan't" Ermahgerd kappa

617 post Yesterday 09:09:41 GMT Bandit:

What''''s the difference!? smile

8124 post Yesterday 09:12:32 GMT Law:

Seriously Viking? yikes

617 post Yesterday 09:14:03 GMT Bandit:

What happened?

8124 post Yesterday 09:15:29 GMT Law:

He deleted my post because I used his hashtag kappa

8124 post Yesterday 09:15:36 GMT Law:

Not cool, not cool sad

10351 post Yesterday 09:19:07 GMT Viking:

#TheCopyRightIsReal kappa

617 post Yesterday 09:20:07 GMT Bandit:

What is his hashtag?

8124 post Yesterday 09:21:51 GMT Law:

Copy Right?

8124 post Yesterday 09:22:18 GMT Law:

You didn't make it so if it is copyrighted you can't use it ;(

10351 post Yesterday 09:22:47 GMT Viking:


8124 post Yesterday 09:23:31 GMT Law:


10351 post Yesterday 09:23:49 GMT Viking:

Survey says!.......No.  :3

8124 post Yesterday 09:24:32 GMT Law:

The computer say no kappa

8124 post Yesterday 09:24:44 GMT Law:

Oh wait you're American

10351 post Yesterday 09:27:41 GMT Viking:

Racist.  sad

617 post Yesterday 09:28:32 GMT Bandit:

It's okay, Viking i'm African American.

10351 post Yesterday 09:30:04 GMT Viking:

Are you from Africa?

10351 post Yesterday 09:30:11 GMT Viking:

If not you're just American. tongue

8124 post Yesterday 09:30:24 GMT Law:

Now you made me look like a bad person.

10351 post Yesterday 09:30:40 GMT Viking:


8124 post Yesterday 09:31:13 GMT Law:

Thanks for the help Verkeen

10351 post Yesterday 09:31:50 GMT Viking:

Law , you from London , Manchester or somewhere smaller?

8124 post Yesterday 09:33:49 GMT Law:


8124 post Yesterday 09:35:26 GMT Law:

Well, I live on the line of between London and Essex

617 post Yesterday 09:40:00 GMT Bandit:

That was slightly racist Viking. My ancestors were from Africa and were forced here, and have been in America for decades so yes I guess I am a African American.

7735 post Yesterday 09:41:16 GMT zMis Fortune:

I see no racism.

617 post Yesterday 09:43:40 GMT Bandit:

Where did you come from! Just appeared out of no where!

7735 post Yesterday 09:45:17 GMT zMis Fortune:

I go where I am needed.

10351 post Yesterday 09:46:40 GMT Viking:

She does that sometimes.

10351 post Yesterday 09:47:13 GMT Viking:

And its not racist at all Bandit , if you are born and are from one place , you can be *****- American.   Otherwise you're just american. tongue

8124 post Yesterday 09:47:50 GMT Law:


7735 post Yesterday 09:48:06 GMT zMis Fortune:


617 post Yesterday 09:48:07 GMT Bandit:

She just materializes in the camp. For some reason I feel like M Night Shyamalan is gonna show up and say "What a twist!"

10351 post Yesterday 09:51:58 GMT Viking:

Norwegian-American , i was born in a small northern village of Tromso , Norway. tongue

10351 post Yesterday 09:52:07 GMT Viking:

And lol.  "What a twist!"

8124 post Yesterday 09:52:45 GMT Law:

Lithuanian-British kappa

7735 post Yesterday 09:53:32 GMT zMis Fortune:

I'm not American unfortunately. :c

10351 post Yesterday 09:54:12 GMT Viking:

Awwwe there there tash , i'm sure your man will pop a ring on that sooner or later. big_smile

7735 post Yesterday 09:54:59 GMT zMis Fortune:

Rofl. Im thinking about studying in America. :3

10351 post Yesterday 09:55:26 GMT Viking:

yikes!   If you do , we must hang out!

10351 post Yesterday 09:55:42 GMT Viking:

My mrs wants to meet you , she has met your man before online. Lol

7735 post Yesterday 09:56:12 GMT zMis Fortune:

Not sure about where at. Oh wow. big_smile

617 post Yesterday 09:56:26 GMT Bandit:

Gefilte fish!

7735 post Yesterday 09:56:39 GMT zMis Fortune:

I get nervous about women. D:

7735 post Yesterday 09:56:50 GMT zMis Fortune:


617 post Yesterday 09:56:58 GMT Bandit:

Well now i'm off to try to find an avatar for myself.

8124 post Yesterday 09:57:01 GMT Law:

I've opened up a sardine restaurant in America, you can go there kappa

10351 post Yesterday 09:57:04 GMT Viking:

Lmao , shes really nice.  Don't worry Lol

7735 post Yesterday 09:57:19 GMT zMis Fortune:

Aww, good. :3

10351 post Yesterday 09:57:32 GMT Viking:

She has a bit of a brat streak in her , but eh.  Most women do from time to time. tongue

7735 post Yesterday 09:57:50 GMT zMis Fortune:


617 post Yesterday 09:58:08 GMT Bandit:

Mah pa always taught me to never trust or be around women... but then years later I found out why...

7735 post Yesterday 09:58:40 GMT zMis Fortune:

Did she say they were the devil?

7735 post Yesterday 09:58:49 GMT zMis Fortune:


7735 post Yesterday 09:59:18 GMT zMis Fortune:

(Just woke up @.@)

617 post Yesterday 09:59:25 GMT Bandit:

No... a certain movie came out a couple years later. It involved cowboys a broken back plus a mountain

7735 post Yesterday 09:59:45 GMT zMis Fortune:

Good movie.

617 post Yesterday 09:59:59 GMT Bandit:


8124 post Yesterday 10:01:26 GMT Law:

Swag Potatoes O.O

7735 post Yesterday 10:01:35 GMT zMis Fortune:

It was, men can't say so cause it involves, you know.

10351 post Yesterday 10:01:49 GMT Viking:

Lol... My grandmother , very wise olf nordic woman.   Was always telling me "Mikael , she's not good for you. Wait until you are older"  Now i know why. >_>

617 post Yesterday 10:03:02 GMT Bandit:


7735 post Yesterday 10:03:25 GMT zMis Fortune:

Old, obviously.

