ApocZ is open world survival on the northern Black Sea. Set in a post apocalyptic environment you will have to navigate walking dead zombies and other survivors. Team up with other survivors or live as a loner, but know that when you die its final. Surviving in this zone will require your best bush craft skills or taking over an existing structure and fortifying it. Horde loot to survive, fight or trade. You write your own story.

Search, Collect, Survive. Everything you need will be found in the world or looted from a fallen enemy, maybe a fallen friend.
Transportation is in disrepair and will require proper tools, parts and mechanic skills to get vehicles running.
Hunt wild life for food and skins but be careful and don't become the hunted. The bears and wolves in these parts are fierce competitors!

The deeper you travel in the apocalyptic zone the more horrific the walking dead zombies become, some say there are mutated zombies that cause men to die of fear at the very sight of them.

Keep your finger off the trigger in the military controlled evacuation zones, the soldiers do not tolerate murder or killing of any kind and if you do escape after committing such crimes in those zones, know that they will put a bounty on your head, collectable by any other survivor.