Blueprint Visualization: Currently in developement.

Unreal Engine 5 application to quickly input blueprint elevations and visualize in real time or with baked lighting on the Oculus 2.

Successful Steam Greenlight Campaign.

Memory is an adventure, puzzle, first person single player game. You play as a robot who thru exploration and discovery learns the story of where you came from and your destiny.

ApocZ in developement.

ApocZ is open world survival on the northern Black Sea. Set in a post apocalyptic environment you will have to navigate walking dead zombies and other survivors. Team up with other survivors or live as a loner, but know that when you die its final. Surviving in this zone will require your best bush craft skills or taking over an existing structure and fortifying it. Horde loot to survive, fight or trade. You write your own story.

Xbox 360 XNA Indie Games.

Released 8 XBLIG Games from 2010 to 2014. KGB Episode One, Nuclear Wasteland 2030, End of Days: Infected vs Mers, End of Days: Survivor, The Keep, Aliens Vs Romans, Toy Plane, ApocZ.


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