10351 post Yesterday 10:04:29 GMT Viking:

Sorry , cooking and typing.  Yes , Old.

617 post Yesterday 10:04:54 GMT Bandit:

I know, Miss. I know I just meant it in a jokingly "corect you gramor nows!"

617 post Yesterday 10:05:01 GMT Bandit:


7735 post Yesterday 10:05:53 GMT zMis Fortune:

Nazi. tongue

8124 post Yesterday 10:06:30 GMT Law:

Why do people say 'Nazi' after a misspelling?

10351 post Yesterday 10:06:38 GMT Viking:

Bap bap bap!....Watch the "N" word please Tashy

10351 post Yesterday 10:06:48 GMT Viking:


7735 post Yesterday 10:07:10 GMT zMis Fortune:


8124 post Yesterday 10:07:34 GMT Law:

Imagine Viking in his voice saying Bap bap bap lmao kappa

7735 post Yesterday 10:07:40 GMT zMis Fortune:

People who correct it are usually called Grammar N..

617 post Yesterday 10:08:21 GMT Bandit:

I am a grammar nazi. If you notice my replies on the fictional stories pages the ones with bad grammar I always have to comment.

7735 post Yesterday 10:08:35 GMT zMis Fortune:

What is bap bap bap

617 post Yesterday 10:08:57 GMT Bandit:

Wooo it worked! I have an avatar!

10351 post Yesterday 10:09:16 GMT Viking:


7735 post Yesterday 10:09:20 GMT zMis Fortune:

You shouldn't go out of your way to tell people that in stories..

8124 post Yesterday 10:09:24 GMT Law:

Another way of interrupting a person to indicate to stop talking

7735 post Yesterday 10:09:44 GMT zMis Fortune:


8124 post Yesterday 10:09:50 GMT Law:

I always give people A+ kappa

7735 post Yesterday 10:10:33 GMT zMis Fortune:

Someone decided to give someone C- because you started grading.

617 post Yesterday 10:10:44 GMT Bandit:

I don't go out of my way, I ussualy ask them if they need someone to help the edit. Miss what type of gentleman do you take me for?

7735 post Yesterday 10:11:05 GMT zMis Fortune:

You're a gentleman?

7735 post Yesterday 10:11:25 GMT zMis Fortune:

I thought you were a Bandit. tongue

8124 post Yesterday 10:11:33 GMT Law:

Ppl that type like dis deserve an A+

7735 post Yesterday 10:11:50 GMT zMis Fortune:


8124 post Yesterday 10:11:55 GMT Law:

There's such thing as a gentleman bandit

10351 post Yesterday 10:13:05 GMT Viking:

There is such thing as a Gentleman Viking. viking

8124 post Yesterday 10:13:27 GMT Law:

There is such thing as a gentleman Rebel :spongebob:

10351 post Yesterday 10:15:40 GMT Viking:

^Fake  kappa

8124 post Yesterday 10:16:11 GMT Law:


617 post Yesterday 10:16:39 GMT Bandit:

I am a gentlemanly bandit. *Grows fancy mustache and eyeglass*

7735 post Yesterday 10:17:21 GMT zMis Fortune:

Spongebob, why spongebob?

10351 post Yesterday 10:18:50 GMT Viking:

Black bandit with fancy stache and a monicle...I must see this...Someone send him to the barber!

8124 post Yesterday 10:19:12 GMT Law:

Because my meme -

617 post Yesterday 10:19:49 GMT Bandit:

Nien! *Hides inside trenchcoat*

8124 post Yesterday 10:19:57 GMT Law:

:spongebob: - Spongebob face

7735 post Yesterday 10:20:02 GMT zMis Fortune:

Uhuh. o.o

7735 post Yesterday 10:20:50 GMT zMis Fortune:


617 post Yesterday 10:21:57 GMT Bandit:

That is exactly what I look like in real life, just imagine a darker.

7735 post Yesterday 10:22:54 GMT zMis Fortune:

God save your Queen.

617 post Yesterday 10:23:58 GMT Bandit:

Only i'm not british. smile

8124 post Yesterday 10:24:20 GMT Law:

Thanks I guess Tash xD

617 post Yesterday 10:26:01 GMT Bandit:

*Comes out of trenchcoat* Where da chicken at!?

8124 post Yesterday 10:28:24 GMT Law:

Made a character of me

617 post Yesterday 10:28:52 GMT Bandit:

Ha ha ha ha!

617 post Yesterday 10:29:17 GMT Bandit:

... You look very...'nice'

8124 post Yesterday 10:30:17 GMT Law:

U wot m8Thanks

617 post Yesterday 10:33:38 GMT Bandit:

Don't mention it. smile

8124 post Yesterday 10:35:04 GMT Law:

Lol Bandit... if only mods knew where your avatar came from kappa

617 post Yesterday 10:36:44 GMT Bandit:

Not HTH i'm wouldn't risk it. smile

8124 post Yesterday 10:37:00 GMT Law:

It is

8124 post Yesterday 10:37:24 GMT Law:

Send me the full image then I'll tell you lol

617 post Yesterday 10:38:32 GMT Bandit:

Really? I just took it off of google images... huh. I will not do that! lol, you can though. I just may change my pic now.

617 post Yesterday 10:39:04 GMT Bandit:

But how do you know it's from HTH? Been doin some late night 'studyin'?

8124 post Yesterday 10:39:58 GMT Law:

I did...

617 post Yesterday 10:42:10 GMT Bandit:

True, but the art work was beautiful truly an master piece.

8124 post Yesterday 10:44:33 GMT Law:

Fair enough

617 post Yesterday 10:45:27 GMT Bandit:

Maybe we should talk about it in a PM, because the shark week stuff was just... yeah.

617 post Yesterday 10:49:22 GMT Bandit:

So why were you checkin that stuff out?

7735 post Yesterday 10:50:52 GMT zMis Fortune:

Don't talk about that here, thanks.

617 post Yesterday 10:53:10 GMT Bandit:


617 post Yesterday 10:55:51 GMT Bandit:

Was there someone spamming the chat last night?

8124 post Yesterday 10:58:31 GMT Law:

I was seeing if this studio was legit, turns out it was more than art

617 post Yesterday 11:00:40 GMT Bandit:

We should probably talk about it in a PM. Mods ARE here you know.

8124 post Yesterday 11:01:36 GMT Law:

No, I don't want to talk about it, I'm not into that stuff and this is not allowed

617 post Yesterday 11:03:12 GMT Bandit:

I'll be back.

8124 post Yesterday 11:31:10 GMT Law:

Goodnight tongue

617 post Yesterday 11:35:20 GMT Bandit:


234 post Yesterday 11:40:06 GMT TRL General:

Hey bandit

617 post Yesterday 11:43:00 GMT Bandit:

Hi Gen.

234 post Yesterday 11:43:13 GMT TRL General:

how was ur weekend

617 post Yesterday 11:44:05 GMT Bandit:

Same. Didn't do nothin, just was prepin for school on wedsday.

234 post Yesterday 11:45:49 GMT TRL General:

I'm redy for school to be over... at least in collage ill be doing something i like

617 post Yesterday 11:47:10 GMT Bandit:

True. how do you get an image posted in your signature box?

461 post Yesterday 11:50:19 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Sell ur soul to satan

617 post Yesterday 11:50:34 GMT Bandit:

Seems legit.

461 post Yesterday 11:51:01 GMT Vamperic Knight:

It's is usually u can get a Klondike bar out of it as well

234 post Yesterday 11:51:03 GMT TRL General:

I'm good

461 post Yesterday 11:51:20 GMT Vamperic Knight:

How disappointing lol

617 post Yesterday 11:51:26 GMT Bandit:

I don't trust klondike bars.

234 post Yesterday 11:51:59 GMT TRL General:

Seems like a good way to die since people will do anything for them apparently

461 post Yesterday 11:51:59 GMT Vamperic Knight:

It's understandable

461 post Yesterday 11:52:25 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Well they do anything for meth but that's perfectly healthly

234 post Yesterday 11:52:28 GMT TRL General:

You have to put the image code thing in you signature

4266 post Yesterday 11:53:14 GMT Crazeddoctor:

bandit [ img] image url here [ /img] but w/o the spaces smile

234 post Yesterday 11:53:53 GMT TRL General:

^^^ yep

234 post Yesterday 11:54:17 GMT TRL General:

and vamperic are you trying to tell us you have a meth problem...

461 post Yesterday 11:54:52 GMT Vamperic Knight:

I mean I don't consider it a problem lol

4266 post Yesterday 11:59:42 GMT Crazeddoctor:    hehe

617 post Today 12:02:51 GMT Bandit:

How do I find the url?

4266 post Today 12:03:12 GMT Crazeddoctor:

right click

4266 post Today 12:03:32 GMT Crazeddoctor:

the left click on the thing that says "Copy image URL"

4266 post Today 12:04:13 GMT Crazeddoctor:

Oh, and it must be an online pic... soo if its on your computer go to photobucket or something and upload

617 post Today 12:05:34 GMT Bandit:

Aww I was gonna post a pic of me. Oh well.

617 post Today 12:08:46 GMT Bandit:

I changed my avatar pic.

617 post Today 12:10:30 GMT Bandit:

What do ya think Doc?

234 post Today 12:10:54 GMT TRL General:

Yaaaaa my chatbox finally updated... my internet must be slow today

617 post Today 12:14:20 GMT Bandit:

Should I submit The Survivors?

234 post Today 12:17:35 GMT TRL General:

we should work on chapter 4 first... or do you thing it would be a good cliff hanger to pull more people in?

4266 post Today 12:19:48 GMT Crazeddoctor:

whoa, sweetness

4266 post Today 12:20:45 GMT Crazeddoctor:

hey, if ya need an easy way to upload pics use what I use, its called lightshot! really easy to use, I love it <3

617 post Today 12:20:51 GMT Bandit:

Yeah we should work on 4. What happened Doctor?

4266 post Today 12:23:05 GMT Crazeddoctor:


617 post Today 12:23:45 GMT Bandit:

Why did you say "Whoa sweetness" is it because my avatar picture?

4266 post Today 12:24:08 GMT Crazeddoctor:


4266 post Today 12:24:15 GMT Crazeddoctor:

cool pic

234 post Today 12:26:28 GMT TRL General:

Bandit do you have a gmail because my chatbox wont load half the time and I can't send messages the other half

617 post Today 12:26:56 GMT Bandit:

It's for all the people in the medical field.

617 post Today 12:27:40 GMT Bandit:

Yes General. Check my personel.

617 post Today 12:29:01 GMT Bandit:

Nevermind check you pm's

617 post Today 12:30:09 GMT Bandit:

I'll be back.

234 post Today 12:41:13 GMT TRL General:

When you get on your gmail I sent you a chat invite... Hopefully it works with 0 lag

617 post Today 02:25:52 GMT Bandit:

I'm back.

7735 post Today 02:59:31 GMT zMis Fortune:

zmiskappa You're all going to die..

1507 post Today 03:03:36 GMT Powerlord:


7735 post Today 03:04:38 GMT zMis Fortune:

My cat is going to take over the world. D:

16 post Today 03:23:32 GMT RANGERCQB:

So quick question

16 post Today 03:24:22 GMT RANGERCQB:

Lets say someone puts a picture of themselves in a speedo and a cape on here is that all good?

16 post Today 03:24:31 GMT RANGERCQB:

oh and a shower cap

461 post Today 03:24:45 GMT Vamperic Knight:


746 post Today 03:24:55 GMT TheSnowyBanana:


461 post Today 03:25:10 GMT Vamperic Knight:

I'm super jealous right now

7735 post Today 03:25:10 GMT zMis Fortune:

Sounds a bit reveling.

16 post Today 03:25:47 GMT RANGERCQB:


16 post Today 03:25:54 GMT RANGERCQB:

I have a speedo on

461 post Today 03:26:12 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Banana really wants him to keep it lol

7735 post Today 03:26:26 GMT zMis Fortune:

Oh wow..

7735 post Today 03:26:31 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ima go with no..

746 post Today 03:26:32 GMT TheSnowyBanana:

So much...

461 post Today 03:26:36 GMT Vamperic Knight:


746 post Today 03:26:43 GMT TheSnowyBanana: sexy

461 post Today 03:26:44 GMT Vamperic Knight:


16 post Today 03:26:51 GMT RANGERCQB:

But i was expressing myself

18 post Today 03:26:57 GMT TCUxManBoyChild:

i mean im pretty sure every one has took health class and seen the diagrams of thw whowhos and the woowoos

461 post Today 03:27:13 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Ur so terrible lol :0

7735 post Today 03:27:47 GMT zMis Fortune:

Remove it when you can.

461 post Today 03:28:10 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Awwwww :'( sad day lol

461 post Today 03:28:19 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Hahaha jkjk

16 post Today 03:28:27 GMT RANGERCQB:

I will haha

461 post Today 03:29:24 GMT Vamperic Knight:

Too bad for banana

7735 post Today 03:31:21 GMT zMis Fortune:

Banana, ya' perv.

18 post Today 03:32:43 GMT TCUxManBoyChild:

banana is like a small dog hes always going for the legs

461 post Today 03:33:06 GMT Vamperic Knight:

U have no idea

16 post Today 03:33:56 GMT RANGERCQB:

I like Turtles

461 post Today 03:34:24 GMT Vamperic Knight:

I like u

461 post Today 03:34:29 GMT Vamperic Knight:

A lot

461 post Today 03:34:35 GMT Vamperic Knight:


16 post Today 03:34:42 GMT RANGERCQB:


292 post Today 04:05:47 GMT sniper010:

I'm mad

292 post Today 04:06:10 GMT sniper010:

both at myself and the game

519 post Today 04:08:45 GMT crazybanana:p:


519 post Today 04:09:31 GMT crazybanana:p:

500 posts big_smile zmiskappa

519 post Today 04:10:08 GMT crazybanana:p:

hides from zMis

617 post Today 04:18:22 GMT Bandit:

Wow it 12:00 already! I just close my eyes at 10:00 and it's 12:00... Do you know what this means? I'm a time tavekar.

236 post Today 04:18:34 GMT colloso k420:

aww vampp i missed you:'(

617 post Today 04:19:50 GMT Bandit:

No one ever misses Bandit. sad

236 post Today 04:20:30 GMT colloso k420:

one day

617 post Today 04:20:58 GMT Bandit:

Someone will miss me?

746 post Today 04:28:12 GMT TheSnowyBanana:

No, someday you're going to die. Everyone will die.

617 post Today 04:28:34 GMT Bandit:

...That's dark.

617 post Today 04:42:52 GMT Bandit:

WooooO! 600th POST!

7735 post Today 04:44:20 GMT zMis Fortune:


617 post Today 04:48:30 GMT Bandit:

I would like to thank my dogs, the chicken nugget king and everyone in the chat box because without ya'll I would just be doing nothing.

4266 post Today 06:04:42 GMT Crazeddoctor:

hey, look at that, I just got quoted, I say that often banana just to freak some people out haha and bring reality to them ( I realize im a couple hours late too...) but so many people worry

4266 post Today 06:05:24 GMT Crazeddoctor:

on the small things in life, why try to live the perfect life when striving to do that is just gonna cause a stressful life and in the end brings no joy

4266 post Today 06:06:29 GMT Crazeddoctor:

Buuuuut what do I know? im 15 big_smile everyone should have thier own look on life, mines just a relaxed one

617 post Today 06:09:05 GMT Bandit:

Hey i'm 15 too.We should like form a cult.

4266 post Today 06:09:50 GMT Crazeddoctor:

sorry, i'll be 16 in like a month xD

4266 post Today 06:10:42 GMT Crazeddoctor:

buut you guys may not see me starting the 9th, between me maxing and wrecking kids on destiny, and dealing with homework, i'll have like no time xD

7735 post Today 06:12:57 GMT zMis Fortune:

Its not exactly quoting since he didn't put "" and also he probably didn't know you say it. tongue

4266 post Today 06:15:26 GMT Crazeddoctor:

yikes its a common saying, I just like to take credit cool

617 post Today 06:16:53 GMT Bandit:


617 post Today 06:17:42 GMT Bandit:

Well i'm f to dream land. Maybe i'll have a dream about, war, fear, or love but either way i'm sleepin. Bye everyone.

4266 post Today 06:17:58 GMT Crazeddoctor:

lol see ya, I no sleep tonight but take care!

10351 post Today 06:30:00 GMT Viking:

Just wated that new 300 movie....I am rather disapointed...

10351 post Today 06:30:58 GMT Viking:


519 post Today 06:31:11 GMT crazybanana:p:

they made a new 300 movie?

10351 post Today 06:31:31 GMT Viking:

It's the second one. "300: Rise of an Empire"

519 post Today 06:31:31 GMT crazybanana:p:

never knew

519 post Today 06:31:55 GMT crazybanana:p:

no this is sparta?

10351 post Today 06:32:03 GMT Viking:

Its for rent on Xbox Video for 5$ USD

519 post Today 06:32:34 GMT crazybanana:p:


10351 post Today 06:32:42 GMT Viking:

And actually it takes place covering the events before , during and after the 300 Spartans fight at thernopolye

10351 post Today 06:32:51 GMT Viking:

*Typo'ed that , Sorry*

7735 post Today 06:33:10 GMT zMis Fortune:

I'll be watching that for the actress only. :3

519 post Today 06:33:39 GMT crazybanana:p:

*waits for someone to say this is sparta*

10351 post Today 06:34:09 GMT Viking:

Mostly covering the Naval battle between the persion navy Vs the Greek navy led by the Greek heroic named Themistocles.

7735 post Today 06:34:35 GMT zMis Fortune:

Watched A million ways to die in the west and Spiderman 2 last night. big_smile

10351 post Today 06:34:36 GMT Viking:

There is no Sparta in this one.  They refuse to help all the way until the end. >:[

519 post Today 06:35:01 GMT crazybanana:p:


10351 post Today 06:35:13 GMT Viking:

I watched the new Godzilla.... Mucho no Gusta. sad

7735 post Today 06:35:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

Glad they picked a hot actor this time. *0*

519 post Today 06:35:16 GMT crazybanana:p:

sparta be selfish

10351 post Today 06:35:38 GMT Viking:

Lol zMis loves her hollywood eye candy wink

519 post Today 06:36:08 GMT crazybanana:p:

i haven't watched the new godzilla is iy anygood

519 post Today 06:36:15 GMT crazybanana:p:


10351 post Today 06:36:28 GMT Viking:

I was not a fan of it.   I liked the last one better.

7735 post Today 06:37:00 GMT zMis Fortune:

I believe that's what their soul purpose is in life. tongue

10351 post Today 06:37:13 GMT Viking:

Godzilla seemed like he had more father issues than marcus pheonix on this one. lol

7735 post Today 06:37:50 GMT zMis Fortune:

Aww, poor lonely lizard. o:

519 post Today 06:37:51 GMT crazybanana:p:


10351 post Today 06:38:14 GMT Viking:

And pfffft , Tashy you don't fool me.   I know you like Battle scared muscle-men too much to not watch. tongue

7735 post Today 06:38:32 GMT zMis Fortune:


7735 post Today 06:38:58 GMT zMis Fortune:

Need to watch Expendable 3. :3

10351 post Today 06:40:05 GMT Viking:

Expendables 3.....Eh , not sure how Zoro,Blade , Harrison ford (Hon Solo) and Mel Gibson are going to do in that one....

7735 post Today 06:40:42 GMT zMis Fortune:

I'm there for Mr. Rambo and Jason Stathem.

7735 post Today 06:40:47 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 06:40:53 GMT Viking:

But i'm sure the movie will be tollerable. Lol

519 post Today 06:41:10 GMT crazybanana:p:

no chuck norris ;(

519 post Today 06:41:20 GMT crazybanana:p:


7735 post Today 06:41:31 GMT zMis Fortune:

Chuck Norris for terribad in 2.

10351 post Today 06:41:35 GMT Viking:

Lol , your only in it for those two because they killed off jean claude van damme in the last one.....Which made me a sad viking. sad

7735 post Today 06:42:06 GMT zMis Fortune:

I was cringing through his part.

7735 post Today 06:42:30 GMT zMis Fortune:

Yeahh, hes also smoking, I was sad too.

519 post Today 06:42:54 GMT crazybanana:p:


10351 post Today 06:42:59 GMT Viking:

Lol Yeah.....Rambo did not write him up a very good part or good lines....I would have liked to see him as a team member and not a villain. sad

10351 post Today 06:43:44 GMT Viking:

I still want to see "Wer" when it comes out.   Looking so good <3

7735 post Today 06:43:45 GMT zMis Fortune:

Oh hell yeah.

10351 post Today 06:44:54 GMT Viking:

Omnomnomnomnom. big_smile

7735 post Today 06:45:01 GMT zMis Fortune:

My mum's in love with him. xD

10351 post Today 06:46:32 GMT Viking:

With who? tongue

10351 post Today 06:46:37 GMT Viking:


7735 post Today 06:47:06 GMT zMis Fortune:

Mr. Damme

519 post Today 06:47:13 GMT crazybanana:p:

well that trailer was something lol

10351 post Today 06:47:18 GMT Viking:

Lol yuppers.

7735 post Today 06:47:21 GMT zMis Fortune:

Omg, he's huge..

10351 post Today 06:47:38 GMT Viking:

kappa  Phrasing.

519 post Today 06:47:50 GMT crazybanana:p:

thats what sh ....never mind

7735 post Today 06:47:59 GMT zMis Fortune:


519 post Today 06:48:11 GMT crazybanana:p:


10351 post Today 06:48:28 GMT Viking:

Lol. It's ok Tashy , you're still on the Xmas card list. :3

7735 post Today 06:48:44 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 06:49:20 GMT Viking:

Tho im going to be a sad viking if you come to the U.S for school and dont at least come up with your man and say hello. >_>

10351 post Today 06:50:08 GMT Viking:

I don't always go to the gun range.....But when i do?   I do it with friends. Stay awesome my friends. kappa

10351 post Today 06:50:33 GMT Viking:

my baby doll can teach you how to shoot Tash big_smile

10351 post Today 06:50:53 GMT Viking:

>_> She's a better shot than me...

7735 post Today 06:50:55 GMT zMis Fortune:

O: Guns too OP for Oz

7735 post Today 06:51:01 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 06:51:18 GMT Viking:

nonsense , you'll have a blast. big_smile

10351 post Today 06:51:41 GMT Viking:

And don't laugh...Most women are better shots than men on the range.  They are calmer.

10351 post Today 06:52:17 GMT Viking:

@_@.....I have a question Tash.

7735 post Today 06:52:37 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 06:52:48 GMT Viking:

Have you ever had a hair cut , but not really noticed it until like a day or so later? lol

10351 post Today 06:53:26 GMT Viking:

I'm so used to having long hair , i just reached up and was like "Wtf?....When did i join the army?" xD

7735 post Today 06:53:32 GMT zMis Fortune:

Like forgotten you got it done?

7735 post Today 06:53:40 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 06:54:03 GMT Viking:

It's really short now. QQ

7735 post Today 06:54:20 GMT zMis Fortune:

I dont get my hair cut. :3

7735 post Today 06:54:30 GMT zMis Fortune:

Aww, it'll grow back

7735 post Today 06:55:50 GMT zMis Fortune:

I haven't paid for a haircut since 3 years ago.

7735 post Today 06:56:07 GMT zMis Fortune:

I cut it if I need to. big_smile

519 post Today 06:56:21 GMT crazybanana:p:

well you two have fun with your hair topic im leaveing cya

10351 post Today 06:58:13 GMT Viking:

Lol darn Tash , thats some crazy prolonged haircutyness.

4266 post Today 06:58:15 GMT Crazeddoctor:

crazy, hair is amazing, I love mine <3

10351 post Today 06:58:18 GMT Viking:


10351 post Today 06:58:43 GMT Viking:

I R So bad at selfie stuphz. tongue

10351 post Today 06:58:58 GMT Viking:

It's SO SHORT.... Q_Q

7735 post Today 06:59:17 GMT zMis Fortune:

Nah, you got it down, that eyebrow doe.

4266 post Today 06:59:26 GMT Crazeddoctor:

how long was your hair?

10351 post Today 06:59:39 GMT Viking:

14 inches.

10351 post Today 06:59:50 GMT Viking:

Very viking hair.

4266 post Today 06:59:57 GMT Crazeddoctor:


7735 post Today 07:00:13 GMT zMis Fortune:

Wonder how long mine is,. o:

4266 post Today 07:00:20 GMT Crazeddoctor:


10351 post Today 07:00:43 GMT Viking:

I had to tend to my beard too , my Mrs didint like me rocking the total viking look anymore. Lol

4266 post Today 07:00:59 GMT Crazeddoctor:

well, when I sit up strait, it comes down about an 1 1/2 past me rib cage...

10351 post Today 07:01:35 GMT Viking:

My hair was easily half way down my back. Lol

4266 post Today 07:01:41 GMT Crazeddoctor:


10351 post Today 07:02:01 GMT Viking:

I kept it in a ragnar braid for ages. viking cool

7735 post Today 07:02:14 GMT zMis Fortune:


7735 post Today 07:02:42 GMT zMis Fortune:

Brb, need to check how long mine is in inches.

10351 post Today 07:03:04 GMT Viking:

Short hair is good tho , too hot here for long hair right now. lol

4266 post Today 07:03:07 GMT Crazeddoctor:


7735 post Today 07:06:10 GMT zMis Fortune:

28 inches

4266 post Today 07:06:18 GMT Crazeddoctor:


4266 post Today 07:06:26 GMT Crazeddoctor:


7735 post Today 07:06:37 GMT zMis Fortune:

And my hair isn't straight. xD

10351 post Today 07:06:39 GMT Viking:

Lol , zMis be rockin' serious metal hair <3 big_smile

4266 post Today 07:07:12 GMT Crazeddoctor:

im guessing mine would be about 24-ish in the back

7735 post Today 07:07:36 GMT zMis Fortune:

Took me forver to get it this long. Oh damn. big_smile

10351 post Today 07:08:10 GMT Viking:

Brushing became too much of a hassle , i'm happy with short. tongue

7735 post Today 07:08:35 GMT zMis Fortune:

I hear ya'. xD

7735 post Today 07:10:17 GMT zMis Fortune:

Is Basshunter Swedish?

10351 post Today 07:10:58 GMT Viking:

Yes he is.

10351 post Today 07:11:35 GMT Viking:

Alot of popular music these days comes out of Sweden near Halmstad , Sweden.

7735 post Today 07:11:45 GMT zMis Fortune:

Accents awesome.

10351 post Today 07:12:00 GMT Viking:

Amon Amarth is also from Sweden.

10351 post Today 07:12:36 GMT Viking:

Mmmmm i sure do <3 me some Amon Amarth Viking metal. big_smile

7735 post Today 07:15:29 GMT zMis Fortune:

Metal is the best. :3

10351 post Today 07:16:06 GMT Viking:


10351 post Today 07:16:30 GMT Viking:

So much Yes. big_smile

7735 post Today 07:17:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

I heard Basshunter's gay. o:

10351 post Today 07:19:08 GMT Viking:

Eh , would not shock me.   Not that it matters tho.

7735 post Today 07:19:45 GMT zMis Fortune:

True, doesn't matter, he shouldn't have to hide it.

10351 post Today 07:21:18 GMT Viking:

"Oh no hese gay?.....I hate gay techno"   <----- Said no logical person ever.

7735 post Today 07:21:36 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 07:23:50 GMT Viking:

Not really a techno / dubstep kinda guy.

10351 post Today 07:24:11 GMT Viking:

Metal or DIE \m/

7735 post Today 07:24:26 GMT zMis Fortune:

I like some techno. No dubstep doe.

10351 post Today 07:25:43 GMT Viking:

Deftones. <3

10351 post Today 07:32:31 GMT Viking:

i feel like playing something.   Cant make up my mind tho..

10351 post Today 07:32:44 GMT Viking:

Tekken?   Dark Souls 2? RE6?  Grrr...

10351 post Today 07:34:58 GMT Viking:

I still need to level my predator build a small it more..

10351 post Today 07:35:04 GMT Viking:


4266 post Today 07:35:23 GMT Crazeddoctor:

how is RE6? heard a few bad reviews from gaming pages, but I never trust them lol, whats your view on it?

10351 post Today 07:36:21 GMT Viking:

Better than RE5 , far better mechanics.   Only problem i have with it is the choice in story lines.  But thats a product of RE5's crappy ending.

10351 post Today 07:37:40 GMT Viking:

That and considering its only 20$ on the market , not like you'll be wasting money.

10351 post Today 07:38:12 GMT Viking:

Leons story on it is by far my fav.   back to classic raccoon city zombies <3

10351 post Today 07:41:32 GMT Viking:

Nurse Fortune should get Dark Souls 2. :3

7735 post Today 07:45:50 GMT zMis Fortune:

When it comes out on XboxOne.

4266 post Today 07:46:18 GMT Crazeddoctor:

ohh capoodles, my bad, router decided to do its daily suicide, he's back though lol

10351 post Today 07:46:58 GMT Viking:

Awwwe , but i wanted to play DkS2 with Nurse Fortune , Not cool brah. D:

10351 post Today 07:47:13 GMT Viking:

Darn Xbone Elitists. >_>

7735 post Today 07:47:45 GMT zMis Fortune:


7735 post Today 07:47:56 GMT zMis Fortune:

Lol, Xbone.

10351 post Today 07:49:13 GMT Viking:

Only one more for Dark Souls 2 coming out. QQ

10351 post Today 07:49:19 GMT Viking:

DLC that is.

7735 post Today 07:49:34 GMT zMis Fortune:


7735 post Today 07:49:45 GMT zMis Fortune:

I'm gonna hate that game. :c

10351 post Today 07:49:55 GMT Viking:

Why so?  it's easy D:

10351 post Today 07:50:11 GMT Viking:

you just have to NOT play it like other RPG's.

10351 post Today 07:50:40 GMT Viking:

If you try to tackle Dark Souls enemys with typical RPG methods , you will die.....ALOT.

4266 post Today 07:51:08 GMT Crazeddoctor:

I figured that one out xD

10351 post Today 07:52:02 GMT Viking:

heck , Dragon born would cry like a baby in Dark Souls.  "Fus Ro D-OMG!! *smashed by boulder*"

4266 post Today 07:52:02 GMT Crazeddoctor:

I gave up trying to kill hydra, could not find good shield, kept dying :'( havnt had time to play either really haha

4266 post Today 07:52:15 GMT Crazeddoctor:

pretty much

10351 post Today 07:53:21 GMT Viking:

"I am dragon born!....I will destro-.....Is that a pressure plate?"  *Takes an arrow to the face*  tongue

4266 post Today 07:53:23 GMT Crazeddoctor:

but the way skyrim is set up, and dark souls, him having that ranged advantage and abbility to disable foes would still help him.... in some situations, any boss really and he'd be screwed

7735 post Today 07:53:48 GMT zMis Fortune:

Off-topic, does anyone know the size profile pics are meant to be?

4266 post Today 07:54:14 GMT Crazeddoctor:

like 60x60 right?

10351 post Today 07:54:17 GMT Viking:

You mean the Apocz avatar pictures?

7735 post Today 07:54:39 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 07:54:49 GMT Viking:

If so , than yes.  60x60

7735 post Today 07:54:51 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ooo, think you may be right. Thanks. :3

4266 post Today 07:55:04 GMT Crazeddoctor:

Np smile

7735 post Today 07:55:26 GMT zMis Fortune:

Small as a thumbnail..

4266 post Today 07:55:56 GMT Crazeddoctor:

very small indeed... and I need a new profile pic, getting bored of my current one

10351 post Today 07:56:07 GMT Viking:

Not sure why Kevin set the avatar images so small.....Rather silly. Lol

4266 post Today 07:56:50 GMT Crazeddoctor:

well, we wouldnt want avatar pics being like 300x300 do we? xD but i'd say 100x100 woud be a bit better

7735 post Today 07:56:57 GMT zMis Fortune:

Well It's a good size, my face just looks dopey with the img that small. xD

4266 post Today 07:57:06 GMT Crazeddoctor:


7735 post Today 07:57:15 GMT zMis Fortune:

True, that'd be cool.

10351 post Today 07:57:17 GMT Viking:

zMis looks asian. :3

4266 post Today 07:57:36 GMT Crazeddoctor:

just a wee bit

7735 post Today 07:58:18 GMT zMis Fortune:


10351 post Today 07:59:28 GMT Viking:

나에게 그 얼굴 을 포기하지 마십시오 kappa

4266 post Today 08:00:14 GMT Crazeddoctor:

brb, I need to ask google a question hoolcat

7735 post Today 08:00:34 GMT zMis Fortune:

Ha. xD

4266 post Today 08:01:23 GMT Crazeddoctor:

huh, so koreans have that type of writing too, I guess its understandable

10351 post Today 08:01:35 GMT Viking:

South-Korea Best Korea. kappa

10351 post Today 08:01:54 GMT Viking:


4266 post Today 08:02:14 GMT Crazeddoctor:

which korea has kim jong in it? I forget lol

10351 post Today 08:03:10 GMT Viking:

....Seriously?  he said Sarcasticly.

4266 post Today 08:07:51 GMT Crazeddoctor:

roll this is a emote? yikes never knew that

10351 post Today 08:09:50 GMT Viking:


4266 post Today 08:14:29 GMT Crazeddoctor:

welp im off, cya!

7735 post Today 12:37:45 GMT zMis Fortune:


7735 post Today 12:38:54 GMT zMis Fortune:

Took out two guys, totally smashed their clan. (Sarcasm)

617 post Today 12:39:06 GMT Bandit:

Niner niner this is alpha foxtrot Bandit, anyone out there come in?

7735 post Today 12:44:59 GMT zMis Fortune:

I'm hearing you loud and clear foxtrot, this is bravo winged devil, what is your position?

617 post Today 12:50:35 GMT Bandit:

I am pined down by some hostile dears, i'm gonna need an airstrike pronto over.

7735 post Today 12:53:30 GMT zMis Fortune:

Roger that foxtrot, 1 minute away from your location, strike hits in 50 seconds. Get to cover, and foxtrot... Goodluck, over. *awesome music plays*

617 post Today 12:54:24 GMT Bandit:

I'm hit! Won't be able... to make it out of harms way... tell my wife I love her!

7735 post Today 12:55:21 GMT zMis Fortune:

That ain't an option, we're getting' you out alive!

8124 post Today 12:56:19 GMT Law:

Nurse Fortune, the door shut on my hand D:

617 post Today 12:56:46 GMT Bandit:

It's too dangerous! Save yourself and complete the mission!

7735 post Today 12:57:24 GMT zMis Fortune:

Stop crying' boy, we got serious problems right now!

617 post Today 12:57:51 GMT Bandit:

I'm dyin here!

8124 post Today 12:57:54 GMT Law:

*shoots Bandit again to confirm the kill* Yep boys he's dead *turns around to see his 50 men standing behind him*

7735 post Today 12:57:57 GMT zMis Fortune:

Hand me the alcohol and bandages, now!!

7735 post Today 12:58:26 GMT zMis Fortune:

You traitor!!!!!

8124 post Today 12:59:26 GMT Law:

Traitor? I need loot and he was stealing from our base that's how he got caught in this situation

8124 post Today 12:59:31 GMT Law:


7735 post Today 12:59:43 GMT zMis Fortune:

Oh god I'm too tired for this.. *Shoots self in head*

617 post Today 12:59:47 GMT Bandit:

*Slowly dying*

8124 post Today 01:00:22 GMT Law:

Well... this escalated quickly o.o

7735 post Today 01:00:33 GMT zMis Fortune:

I'll haunt you forever. :3

8124 post Today 01:01:47 GMT Law:

Please fill in this application form zMis, I have another 115,090 people in queue kappa

7735 post Today 01:03:42 GMT zMis Fortune:

Floats to the front of the queue. tongue

617 post Today 01:03:53 GMT Bandit:

*Still slowly dying*

8124 post Today 01:04:37 GMT Law:

"Men heal that peasant!" zMis, Crazed will be mad with you! Pushing in front like that kappa

7735 post Today 01:05:11 GMT zMis Fortune:

I will Destroy him.

8124 post Today 01:05:43 GMT Law:

You're a ghost, you can't :spongebob:

7735 post Today 01:06:17 GMT zMis Fortune:

You know not of my powers.

8124 post Today 01:07:07 GMT Law:

One does not simply forget zMis' powers wink

617 post Today 01:07:34 GMT Bandit:

Maybe your not a ghost maybe... your a spectre dun dun dun!

7735 post Today 01:07:45 GMT zMis Fortune:

One does not simply assume. ;D

8124 post Today 01:08:45 GMT Law:

One does not simply... Poop... I have nothing to say sad

7735 post Today 01:09:09 GMT zMis Fortune:


8124 post Today 01:09:37 GMT Law:

You win *waves white flag* e.e

617 post Today 01:10:14 GMT Bandit:

Day 51 Zmis and Law still havn't noticed that I was really... dead the whole time. -Directed by M Night Shymalan

8124 post Today 01:12:39 GMT Law:

zMis still wins 3:

617 post Today 01:14:50 GMT Bandit:

For now... mwuhanha

617 post Today 01:21:26 GMT Bandit:

Soon I will take over the world. But till then i'll just eat some peanut butter cracker.

8124 post Today 01:23:54 GMT Law:

I don't like Nurse Fortune anymore! She didn't bandage my hand! That door was lethal yikes

8124 post Today 01:27:01 GMT Law:

The pain still talks to me

617 post Today 01:28:45 GMT Bandit:

Why are you whining, i'm dead. hmm

8124 post Today 01:30:13 GMT Law:

Not whining about you kappa

617 post Today 01:30:52 GMT Bandit:

Your a peace of work.

234 post Today 01:33:02 GMT TRL General:

for a dead guy you still talk a lot lol

8124 post Today 01:41:55 GMT Law:


234 post Today 01:49:41 GMT TRL General:

wow chat is slow today

You do not have permission to post in ChatBox.

#1 04-03-2014 04:35:44 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

New updated map should help out


Tell me What you think and what you would like added I did not put loot spawns on here for it is a survival game so figured i would let you guys find them but any suggestions would be appreciated hope this helps everyone out.


#2 04-03-2014 04:37:20 GMT

From: United Kingdom
Registered: 03-29-2014
Posts: 213

Re: New updated map should help out

Nice map!
Can't fault it as of yet, I'm not 100% on the map locations because I haven't played very much, so I'm not sure whether these are places correctly. I'm sure they are!

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#3 04-03-2014 04:42:25 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

Re: New updated map should help out

thanks fox i hope they are i got them as accurate as possible but i would like ppl to try it out and see how accurate it is so i can change whats not.


#4 04-03-2014 06:47:37 GMT

From: Philadelphia
Registered: 03-30-2014
Posts: 26

Re: New updated map should help out

Thank you!

Last edited by Midnight215 (04-03-2014 06:48:43 GMT)

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#5 04-03-2014 07:33:14 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
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Re: New updated map should help out

your welcome


#6 04-03-2014 07:53:39 GMT

Kevin Kelley
From: Reno, NV
Registered: 02-14-2014
Posts: 874

Re: New updated map should help out

Good job


#7 04-03-2014 08:07:24 GMT

Registered: 04-03-2014
Posts: 9

Re: New updated map should help out

thx for the map man

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#8 04-03-2014 08:45:10 GMT

From: California
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Re: New updated map should help out

Thanks for the map I'm actually going to use this than the others I've seen posted

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#9 04-03-2014 08:57:27 GMT

From: Unknow
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Re: New updated map should help out

thanks! going to save this on my phone and use it!



#10 04-03-2014 09:16:30 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

Re: New updated map should help out

thanks guys hope it helps out


#11 04-04-2014 02:16:05 GMT

Registered: 04-01-2014
Posts: 23

Re: New updated map should help out

Awesome map! Definitely will be using it!

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#12 04-04-2014 04:32:13 GMT

Registered: 04-04-2014
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Re: New updated map should help out

Man I'm going to use this map so hard it will be bleeding by the time I'm done with it!!! XD


#13 04-04-2014 05:00:51 GMT

Registered: 03-29-2014
Posts: 82

Re: New updated map should help out

Nice job!

But the thing is I don't need the map image, I rember everything ^_^

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#14 04-04-2014 03:30:20 GMT

Registered: 04-04-2014
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Re: New updated map should help out

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?


#15 04-04-2014 08:52:49 GMT

Oh Ross.
From: Seduce Me!
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Posts: 1,285

Re: New updated map should help out

TurtleDerp wrote:

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?

A bit cheating don't you think?


#16 04-04-2014 08:54:54 GMT

zMis Fortune
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From: Australia
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Re: New updated map should help out

Powerlord wrote:
TurtleDerp wrote:

Nice map!
Could someone tell me where all the cars are on the map?

A bit cheating don't you think?

Some people don't like a challenge, or adventure. D:

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#17 04-05-2014 08:38:47 GMT

From: Cardiff, Wales, U.K
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Re: New updated map should help out

Wow really nice map man!



#18 04-07-2014 01:15:38 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
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Re: New updated map should help out

Thanks! This map is way better than your old one!


#19 04-07-2014 01:20:00 GMT

Registered: 04-07-2014
Posts: 5

Re: New updated map should help out



#20 04-07-2014 01:22:13 GMT

Faulk Smash
From: 2nd Military Base
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Re: New updated map should help out

Awesome job. I just saved it on my phone before posting this comment. smile



#21 04-07-2014 05:17:26 GMT

Registered: 03-31-2014
Posts: 7

Re: New updated map should help out

thanks for all the feed back guys


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